Beaver Themer Review [2022]

Beaver Themer is one of the most unique tools for customizing your WordPress site. The ability to customize every aspect of your website is certainly a rare opportunity. Even with the huge number of customization tools, they only allow you to customize specific aspects of your site. But with Beaver themer, you can now enjoy introducing a personal touch to every detail on your site. So, what is Beaver themer all about? This tool is an add-on for the highly successful page building plugin; Beaver Builder.

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Beaver themer adopts a drop-and-drag interface to enhance the customization process for your WordPress website. Courtesy of this add-on, websites owners no longer need to learn coding in order to customize their site designs. On the other hand, this tool is geared towards boosting the productivity of website developers. However, if you are to reap the maximum benefits of using Beaver themer, you ought to ensure it is compatible with your WordPress theme. Therefore, it is important that you conduct due diligence to determine the best theme to use with this add-on. Here is a quick tip; any theme on beaver builder is compatible with beaver themer.

The unique abilities of Beaver themer can largely be attributed to its features. It is these features that allow you to customize headers and footers, create personalized theme templates and introduce connections. To better understand the functionality of this add-on, then you need to have some knowledge on the purpose of each feature.


Key beaver themer features and their functionality

There are three important Beaver themer features and they include: 

1. Theme Templates

beaver themer

This feature plays the crucial role of enabling you to customize your posts and the structure of the posts. Using this feature, you can design numerous templates to suit your style. Besides that, you can choose to channel all your energy on one template which you can recycle on an unlimited number of pages. Courtesy of this feature, you can create a wide array of templates that help improve to present your content in a meticulous manner. Among the themed templates you can customize include: Archive, page results, 404-page, custom posts and single posts and pages.  Moreover, theme templates also give you control over how your content is consumed. 

If you are looking to create a website that houses different types of pages, the theme structure feature will come in handy. With this feature, you can create numerous headers and footers which you can control their visibility.

2. Theme parts

Once you have created your theme templates, the customization does not end there as you can include theme parts. With this additional feature, you can incorporate unique aspects that enhance the experience of your visitors. For instance, if you want to make the subscription process easy, you may decide to add subscription boxes in every page. Alternatively, if you want your visitors to join a special service, you can add a sign-up form on that specific page. In the long run, your site achieves an artistic outlook that goes a long way in attracting traffic.

3. Field connections

The connection feature allows you to integrate data on your WordPress site with your custom designs. A good example of how this works is in a case where you want to display a section of your content. You can simply set the content you want to show to appear on your customized header. Technically, this feature allows you to display the content on your site on any custom field.

What else can Beaver themer do?

Beaver themer allows you to customize almost any aspect of your website, including the header and footer. Being able to customize any aspect of your website is a great way to improve your website’s user experience. In a bid to explore the full potential of your site, Beaver themer allows you to customize your WooCommerce templates as well. Such an ability is so precious since it allows you to appeal to your visitors in a way you know best. In addition, the fact that you can create countless templates means that you can always display your posts in a fresh manner interchangeably.

Who is Beaver themer built for?

Beaver themer is a non-selective add-on. The fact that it allows for customization without the need for coding or web development skills renders it a highly efficient tool. In addition, the features on this add-on is easy to use thus making it ideal for beginners. The powerful features also make it the perfect choice for experienced developers who are looking to explore another world of web development.

What does it take to use Beaver themer?

The fact that beaver themer is an add-on of beaver builder means that you need to acquire the two products. In addition, there is no free version for beaver themer. To acquire the two products, you will need to spend at least $250 depending on the versions you settle for. Fortunately, the products are bound to give you value for money as they can be used on countless sites. 

What makes Beaver themer standout?

Customizing websites to suit your preferences calls for skills and resources. But with beaver themer, all that is history. The fact that beaver themer allows you to add a personal or artistic touch will have a huge impact on the growth and success of your website. With a personally customized websites, you can guarantee your audience unscathed quality as you adopt a hands-on approach.B


Running a successful website might seem like a farfetched dream but you can always make it a reality. All you need to do is focus on the small aspects that make the huge difference. One way to conduct the small changes is by customizing your website to epitomize your tastes and preferences. Through this, you will effortlessly satisfy all the needs of your visitors. And surely there is no better way to bring life to your WordPress site than by using Beaver themer. Thanks to this tool, you can transform your website into a leading trend setter. Be sure to acquire this add-on and watch your fortunes grow.