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15 Best WordPress Charts & Graphs Plugins of 2019 For Representing Data Visually

Incorporating statistical data into your WordPress posts and articles will increase your credibility to a whole new level. But with that, it is straightforward to convey quantitative information in a meaningful and easily digestible manner. However, that changes when you take help of charts and graphs to visually represent all your information, which is why, here, we will be taking a look at some of the best WordPress charts & graphs plugins in the market.

Now, you might be thinking whether you need an extra plugin for this when the message can be quickly be sent across by just uploading an infographic image file with your posts to one extent that’s true. But if the numbers in your posts change in the future, you will have to find a replacement infographic image with it. However, with WordPress graphs & charts plugins, the visual graphics will adjust in respect to changes to the corresponding numbers.

As such, going the plugin route is recommended for WordPress websites and blogs which deal with lots of data and statistics. And so, for this read, we have put together a shortlist going over the best WordPress charts & graphs plugins. Special consideration has been taken to keep the list as diverse as possible in terms of features as well as budget. We have included free, paid, and even freemium plugins to make sure there is something for everybody.

So without further ado, let’s get on with our picks for the 15 best WordPress charts & graphs plugins:

#1. Visualizer


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Visualizer charts and graphs WordPress plugin is hugely popular and powerful, thanks to its easy to use intuitive interface paired with powerful tools. It uses the Google Visualization API along with DataTables.net integration to create and manage animated responsive graphs and diagrams into your WordPress posts and pages. Now all the essential and necessary features are bundled into the base free version, whereas the more advanced options are saved for the paid version.

In respect to the features you will be getting, the free version will give you access to 9 different chart types based on HTML5/SVG technology, paired with tons of customization options, to help you easily translate your data visually. Upgrading to the Pro version will unlock three extra chart types, option to synchronize with your online files, create charts from your posts and pages, and support for advanced interaction controls for your charts.

#2. Data Tables Generator by Supsystic

Data Tables Generator by Supsystic

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Data Tables Generator plugin by Supsystic gives you access to quick and easy data management tools along with options to quickly render them into charts and tables. The plugin boasts a super intuitive settings panel along with a responsive editor to help you with your graphical needs. On top of that, you get access to features that help you with sorting, searching, pagination, and inserting formulas into the table content.

However, that’s not the end of the feature list. A pro version of the plugin also exists that bundles in even more functionalities. This WordPress chart plugin includes support for diagrams, charts, and graphs, front-end table editing, an option to export and import CSV files, and much more. WooCommerce integration is also available to help you create searchable & filterable product tables.

#3. wpDataTables


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wpDataTables is, by far, one of the most popular and premium charts & graphs plugins for WordPress. Packed with tons of intuitive tools and options, you will be able to easily create responsive tables and charts in a matter of minutes. The WordPress chart plugin also brings full CRUD functionality with support for MySQL, MS SQL, and PostgreSQL DBs for advanced tasks. However, the most notable feature would be the inclusion of a full-blown spreadsheet app and all the related tools with the plugin.

Other than this, you will get access to a powerful table constructor, both front-end and back-end data table editing, formula support, automatic MySQP queries generation, fully customizable design, and much more. The plugin is also compatible with the Visual Composer page builder plugin allowing you to quickly drag and drop the different tables and charts in your layout.

#4. Inline Google Spreadsheet Viewer

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Inline Google Spreadsheet Viewer is a free WordPress chart plugin that can help you create beautiful and interactive charts, graphs and tables by using data from MySQL databases, Google Spreadsheets, or any file formats supported by the Google Docs Viewer. The plugin is also compatible with output from any Google Apps Scripts. And thanks to the shortcode support, you will be able to embed the graphs on any post or page on your website.

Now in terms of design variations, the plugin brings over 15 different chart types. On top of that, you will get access to a plethora of customization options to help you take control over how the charts and tables look. You can even use data from a variety of different sources into a single working table. And as you would expect, all the graphs automatically update themselves as soon as any changes are made to the original Google Spreadsheet or CSV file.

#5. Easy Charts

Easy Charts

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Easy Charts, as the name implies, is a super simple, super easy-to-use free WordPress chart plugin to help you generate and embed charts into your posts and pages. You will get access to 12 different chart types which can be inserted anywhere in your post and page, with the option to add more than one chart to a single post or page.

This WordPress chart plugin is developed using uvCharts javascript library and uses SVG and CSS3 transition effects to help create an interactive graphical representation of your data. And as an added convenience, you will be able to easily change chart types without affecting the base data-set/excel-sheet. Other notable features include a bundle of chart customization tools, option to download the chart as an image, and much more.

#6. amCharts


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amCharts WordPress plugin helps you add JavaScript-powered charts and maps to your posts and pages. Available as a free plugin directly from the WordPress repository, the WordPress graph plugin allows you to create and save code snippets for your JS charts and then insert them to your posts and pages with shortcode support.

Also, if you don’t like using shortcodes, then there is a built-in PHP function that can help you invoke the chart anywhere in your template. Other notable features include integration with CDN-hosting providers as well as local chart libraries to fetch your content. Each chart type also comes with its dedicated settings panel to help you make changes.

#7. Responsive Charts

Responsive Charts

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Responsive Charts is a premium WordPress plugin build on Charts.js that can help you create, manage, and embed stunning HTML5 animated charts into your website posts and pages. The plugin has support for seven different animated chart types, including pie charts, bar charts, line charts, and others. On top of that, each chart type comes with its own selection of customization options and design controls.

This WordPress chart plugin even allows you to create and insert multiple charts into a single page or post if that is necessary. You can also use various data sets to help you create a rich graphical representation of the statistics. And since it supports data import from CSV file types, fetching data from different sources won’t be an issue either.

#8. Stockdio Historical Chart

Stockdio Historical Chart

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Stockdio Historical Chart plugin for WordPress comes bundled in with a dedicated widget that can help you display a live chart showcasing real-time intraday and historical prices for stocks, indices, and currencies. As such, it is ideal for financial websites looking to provide website visitors with relevant and up-to-date information.

Now one of the most impressive facts about the plugin would be the inclusion of over 65 different stock exchanges along with different market indices and commodities, all bundled in with this free plugin. You will get access to all necessary details about the stock, including its performance, culture, and option to display price history in 5 different chart formats.

#9. SQL Chart Builder

SQL Chart Builder

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SQL Chart Builder is another robust free-to-use WordPress chart plugin which allows you to use both WP and non-WP SQL tables to create and manage beautiful charts. You will have access to all the six popular chart types, including pie charts, line charts, bar charts, and area charts to help you represent your data. You will even get access to some pre-configured chart layouts to streamline your process.

In terms of the user interface, the layout is kept pretty minimal and intuitive. Whereas functionality-wise, the free plugin pretty much covers all necessary functionalities. For starters, you will be able to use multiple SQL queries, with an option to split them if you like. Shortcode support is also provided to help you embed the charts into your WordPress posts and pages. Besides these, you will get access to “Dynamic Filters” with which you can create dynamic variables inside SQL code.

#10. UberChart


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UberChart WordPress plugin caters to users for whom customizability is the utmost priority. The key-selling factor for this WordPress charts and graphs plugin would be the availability of over 240 customization options for each of the ten supported chart types. On top of that, you will also get access to 30 customizable options per dataset, giving you utmost personalization freedom with your charts and graphs.

However, this chart and graph WordPress plugin isn’t entirely about style and flashy looks and bundles in a lot of useful features and functionalities. For example, you will get access to a dedicated spreadsheet editor to handle all your data and stats directly from your WordPress back-end. There is even the option to save/backup your charts as XML files for future use. Support for multiple scale variations is also present, including a linear scale, logarithmic scale, time scale, and even a category scale.

#11. WP Business Intelligence

WP Business Intelligence

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WP Business Intelligence is a powerful chart creation plugin for WordPress websites. It is available in both a free version as well as the paid version. For regular bloggers or website owners, the free version should more than suffice, whereas the pro version is directed towards companies and organizations looking to create an authoritative presence with their high-quality charts and graphs.

Feature-wise, the free version will help you create responsive tables and charts using data from one database. You can then embed them to your posts and pages using shortcodes. However, the free version only has support for tables, bar charts, and pie charts. The Pro version builds on that to give you access to 8 different responsive chart types including support for unlimited database connections, and option to connect with MySQL, MS SQL, and PostgreSQL.

#12. iChart


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iChart WordPress plugin uses Charts.js implementation to help you create beautiful and responsive charts and graphs for data visualization and representation. It follows a freemium pricing model with a free version packed with all necessary features and a paid version boasting a laundry list of functionalities.

For regular users, the free version should more than suffice with support for five different chart types and a dedicated shortcode generator for charts. Coming to the premium version, you get access to jQuery based data tables, option to directly create and embed charts using the shortcode generator, support for multiple datasets, tons of customization options to tweak the design to match your site aesthetics, and much more.

#13. Graph Lite by Developer Hero

Graph Lite by Developer Hero

Download Link

Graph Lite, despite the name, is an entirely free-to-use WordPress graphs and charts plugin without any lock-ins or paid promotions. It allows you to easily create interactive charts and graphs to help you with data visualization. You will get access to 8 of the most commonly used chart types, an interactive chart builder, and the option to embed the charts almost anywhere with shortcode integration.

Now, being based on the Chart.js, the plugin is capable of creating highly interactive and responsive graphs. You can create potentially unlimited charts, each of which will automatically update itself as you update your data. Also, it automatically integrates itself with the WordPress editor, which removes any need to visit any other tab or settings panel.

#14. TablePress


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TablePress, although not technically a graphs and charts plugin, can help you visually represent your data using tables. And if that meets your requirements, then there is no other plugin better than this one. It is one of the most popular and feature-packed plugins to help you create and manage beautiful tables, and that too, for absolutely for free.

Going over the basic features, you will get access to a dedicated widget, including shortcode support to help you embed the tables into your posts and pages. Each of the data in the table can be edited using an in-built spreadsheet-like interface. On top of that, you will get the additional JavaScript library to add features like sorting, pagination, and filtering to help your visitors. And if you want to build on these features, then there are dedicated TablePress extensions to help you do so.


So these were our picks for the top 15 WordPress charts & graphs plugins. Do let us know if you found the read to be useful and if it helped you in finding the right plugin for your website. Also, if you have used any of the plugins mentioned here on the list (or elsewhere for that matter), then do write about your experience in the comments below. Your fellow readers will surely find your insights useful as they try to find the right plugin for data visualization.

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