Codester Review – Is it the Best Marketplace for Web Development Resources? [2023]

Codester is a highly reputable and popular digital marketplace catering to the needs of designers, developers, programmers, and the likes. People can come here to buy and even sell web-development assets like design resources, scripts, and even full source codes.

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Established way back in 2014, the platform has grown tremendously and still sees hundreds of new users signing up every single day. But as we all know – all that glitters isn’t gold! As such, without listening to what the crowd says, we did our investigation to prepare an in-depth review of the platform – what it has to offer and who it is for.

So without further ado, here is our full comprehensive Codester Review – a digital marketplace for designers.

Codester Review

Codester Review

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What Can You Find On Codester?

The platform is used by web developers and programmers alike to sell and purchase digital assets.

Whereas some things like app templates and program scripts are sold in abundance, a few resources are somewhat limited in variety and also don’t offer the best value for money. Here is a quick look at the different category of products offered at Codester:

Scripts & Codes

Codester Review

Codester will give you access to loads of neatly coded scripts for different use-cases about different languages like PHP, JavaScript, CSS, Python, Java, Ruby, C & C++, C#, and

However, it is worth noting that the majority of these are PHP scripts with very few relevant items for users. But you do get a lot of diversity as far as the scope and functionality of the scripts are concerned.

You can get something that can help you with creating social forums, image boards, and even YouTube API scripts. You will also get access to scripts that can help you embed Easy Talk Messenger, a Real-time CSS editor; jQuery powered Bootstrap Mega Menus, Secure FTP uploads, Affiliate Website Builder scripts, and much more.

App Templates

Codester Review

The platform also gives you access to loads of App Templates for different development frameworks. This includes the likes of Android, iOS, Buildbox, Construct 2, Cordova, Corona, React, Unity, and many more. In total, you will get access to over 600 products listed under this category.

As you can imagine, it will help you get a headstart while starting your mobile development journey. You can also use the platform to help you quickly port apps and games from one mobile platform to the other.

It is worth noting that each app template comes complete with the entire source code which you can tweak and customize to make custom adjustments.



Apart from giving you access to app templates, you will also get your hands on website themes. Codester offers professionally designed themes for multiple CMS and website building platforms to streamline your designing process.

Some notable CMS themes covered by the platform include the likes of WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, and even website builders like Shopify, Tumblr, PrestaShop, and many more.

Developers who are interested in creating websites from raw HTML and CSS will also find some gorgeous templates for their projects.


Codester Review

In case you are seeking to extend the functionalities of your web development platform, then that too is possible with loads of plugins and extensions available on the platform.

While most of the stock is relevant for WordPress and Magento users, you will still find some products for Drupal, Joomla, WooCommerce, X-Cart, and so on.

And even though these CMS platforms already have many other reputable plugin marketplaces, Codester’s collection is still worth considering, especially if you are looking for some value for money deals.


And finally, we have the graphics section where you will find innumerable pieces of pre-made graphics packs to give your projects that stellar look and feel. The platform covers different graphics for different use cases, including products for game design, icon packs, product markups, UI design, and so on.

While most of the stuff will be useful for graphic designers or web designers to be more precise, but people from other professions will also find their offerings quite helpful and valuable.

Advantages of Using Codester

Looking over all the different kinds of digital goods and items available via Codester, you might think of one or two other marketplaces that also deals in the same products. So what makes Codester stand out? What’s so unique about the platform that helped amass a user base in the hundreds of thousands?

Well, users come to the platform either to buy or sell digital goods. Here is what Codester offers to these different demographics.



Let’s start with the userbase that populates the platform with its massive product collection – the sellers.

First of all, the platform comes with a no hassle sign-up. Unlike other marketplaces where users need to go through a lengthy contract signing procedure, here, users can create a seller’s account in a matter of a few minutes.

On top of that, you get incredibly high commission rates of up to 70%, which is way more than many of the other digital marketplaces.

Apart from all this, the vast user base that’s also constantly growing promises sufficient exposure to the sellers ensuring their products to be discovered and bought by prospect buyers.

An affiliate marketing program is also incorporated to reel in even more users and guarantee more product exposure. Marketers also find it profitable and engaging as their commission rates rise as high as 10%.


Now, while looking after their sellers, Codester doesn’t nearly forget about their customer base either.

For starters, Codester has created a diverse marketplace where a budding developer or designer is sure to find all necessary resources, even if they are working on different platforms or frameworks. You can find graphics, templates, scripts, and plugins for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Shopify, and even the likes of Android, iOS, Unity.

It also works on making the purchase procedure extremely simple and straightforward. Unlike many other platforms, you won’t be plagued by confusing licensing agreements. Each piece of a digital good is available under two licensing agreements – the regular license and the extended license.

The regular license allows the product to be used on a single project, which is ideal for the average users whereas the extended license will enable users to use it on unlimited projects, which is preferable for professional designers and developers.

The site also runs regular flash sales where users can find products at ridiculous discounted prices. Not to mention the bonus for new account holders who get to download four new free files every single week.

Summary – Codester Review

By now you should have a clear idea on what you will find on Codester and how it has managed to please its user base to mass such goodwill in the industry. It offers a diverse collection of products and focuses on making the user experience as streamlined and intuitive as possible. Sellers and buyers alike will enjoy what the platform has to offer.

But with that being said, it is worth noting that despite its promise of diversity in its product lineup, things are still somewhat limited. If you are starting as a developer or designer, then Codester should be able to meet all your basic needs. However, more experienced users will only find relevant products while looking for PHP scripts, essential graphics packs, and WordPress themes and plugins.

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