25 Best WordPress Social Network Themes of 2022

Creating a full-fledged social networking website is as difficult as it sounds. And making it good enough to compete with the already established social media is a whole different story. However, there is an easier, cheaper, and faster way to do this. All you need is 3 totally obtainable things – WordPress, BuddyPress, and a suitable social networking theme. There are other alternatives to BuddyPress but that is not the point here. What I am saying is you can easily build a full-fledged WordPress social networking website using any of the themes mentioned on this list and get an affordable head start. Let’s get to it, shall we?

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Best WordPress Social Network Themes of 2021

#1. Lynk

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This WordPress social networking theme is specially designed to work with BuddyPress. Apart from that, it can also be used on other websites such as a blog, magazine, or newspaper website among others, because of the neutral design of this theme. if you choose Lynk as your social media WordPress theme, you get to play around with features and tools that let you have a mega menu, user menu, notifications, and total customizability. And with the integration of drag and drop page builder and Visual Composer, the level of changes you can make to this theme can be limited only by your imagination.

#2. Monarch

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Monarch looks minimal, professional, and is fully responsive. It is built for BuddyPress and is one of the most fully-featured WordPress social networking themes out there. A few clicks here, a few clicks there, and viola, your WordPress social networking theme is ready. Monarch can be used for almost any type of social media and community website. Its intuitive user interface looks modern, it supports widgets and comes integrated with Visual Composer. These features are just the start. You also get activity streams, bbPress plugin integration, WP-Polls, post view counter and so much more. 

#3. Sweet Date

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This WordPress social networking theme is built especially for creating a dating website. Everything about it screams dating including the name. Unlike most of the themes that are designed to be used ton dating websites, Sweet Date looks minimal yet fun. Plus, the features it offers will get you started right away. It supports BuddyPress and bbPress, comes integrated with WooCommerce, includes drag and drop visual composer, and has a social login option. Apart from that it also comes with a number of premium plugins and supports WPML. There are plenty of features that make it one of the best WordPress social media themes designed for dating websites.

#4. Thrive

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Thrive is a popular name in the WordPress theme market and you can use it for absolutely any type of website; social networking sites being one of them. It is fully responsive and retina ready, and the level co customizability it offers is out of this world. You can do anything, change anything and mold it any way you like. Too many options may prove hectic for some as it is not just a social media theme with features specifically designed for a social media website, but if utilized properly, it can be the only theme you need. It is optimized for mobile devices, comes with tons of powerful premium plugins, and everything can be customized with drag and drop. It also has live chat, mentions, and friendships, which are useful for any social media website. Even though it comes feature-packed, it is surprisingly optimized and lightweight.

#5. BeSocial

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BeSocial is an attractive and functional choice for a WordPress social media theme. This fully responsive social media WordPress theme is built for BuddyPress and comes with essential networking features such as live search, notifications, social sharing, and more. It also comes integrated with WooCommerce. Furthermore, it offers integration with popular premium plugins such as Event Calendar, MailChimp, contact form 7 and so much more. It is highly customizable to let you mold the theme as you desire. It comes with widgets, BuddyPress advanced member search, Facebook comments integration, mutual friends. Unlimited sidebar, social sharing, and more.

#6. BuddyApp

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This eye-catching and beautifully designed WordPress social networking theme is perfect for anyone looking to build a social media site. It is of high quality and is written in clean code. The features set it comes with will help you build a social networking website that is comparable to the big names in the market. It is fully responsive and optimized to work on every device and browser – your users will have zero hiccups in using your WordPress social media website. Additionally, it comes with features like live chat, live customizer, live notification, file management, media gallery, events and so much more. With just a few clicks, you will have a full-fledged WordPress social networking website. 

#7. Socialize

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Integrated with WooCommerce and BuddyPress, Socialize comes out as an exceptional and organized theme crafted masterfully for those eager to build an interactive WordPress social networking and community website. This fully responsive and SEO optimized theme has tons of header layouts, post formats, advertisement areas, sidebars, and fonts to choose from. You can even import homepage layouts. Moreover, with Ajax filtering, the Socialize theme will be blazing fast and the load time will decrease dramatically.  You also get tons of portfolio layouts, login popups, and other nifty features. Everything can be customized with zero coding knowledge.

#8. KLEO

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This BuddyPress theme assures you that this is the ultimate theme you’ll need for any kind of community, including a social networking website. With KLEO, you can easily build a WordPress social networking website or any other community website with its advanced features. Everything is easily customizable with its live customizer feature and you have a gallery, charts, directory, and other essential features at your disposal. With 30 beautiful and unique homepage layouts, an integrated revolution slider, drag and drop visual composer, and tons of premium plugins, you don’t have to think twice in choosing this social networking theme.


Demo & Download

Built for BuddyPress, Klein is a beautiful theme with advanced features suitable to craft the social media website of your dreams. It comes with bbPress integration, a lifetime of updates, high customizability, tons of retina-ready icons and so much more. This SEO optimized theme is WooCommerce compatible to let you sell products right from your website. That is not – it also gives you access to tons of premium plugins such as revolution slider, contact form 7, and paid membership pro. You will never doubt the customizability of Klein as it comes with more than 40 inner page templates, 6 headers and lets you add unlimited sidebars.

#10. Salutation

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Salutation is minimal, clean, elegant, and comes with features set perfect for your WordPress social networking website. With unlimited page layouts, portfolio layouts, and more, this fully responsive theme can help you display every page on your website as elegantly as possible. It comes with unlimited shortcodes, popup login and registration form, media support, and more. Moreover, the inclusion of the Slider Revolution plugin for free is a bonus. The navigation is easy, the menus are well-organized, and the administrative features give you total control over every aspect of the theme’s design and layout.

#11. Buddy

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Buddy is an immensely popular lightweight and fully responsive BuddyPress theme for social networking WordPress website. It is retina ready and comes with features such as tons of fonts, shortcodes, sidebars, global options for every page and posts and so much more. This SEO optimized social medial WordPress theme is highly customizable and the has the ability to import demo to help you customize with just a few clicks. There are options for the members to create events, groups, contact other users, and create forums if you integrate bbPress.

#12. BuddyBoss

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BuddyBoss comes highly recommended by its users and is often regarded as the leader in WordPress social network theme. It has extraordinary UI crafted by experts and designed to look beautiful. BuddyBoss is built to improve BuddyPress and has all the features it has. But unlike BuddyPress, which is just a basis, BuddyBoss comes integrated with the plugin, theme, and mobile app. it supports most of the BuddyPress addons and comes with compatibility with WooCommerce. It is SEO friendly, documented, and RTL ready. The features it offers can make BuddyBoss a one-stop-shop for your WordPress social networking website.

#13. Aardvark

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With a visually pleasing design, engaging approaches, and crafted especially for building a social network, Aardvark is integrated with numerous design elements to let you play with your imagination. The supports for drag and drop visual composer further proves my point.  With that, you can tweak almost every element and every layout of the theme and mold it as per your preference. Other than that, it comes compatible with WooCommerce and is SEO optimized to guarantee you rank high on search engines. It also comes with support for bbPRess and other essential plugins such as Paid Membership Pro, Yoast SEO, WPML, and $100 worth of other premium plugins.

#14. Tiger

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This social networking WordPress theme is a little different from your typical social networking theme; it is built with a focus on businesses and professionals (like LinkedIn). It is not built for BuddyPress but the features are all there. It looks and feels corporate, it is smooth and extremely user friendly. And the responsive nature of the theme makes it suitable for devices of any shape and size. Although the UI might be a little dull for some, it makes up with its features set. The ability to create a company profile, professional profile, memberships, connections, send messages, and other numerous features make Tiger a suitable option for a corporate themed WordPress social media theme. 

#15. Cinematix

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Cinematix comes integrated with bbPress and BuddyPress and collective support from both the communities. Don’t let the name fool you, it is not just for movies. With the features set Cinematrix comes with, it can be easily adapted to be used as a social networking theme. The users can sign up easily, post, message others, create groups and so much more. It is fairly customizable too. with 10 color schemes, multiple layouts, templates, and supports for 3rd party plugins, Cinematix can be customized as per your need. It comes integrated with WooCommerce, WPMU, Contact Form 7, and Events Manager.

#16. OneCommunity

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OneCommunity has a design that pops out. With high contrast, radiant colors, and beautiful fonts, this WordPress social network theme is for those who are not afraid to experiment with colors and wants their site to stand out. It comes fully integrated with BuddyPress and additional 3rd party plugins let you add more features and functionalities. It comes with over 40 beautifully styles social pages, a global like button, GamiPress reward system, live notifications, membership, dynamic content loading and so much more. The theme has an alternate global style called dark mode. With the integration of Elementor Page Builder, the customization is easy and intensive and WooCommerce integration means you can sell directly from your website.

#17. WildCommunity

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From the same developers that brought two other themes in this list (OneCommunity and Cinematix), WildCommunity is a WordPress social networking theme that comes integrated with BuddyPress. This fully responsive WordPress theme lets you build a full-fledged social networking website for school, company, or any community imaginable. It also comes integrated with bbPRess and is compatible with BuddyPress Forum editor. WildCommunity has 4 homepage designs, hundreds of extensions, 3 drop-down menus, and tons of fonts. It is also fully compatible with WooCommerce, WPMU, Events Manager, and rtMedia. The feature list goes on and on, so it is better if you try the theme and see if it works out for you.

#18. Blackfyre

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The design of Blackfyre makes it immediately stand out and makes you realize this is not a common social network theme. Blackfyre is built for the gaming community. The users will be able to share content, compare stats, watch matches, and more. Powered by WPBakery Page Builder, you will be able to customize every nook and cranny of the theme with zero programming skills. You get you to play around with tons of color schemes, animations, and layouts. The users can upload their own backgrounds, and the multiple layouts make it easier for clans to style themselves.  The theme is completely responsive too.

#19. Cera

Demo & Download

Cera is an amazing social network and community WordPress theme with features set vast enough to make your website as unique as you can imagine. It is highly customizable, making it suitable for any kind of social and community sites as well as dating sites. The overall theme is so magnificently designed, you will have to force yourself to get your eyes off of it and continue working. The dark theme is equally beautiful. It comes integrated with Youzer, BudyPress, bbPRess, LearnDash, Event Calendar, rtMedia, and tons of other 3rd party plugins. It supports the Elementor page builder so you know you can easily change any element of the theme with ease.

#20. Xphoria

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Xphoria is a social media in a box. It comes integrated with BuddyPress and bbPress and lets your user register, create profile post messages, and interact with other users. Apart from a social network, it can be used for any kind of community website. With more than 40 customizable pages, a 3-level dropdown menu, a 404 page, and more, Xphoria is not short of customizable elements. It also comes with notifications for various events, alternative color schemes, wide layout, and so much more.

#21. Seeko

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This modern-looking WordPress theme is, in one word, beautiful. Seeko comes with powerful visual editors, namely Elementor, Gutenberg, and LIVE front-end header editor, to let you style and customize the theme as much as you desire. It can also be used as a dating site as it comes with a great matching system, pro search, and other essential features needed on any dating site. Other than that, it is simple, fast, and mobile optimized. The users can add friends, post messages, contact other users, and do other social media related stuff on Seeko.

#22. Olympus

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Marketed as the most beautiful and advanced community theme, the developers stay true to their word as Olympus truly is a beautiful theme with timeless design. You can create a full-fledged WordPress social networking website with this theme. It offers social media essential such as private messaging, mentions, and even matchmaking. Build it with BuddyPress and polish it with Youzer. For customization, you have the option to choose from 2 market leaders in page building – WPBakery and Elementor. The navigation is as easy as it gets and Olympus does it with style. The features list is endless.

#23. Razor

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This BuddyPress and bbPress ready WordPress theme looks modern, clean, and professional and can be used to build websites, social networks, and communities of any kind. Razor is not just good-looking; it functions well too. You get to work with a layout manager, drag and drop editor, form builder, and unlimited color options. It is a fully responsive and retina ready theme with unlimited control over every element. You can customize headers, footers, and layouts of any page and the sidebar generator is a nifty addition.

Which of the Social Network WordPress Themes to Choose?

This is it. This is our list containing what we think are the best WordPress social network themes out there. 

It isn’t necessary for the theme to support BuddyPress to be a good social media WordPress theme and BuddyBoss proves that. However, the majority of the theme comes integrated with BuddyPress so there’s that. No matter what they come integrated with, a good WordPress social networking theme should be fast, mobile-optimized, come with custom forms for registration and login, has user profile pages, notifications, connections, activity, and feature for messaging other users.

So choose one according to your preference and style and get going with your social media website.

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