What WordPress Theme is That – Discover What WordPress Theme and Plugins a Site Uses

Have you ever asked yourself – “what WordPress theme is that site using?”

Maybe you were on the lookout for a good WordPress theme and came across a site that you really like. But it wasn’t obvious which WordPress theme is being used.

Unless there is a WordPress Theme link or name in the site footer, or you know how to look at the HTML source code and hunt out the information, you may have to use a WordPress theme detector.


Meet “What WordPress Theme is That”

What WordPress Theme is That is a free online tool that helps you easily find out what WordPress theme a certain site uses. Besides the WordPress theme, this tool can also tell you which plugins the site uses.

To use this tool, first visit its site and enter the URL of the website you want to check in the search box. If the site you entered uses WordPress and the tool is able to detect theme details, it will return your results, which include:

  • Theme Name
  • Version
  • Description
  • Author
  • Author Homepage
  • Theme Homepage
  • License, and
  • Theme Screenshot


Sites With Customized or Proprietary Themes

On some sites, however, What WordPress Theme is That is not able to determine the theme being used. If the site uses a customized or proprietary theme, the tool will detect WordPress CMS but it won’t be able to determine the specific WordPress theme details.


Most Popular WordPress Theme Providers and Plugins

What WordPress Theme is That also provides reports about the most popular WordPress theme providers and the most popular WordPress plugins based on their scans.

Below are some of the top theme providers and plugins detected by the What WordPress is That tool as of February 2018.


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WordPress Theme Search


Top WordPress Theme Providers

  • Themeforest —- 20.54% of all searches
  • Studio Press (Genesis) —– 7.32% of all searches
  • WordPress.org —- 4.83% of all searches
  • Elegant Themes —- 4.31% of all searches
  • WooThemes —- 1.30% of all searches
  • Thesis (DIYthemes) —– 0.87% of all searches
  • OptimizePress —– 0.77% of all searches
  • ThriveThemes —– 0.56% of all searches
  • Themeisle —– 0.45% of all searches
  • Theme Junkie —– 0.43% of all searches


Top WordPress Plugins

  • Contact Form 7 —– 8.04% of all searches
  • Jetpack —– 3.35% of all searches
  • Revslider —- 3.05% of all searches
  • Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin —- 2.93% of all searches
  • Visual Composer —- 2.82% of all searches
  • All In One SEO Pack —- 2.80% of all searches
  • W3 Total Cache —– 2.21% of all searches
  • Woocommerce —–  2.07% of all searches
  • WP Super Cache —- 2.05% of all searches
  • LayerSlider —- 1.06% of all searches


What WordPress Theme is That Alternatives

What WordPress is That is not the only tool available that can help you detect the theme being used by a particular site. Below are some alternative WordPress theme detectors available online.

Besides, I found some of the below alternatives to be more accurate and detailed compared to What WordPress Theme is That; so try them as well.



ScanWP is another tool that can determine what WordPress theme and plugins are being used on a particular site. Once you see a cool site that you’d like to check, just enter the URL in ScanWP’s search box and it’ll give you the information.

ScanWP also provides lists of the top 50 WordPress themes and plugins based on their scans.

Now, compared to “What WordPress Theme is That”, I realized that ScanWP was able to detect some customized themes that the former wasn’t able to.



WPThemeDetector is another free tool that provides information about the WordPress theme and plugins being used on a site. The site also provides statistics for the top themes, top theme providers and top plugins.

During my experiments, WPThemeDetector provided the best information and was also more accurate. Even for customized themes, I was able to see the information about the theme name, description, version, author and license.


Satori WordPress Theme Detector

Satori Studio have a WordPress theme detector that can automatically extract active theme information from a site built with WordPress. With just one click, you can see details about the WordPress theme a site uses.






WebTechDetector is another innovative tool for detecting what WordPress theme and plugins a site is using. Once you feed it the URL of a site built with WordPress, this tool will provide you information about the themes and plugins on that site.

WebTechDetector also provides statistic reports for top themes, top theme providers and top plugins.



IsItWP is a free webmaster tool that provides more than just what WordPress theme and plugins a site uses. This popular tool lets you find out what websites are built with WordPress as well as who is hosting the site.

IsItWP has a clean and elegant interface. Besides, the tool offered better details about the plugins being used by a site when compared to some other tools on this list.


What Theme

Another great alternative to “What WordPress Theme is That” is What Theme. This tool provides CMS details besides the regular theme details like theme author, version, license and description.