How to Create Micro Jobs Website With PremiumPress Theme – A Review

Micro Jobs theme is a particular theme to build sites for job listings. The theme has a minimal design. It is an open marketplace type site where users can search for different jobs using keywords, category and the price range. It is similar to Fiverr, or Upwork. It is a responsive theme developed by PremiumPress and comes with premium features. The jobs/projects can also be sorted using the inbuilt sorting option (high rated, most popular, recently added, etc.)

It comes with an easy 1-click setup which makes the installation a breeze. You can set up the theme, and your website will be up in minutes. The drag and drop feature helps is an editor which allows to design the website super easy. After installing the theme, you will never have to pay extra for plugins or addons. It gives you free updates along with 150+ free designs to choose from.

The theme has tight integration with the Elementor plugin to ease the web building process. You also need to install the Elementor plugin to your WordPress site to fully harness the power of the theme.

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In this post, we will review the theme, its installation process and the unique features that come along with this premium theme.

Micro Jobs PremiumPress Theme

PremiumPress Micro Jobs

1. Theme Installation

The theme offers simple and easy installation. To install the theme to your WordPress Site, head over to your WordPress dashboard and click on the Appearance tab and click on Themes. On the themes page, click on the Add New button to add your theme and install it.

PremiumPress Micro Jobs Theme Installation

You can now upload your theme (zip format) to WordPress using the Upload theme button. You can choose the theme location or drag the zip file to the installation window and click Install Now.

PremiumPress Micro Jobs Theme Review

After the theme installation is complete, the theme will appear on the themes tab where you will need to activate the theme by hovering your mouse over the theme. Click the Activate button.

PremiumPress Micro Jobs Theme Review

Micro Job Theme Features

The Micro Jobs theme is a premium theme and comes with a ton of customization features which will make your website set up fast and easy. There is a dedicated Premium Press tab in the WordPress dashboard, along with adding new Jobs to the site.

#1. Premium Press Tab

The Premium Press tab offers different features to the user. It allows you to customize your website layout/design, choose a website design from a group of child themes. There are multiple sub-tabs which offer differing features.

PremiumPress Micro Jobs

You can choose a website design from a list of child themes that comes along with the Micro Jobs theme. You can install from the child theme by hovering over the theme and Click Install as shown in the image below.

PremiumPress Micro Jobs

You can customize the website on your own. The theme provides a powerful customization tool which lets you edit your homepage content, logo & header design, color selection, footer design, page linking, navigation settings and the breadcrumb settings.

PremiumPress Micro Jobs

#2. Reports

The Reports feature is a handy feature that comes along with the theme. It is a one-stop destination to monitor your website users, job orders, job listings and different searches, including the top search. It also has an activity where you can see logs of different activities at your site. You can also reset the logs if you want to clear the Activity Feed.

The website overview graph shows the number of new listings, new orders and new users on your website on a particular day. You can also edit the details of the user on your website.

PremiumPress Micro Jobs Reports

#3. Theme Configuration

The theme configuration features allow you to view and modify different website configurations. It allows you to view and edit information related to your company, user settings, email & SMS, languages, search page options, page & button links, Payment & Currency, Social Media & Google Maps and additional theme settings.

PremiumPress Micro Jobs Theme Configuration

#4. Listings & Packages

The Listing & Packages feature allows you to create your listing and modify it. It lets you name your package name, set the price, set the duration and the number of images and categories that go along with that package. The theme offers a list of settings which lets you enforce different rules to the users visiting your site.

PremiumPress Micro Jobs Listings & Packages

#5. Membership Packages

The Membership Package feature allows you to add different membership packages and modify the settings that come along with it. You can set the price, renewal frequency and payment, a number of listings & packages that come along with a set of membership.

It also allows you to control the role-based access control preventing non-members from viewing different pages. Also, you can set membership on Sign-Up settings which are automatically assigned to a member when they register on your site.

The members registered on the website have their account for orders, listing and conversations. Verified members on the site have a verified badge on their listing and profile. It helps the visitor know the credibility of the member.

PremiumPress Micro Jobs Membership Packages

#6. Email & SMS

This feature lets you configure the email and SMS system on your website. It allows different options to notify a user through email or SMS. It lets you design welcome email for a new user or the option to send an SMS to the new user whenever he/she signs up on your website, user logins, new messages, different reminders, membership expiry notifications, feedback notifications, etc.

The theme offers different settings which can toggled ON and OFF as required. It also lets you view the email log from the list of sent emails.

PremiumPress Micro Jobs Email & SMS

#7. Newsletter

You can modify your newsletter settings from this feature. It lets you view the email that has been sent to new users, add users to the mailing list and send newsletter to your subscribers.

PremiumPress Micro Jobs Newsletter

#8. Order Manager

You can see the total sales you made through your website. It offers different search filters and the ability to export all the orders in .csv format with a single click.

PremiumPress Micro Jobs Order Manager

#9. Advertising

You can also add third-party advertisements for earning extra revenue from your site. The theme lets you display advertisement in your header and footer using the advertisement feature. You can directly paste the advertisement code in the header and footer section.

It will show the advertisement on the right side of the page header and the bottom of the website respectively. You can also enable members to purchase advertising from you using the toggle ON/OFF button.

PremiumPress Micro Jobs Advertising

#10. Toolbox

The Toolbox feature offers different additional theme options. The system clean-up tool is handy and helps to clean/reset the website. It can help reset the customizations, design changes and the database tables. It can also reset the entire website if needed.

The Category Import feature lets you import categories from a pool of current categories. It also lets you delete a specific category.

You also add FAQs related to your website from the FAQ Setup. It will help your users for common queries. You can also add a custom testimonial to your website from the Testimonial Setup menu.

PremiumPress Micro Jobs Toolbox

Jobs Listing

PremiumPress Micro Jobs Listing

The Jobs tab lets you add a new job, set the price, set the category, tags and view the taxonomy order.

PremiumPress Micro Jobs Theme Review

You can add as many listings to your site. The final listings page on your website depends on the theme/child theme you have used. Below is a sample job listing site developed using Micro Job theme.

PremiumPress Micro Jobs Theme Review

Theme Colors

The theme also allows you to change the main colours, background colors, text colors and the button colors from the WordPress Appearance -> Customize> Theme Colors.

PremiumPress Micro Jobs Theme Colors

Plugin Compatibility

Who doesn’t love WordPress Plugins? The Micro Job theme is fully compatible with most of your favorite plugins. All the popular WordPress plugins have tested with the theme to ensure full plugin compatibility.

PremiumPress Micro Jobs Plugin Compatibility

Social Media Integration

Micro Job theme is fully compatible and can be integrated with popular social media channels like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Twitter for membership registration. It makes it easier for a user to register themselves, skipping the usual email sign up process.

The social media channels can be integrated into the website using App key and Secret Key.

PremiumPress Micro Jobs Social Media Integration

Google Maps can also be added to the website, along with Google Captcha. You can also enable Google Analytics on your site by adding the tracking ID in the theme settings.

Enhanced Work Desk for both Buyer & Seller

Micro Job comes with an enhanced work desk system for both buyers and sellers. The system helps to manage conversations, jobs, invoices and recent updates on the job. It has a built-in chat system for private conversation between the buyer and the seller. User notifications through email and SMS are also available in the work desk.

PremiumPress Micro Jobs Enhanced Work Desk

Payment Gateway

Micro Jobs supports different payment gateways. It can be integrated with more than 20 different gateways, including PayPal.

PremiumPress Micro Jobs Payment Gateway

Pricing & 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

This Premium theme is available for a very minimal price. You can purchase the theme from PremiumPress website for $79 Only. PremiumPress offers a 30 days refund policy if you are not fully satisfied with the theme.

PremiumPress Micro Jobs Pricing

Download PremiumPress

The Micro Job lets you set up your listing site in a moment with your prices and your own rules. What do you think about the theme? Let us know in the comments below.

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