Best Divi Blog Child Themes and Modules [2022]

Divi is a theme and page builder by Elegant Themes. It is probably one of the most popular themes for WordPress. It is perfect for beginners as well as experts. It uses the Divi page builder that is a drag and drop page builder. Hence, allowing you to create intuitive websites in a fast and efficient manner. 

You can build almost any kind of website that you can think of with Divi. There are hundreds of website templates bundled with the theme that can help you build your website faster. There are almost unlimited customization options with the Divi theme. The price of Divi is also competitive. 

In this article we will review the best child themes available for your Divi Blog.

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Divi 4.0

The latest major update of Divi is the version 4.0 update. This update converts Divi from a simple page builder to a robust theme builder. You can now customize and build several different kinds of pages. These cannot be easily built with any other theme. These include category pages, search pages, page headers, page footers, archives pages, blog pages and any other page that you can think of. You can use different headers and footers for different pages. If there is anything you can think of customizing on your website, you can now do it with Divi. 

Benefits of the Divi child themes

Finding the ideal theme to adopt on your blog can prove to be a daunting task. But with a Divi child theme, you can never go wrong. The Divi blog module will prove to be the perfect choice for creating an interactive blog. Divi child themes consolidate a wide array of options which ensure you find the perfect theme choice to suit your blog. Additionally, these themes enhance the appeal of your blog which helps to boost traffic. So, are you wondering which Divi child themes to use to light-up your blog? Well, sit tight and keep reading!

Top 5 Divi Theme choices for your blog

Once you have understood the game changing role played by Divi themes, you will need to understand what each type of theme offers. That said, herein a list of the top themes and what they offer.

1. Extra Theme

Divi Blog

Extra is one of the best Divi child theme for blogs. It is therefore number one on our list. If you are planning on creating a blog but do not have much information about design, be sure to choose the extra theme. This theme is developed to suit any type of blog no matter its niche or specialty. This has been made possible by the variety of layout choices available.

Blogging is all about displaying your posts and the extra theme provides an opportunity to design your homepage to suit the needs of your readers. More to that, this theme offers additional features to help boost the traffic on your blog. Among these options is social sharing whereby each social media platform has a dedicated share button. In addition, the extra features like WooCommerce will come in handy if you are looking to monetize your blog.


The theme is completely customizable. You can easily change fonts, adjust sizes, change colors, spacing, etc. all through the Divi builder’s advanced design settings. Advanced users can use custom CSS to further customize the theme. It will give you complete control over your blog’s design. 

When it comes to design and layout customizations the theme gives you a free hand. You are not limited to static designs that don’t match with your brand story. The Divi builder gives you absolute control over the layout, content structure and categories. You can build any custom layout with it. 

The theme comes with several pre-built layouts that can kick-start your blog. It has several different combinations of column and module structures. There are a wide variety of pre-built homepage designs. You can easily tailor these demos to suit your needs. 

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2. Girly Theme Blog

The ability to design your blog to suit your preferences will ensure you address the needs and concerns of your audience. The girly theme provides you with the opportunity input unique details on your design. In addition, this theme provides you with tools that allow you to neatly arrange your content.

Explore Girly Theme

3. Marvel Theme Blog

Marvel Theme Blog

Are you a pro blogger looking for a unique theme to catapult you to the top? Then you might consider the Marvel themed Divi blog. This theme is perfect for upcoming bloggers who are looking to put their skill into practice. Choosing the marvel theme allows you to give your blog that professional outlook. Remember, the outlook of a blog is a huge determinant of how visitors perceive your blog. A professionally designed blog gives you authority as it depicts you as an expert in your field.

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4. Prutah Blog

If your blog is geared towards captivating readers with information, then you should consider the Prutah theme. The features on this theme are designed to push your blog to rank highly on Search engines. By personally customizing the design of your blog, you can introduce unique effects which will surely captivate readers at first glance. Moreover, you can generate immense traffic to your blog by sharing your posts on social media. Each social media platform is represented by its own button which makes sharing easy and fun. The responsiveness of this theme will also ensure that your audience enjoys a great user experience.

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5. Magazine Theme

Are you looking to start an online publication? If you do, then the Magazine theme should be your ultimate choice. Just like its name suggests, the magazine theme incorporates features that ensure your blog/publication adopts the design of an actual magazine. This helps to arrange your posts into categories which makes it easy for readers to access your content. More to that, you can make your content go viral using the social media share buttons. When it comes to choosing a design, there are numerous options to choose from. The fun part is that you can customize your design of choice to match your requirements.

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Choosing the ideal theme

Themes are an integral part of your blog. For this reason, caution is required when deciding on the theme to use. To find the perfect theme, ensure that you understand the purpose for creating your blog. As you can see from the list above we consider the Extra theme as the best overall choice overall for your Divi blog. It has several stand out features such as design and layout customizability, pre-made templates, WooCommerce compatibility, built-in social sharing, etc.

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