Monstroid2 Review – The best Multipurpose WordPress Theme? [2022]

Monstroid2, as you can guess from the name, is the successor to the popular multipurpose WordPress theme – Monstroid. Released back in 2015 by TemplateMonster, it was pretty powerful and gave competition to big names like Divi, Avada, and others. However, it also had plenty of shortcomings which kept it back from rising to its fullest potential.

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Now, read everything about Monstroid2 in our Monstroid2 Review! With the next iteration of the theme, the developer righted many wrongs and created one of the most potent multipurpose WordPress themes currently in the market. It could practically help webmasters create a fully functional professional-grade website in almost any niche in a “matter of clicks” – no exaggeration.

And with Monstroid2 v.2, the Elementor Page Builder plugin has also been introduced into the mix. This makes creating/customizing your perfect dream website that much easier.

With all that being said, it is clear that we have a pretty feature-heavy theme on our hands. As such, here we have put together a comprehensive review to give you a full rundown of all its features and functionalities. A complete tutorial section on using Monstroid2 is also provided to guide you through on operating the theme.

Monstroid2 Review

As mentioned, Monstroid2 is filled with a lot of useful features enabling you to create almost any type of website. So before we jump straight into how to use its different features, let’s get an idea of what these features are in the first place.

#1. Design

Being a multipurpose WordPress theme, it is packed with a lot of designing options to help you create different website layouts for different niches. You have all the necessary tools and functionalities at your disposal to create any type of aesthetic and ambience for your website.

#2. Ready to use Templates

Monstroid2 theme review

To get you started, the theme gives you access to over 500 pre-designed sections and ready to use demo pages. This includes a variety of different home pages based on different niche websites as well as different skins for different design preferences. Plenty of pre-made demo pages are also included for about sections, portfolio, and so on.

Also, if you are a looking to use the theme to create a unique blog, that too can be managed. You will get your hands of over 50 different blog layouts coupled with ten different single post layouts. This allows you to present your content in a captivating manner.

And the best part is, all these demo layouts can be imported lightning fast, and that too, with a single click.

#3. Customization

All the templates mentioned above and premade demo content can be customized to your likings. The theme comes loaded with hundreds of customization options to help you tweak around with every single design element.

But how do play around with all the different design modules and blocks?

#4. Say Hello to Elementor!

Monstroid2 Elementor

To help with your custom site building process, or merely tweak the readymade templates, the theme provides access to Elementor Drag and Drop page builder plugin. It is a powerful open-source page builder with drag and drop support and allows for a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) designing experience.

On its own, Elementor is a very powerful page builder plugin. It gives you access to over 300 different design blocks, and Monstroid2 adds to this even further making designing options virtually innumerable.

#5. Modular Elements

Apart from all these prebuild pages, you will also get access to loads of modular elements or blocks, which you can include to the templates or remove from them. This gives you a great deal of control of what type of features/information you want to have on your site.

First of all, the theme gives you access to the JetElements plugin which is an addon for Elementor. It gives access to over 40 more exclusive designing modules, which can be controlled by Elementor. Besides that, the plugin also comes with a rich template library to add even more ready to use demo pages into the mix.

#6. Some Other Plugins

Besides Elementor and its add, the theme features plenty of other plugins as well to add some extra features to your website. This includes the likes of:

  • JetMenus – Helps create engaging menus for your website.
  • JetTricks – Helps you to make your pages more attractive by adding beautiful hotspots, parallax elements, tooltips, visual elements, and so on.
  • JetTabs – Helps you embed tags, images, classic accordions, and son to your pages to make it more contextual and compact.
  • JetBlogs – Helps you make your blog more attractive by enabling the use of dynamic content like smart tiles, video playlists, and so on.
  • JetWooBuilder – Helps you create your own product layout for your online store.

And much more.

And by the way, since we touched on the e-commerce side of the theme, let’s talk about:

#7. WooCommerce Compatibility

Monstroid2 WooCommerce

The theme is compatible with WooCommerce. And thanks to Elementor along with the diverse collection of designing modules, you will be able to create unique and complex online store layouts in a matter of clicks.

#8. Optimized for Performance

Monstroid2 performance

WordPress Themes, especially the multipurpose ones, are notorious for being bulky and slowing down your website. This was also somewhat true for the first Monstroid theme. However, with Monstroid2, the developers have managed to boost the performance of the theme drastically.

#9. Customer Support

In the off chance that you run into any problem using the theme, you can access their vast Knowledge Base covering all common issues and how to resolve them.

But in case, your specific problems aren’t covered, you can get help from their talented team of support experts who are available 24/7. You can get in touch with the support team either via email or through live chat.

How to Use Monstroid2 WordPress Theme?

The first thing that you will have to do is install and activate Monstroid2 on your WordPress website. Once you have done that, you will be notified to install the Jet Plugins Wizard on your website.

It is recommended that you go through the installation process to gain access to all features and functionalities the theme has in stored.

Step 1: Setup

Now, with “Jet Plugins Wizard” installed and running on your website, you need on over to your WordPress dashboard followed by Appearance -> Themes. Now you will notice a Start Install banner on the Themes screen.

Monstroid2 setup wizard

Clicking it will open up the installation wizard which will help you set up the skin, install all necessary plugins, and even import demo data. But before you can do that, you need to insert the purchase license key on the provided area.

Monstroid2 installation wizard

Once your license key has been approved, a section containing all the different demo skins will appear on the screen.

Monstroid2 demo skins

Step 2: Choosing a Skin

As you can see, you have the option to directly “start install” or “view demo”. For the purpose of this tutorial, we will be installing the Coworking skin, and take a look at how the installation process works.

Now, each skin comes with its own set of necessary plugins, tools, and options. Clicking the “Start Install” button will open up the “Configure Plugin” section where you specify which plugins you want running on your site.

P.S. – It is recommended that you carry on with the default configuration.

Monstroid2 skin recommended plugins

Once you have done that, scroll down and to get to the Next button. Click it, and a new screen will appear showcasing the installation progress of each of those plugins.

Monstroid2 plugin installation screen

With the plugin installation complete, you will now have to choose whether or not you want to install all demo data related to the preferred skin, or in this case – Coworking.

You have three options. You can either append or merge the demo content with your existing content, replace your original content with the demo content, or skip the step altogether.

For this tutorial, we are going with “replace my existing content with demo content” as our test-site is empty.

Monstroid2 demo data

On the following screen, it will ask you to confirm your WordPress user password before you can start with importing the demo data.

Monstroid2 demo data importation procedure

And that is it! The skin, as well as all its demo content, has now been applied to your site successfully.

Monstroid2 demo import complete

Step 3: Editing the Layout

Once you have a preferred skin and all associated demo content loaded on your site, it is time to bring out ELEMENTOR!

Before we start customizing the skin and our websites, let’s first set up a child theme. To do so, head to your WordPress dashboard, and then from the sidebar, click on Monstroid2 -> Theme -> Child Theme -> Install. With the child theme activated, it will be far simpler to edit and customize the theme without worrying about accidentally ruining your site.

Monstroid2 child theme

And now, it is finally time to bring out Elementor!

With the plugin installed, a dedicated section for Elementor should be present in your WordPress dashboard sidebar. Click on it and the “My Template” section should pop-up. From here you get to see all the pages published on your website.

All of these are compatible with Elementor and can be tweaked to your likings.

Monstroid2 My template

Step 4: Customization Experience

Monstroid2 Elementor Editing

As stated earlier, Elementor provides you with a complete WYSIWYG front-end editing experience with drag and drop support.

You merely have to select from the many design modules and blocks available from the side menu, and drag and drop it, into the canvas, and start your editing process. Similar, you can delete the blocks already present in the selected skin, if you don’t want them.

The plugin also gives you access to all the basic display settings with control over the background, padding, margins, colour, typography and much more. There is even an option to finetune your layout for devices with varying screen sizes.

Step 5: Checking If Everything is Working Fine

Monstroid2, with all its heavy functionality, demands powerful resources to function properly. As such, you can head on over to your WordPress dashboard and click on Plugins Wizard to see your system information and see if the theme is working properly or not.

Monstroid2 system information

License & Pricing

TemplateMonster currently sales Monstroid2 under two pricing modules. There is the regular $75 price tag, which gives you a non-exclusive license to use the theme on a single domain/project. And then there is the $144 plan, which will stretch the max limit to a total of five domains/projects.

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Summary – Monstroid2 Review

All in all, Monstroid2 is an excellent multipurpose WordPress theme with a focus on ease of use and customizability. With its cluster of features, it braces the needs of both advanced as well as beginner WordPress users.

For example, veterans will love the fast-paced site building potential of the theme. While on the flip side, beginners will be able to create complex modern layouts with extreme ease.

So now that you know everything about what Monstroid2 can do and how to use it, why don’t you let us know if you plan to use it for your next project? Also, if you have used the theme before, then feel free to write about your experience in the comments section. Your fellow readers will love your insight, and it might help them with their purchase as well.

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