30 Stunning Avada Theme Examples – ThemeForest’s Most Popular WordPress Theme

Avada WordPress Theme is one of the most popular WP theme of all time. You will be shocked to know that around 170,000 users have purchased this theme so far. Avada comes with several functions such as WooCommerce, bbPress, Gravity Forms, and compatible with other plugins. Avada is an example of how much multipurpose and flexible WordPress theme can be.

I don’t think this theme needs more introduction. If you are looking for some website inspiration for your next project using Avada, here are some great Avada theme examples for your next WordPress website.

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30 Best Avada Theme Examples

#1. MoniDesign


MoniDesign website focuses on art, branding, communication, and designing. Avada theme has given compelling visuals and graphics to this website. By using this website, user can create fantastic web-design with intensive graphics.

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#2. Yellow Marine Consultancy

Yellow Marine Consultancy

This website displays the services of the company effectively. It showcases the link between buyers and manufacturers. Avada theme has provided custom background and responsive design to this marine community website.

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#3. JL Recruitment

JL Recruitment

Apart from web designing and transport services website, Avada theme can be used for recruitment website, and JL Recruitment is the best example of it. This website has a revolutionary slider by which user can access all the services of this website in no time.

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#4. Liberty Trails

Liberty Trails

This is countryside website which uses Avada theme for sharp images and horseback riding services. Liberty Trails website has easy navigation by which user can book the service in just a few clicks.

#5. Red Dog

Red Dog

This is a pet resort and spa website which uses the Avada theme. All the important services are mentioned on the homepage of this website, and it has been possible by the Avada theme.

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#6. Working As We Go

Working As We Go

This website is not just an advertising marketing service company it also lets the user know about their traveling lifestyle. This is the incredible example of Avada theme of how versatile it can be.

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#7. Russell Brand

Russell Brand

Russell Brand website deals with Podcasts, Writing, and Recovery services. It has a dedicated blog section which shows that Avada WordPress theme can also be used for a blogging website.

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#8. FleetTrax


FleetTrax is a website which deals with Assets trackers, Dispatch solutions, and Fleet tracker devises. You will see how easy it is to use this website, and we should thank Avada theme for it.

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#9. GoBeyond Foods

GoBeyond Foods

GoBeyond Foods is a website which offers organic food and sugar as you see that this website looks clean and easy to navigate. The Avada theme has given this website all the essential information on the first page only.

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#10. Snack Nation

Snack Nation

Snack Nation is a food delivery website which is created by the Avada WordPress theme. This website has an attractive page which attracts every other user.

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#11. ClearView Surfaces

ClearView Surfaces

This website deals with residential and commercial services, which include driveway cleaning, pool cleaning, garage cleaning, deck cleaning, building cleaning, sidewalk cleaning, and many more.

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#12. Rank Pay

Rank Pay

Rank Pay is an excellent website which is created by using WordPress theme to showcase different services such as blog writing, PPC advertising, social marketing, and content management.

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#13. Bezingcreative


It is a graphic design company which uses the Avada WordPress theme. This is a professional and elegant website which is helping its user from the last five years.

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#14. JewellersExchange


This is a beautiful website which is full of vibrant images and interface. Use of the Avada WordPress theme in this website has made the online purchase quick and easy.

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#15. Koolbee.com


This is a child based WordPress website which has the Avada theme in it. This website can give you great ideas if you are looking for ideas for a child base website.

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#16. Graphic Twister

Graphic Twister

This a complete website which you can use to find PSD resources. I will suggest you visit this website to see the power of the Avada WordPress theme.

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#17. Bullish


This website is a perfect example to see the potential of Avada WordPress theme. The cool background and easy navigation through the website will give an idea of how flexible you can use Avada.

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#18. RadAmBhf


It is a website which has reservation CTA menu. The use of Avada WordPress theme gives this website a split screen, which makes the background images more clear and crisp.

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#19. DigitalSolution


It is a beautiful website which has to use the complete power of Avada theme. By simply scrolling down to the website, you can easily access all the information related to the site.

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#20. Webnesdayinmhd


It is a website which expertise in beauty if Marblehead, which is a great location for holidays. You will get bigger images and a quick load of services on this website.

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#21. Microsoft Visual Studio

Microsoft Visual Studio

This is a Microsoft website which uses the Avada WordPress theme. I think this one of the best Avada theme example to see how far the Avada theme can go. This website offers to learn WordPress in an easy and straightforward manner.

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#22. Hanna Sles Translator

Hanna Sles Translator

Hanna Sles Translator is a website which uses the Avada WordPress theme to translate English to Russian. Avada theme has given a powerful look to this website.

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#23. Broasty Food Truck

Broasty Food Truck

This website is a creative example of food truck website. Avada theme has given a completely new and funky look to this website which you can use for your new ideas.

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#24. Ninetail


The use of Avada WordPress theme in this website has given the verticle menu, which offers an entirely new look to the site. If you want to give verticle look to your website, then visit this website.

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#25. King Harbor Wealth Management

King Harbor Wealth Management

This is a management website in which the Avada theme has done a great job. If you are willing to create a job portal website, then this is the best example for you.

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#26. Nomaddict


This is a cool website which uses the Avada WordPress theme. In this website, you will see different animations and effects at the homepage. The Avada theme has made this website completely responsive.

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#27. Jack Whitehall

Jack Whitehall

Jack Whitehall is a portfolio website which uses the Avada WordPress theme. You will see beautiful and attractive color combinations on this website.

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#28. Mass Impression

Mass Impression

It is a digital entertainment website which uses the Avada WordPress theme. By visiting this website, you can get creative ideas for your upcoming entertainment website.

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#29. Find Your Zen

Find Your Zen

It is a lifestyle website which tells you how to reduce stress and other things. This website has a simple but very effective design, which is possible with the help of the Avada theme.

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#30. Coupon Butter

Coupon Butter

This is a website for those who want to help the businessman regard their product and services offer. You can easily access this website through phone or desktop.

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Any other Avada Theme Example?

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In this article, I have tried to bring you some of the best examples of the Avada WordPress theme website. By going through these example sites, you can get different and innovative ideas to use the Avada WordPress theme. If you want to tell us some other example of the Avada WordPress theme website, then feel free to post link in the comments below.