WPForms Vs Gravity Forms Comparison Review – Which Contact Form Plugin is Best?

When you are about to choose between two of the most popular form builder plugins for WordPress, there are quite a lot of prospects that you need to consider. Of course, you want to install only one plugin in your blog or website. But at the same time, you want the best! This is where some depth analysis is required to select the best one for your website.

Indeed it’s a tough task to compare two different plugins without having any idea which plugin comes with which feature and then which feature is more suitable for you? So to make things a little easier we have decided to dive deep inside both WPForms plugin and Gravity Forms plugin in today’s post.

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We aim to find out all the features that have been present or updated in both these plugins and also compare them to see the ups and downs.

As an outcome, it will be simpler for you to pick the best form builder plugin for the site, without spending too much time on digging into the details all by yourself. So let’s find the best form plugin without wasting any more time –

WPForms vs Gravity Forms Comparison

First of all, you need to have a look at this quick comparison chart between the two plugins. Here we have declared whether a specific feature is available or not in the form plugin. By looking at the status, you can understand which one has more features available for you.

Total no of features: 10

Features WPforms Gravity Form
Form Templates Yes No
Easy to Use Yes Yes
Page Builder Yes Yes
File Uploads Yes Yes
Dynamic Conditions Yes Yes
Payment Gateway Yes Yes
Email Marketing Yes Yes
Spamming Protection Yes Yes
Campaign Monitor Yes Yes
Surveys and Polls Yes Yes
Total 10/10 9/10

** In this quick counting process WPForms is one step ahead of Gravity from in terms of available features. (No pre-built templates are available in Gravity form)


WPForms plugin was launched back in 2016, and since then, this form plugin has earned huge popularity amongst the WordPress uses.

As you can see, in the chart above, one of the primary reasons behind this popularity is its extensive list of features. Moreover, the form built by this plugin looks beautiful and are super responsive across devices.

On the other hand, Gravity Forms is developed by the Gravity Forms team. It is also one of the most popular form plugins available for WordPress websites. This plugin is not free, but it’s fantastic features, and extendable add-ons make it impressive to try out.

#2.Form Template

The developers of WP Forms knows the truth very well that as a rookie where we find difficult at creating a form. And it is a real-life problem; we know that we all are not WordPress experts.

So to make your work easier and simpler, WPForm comes with pre-built form templates to save your hard time and allow you to do simple organizing tasks. Furthermore, all of the templates are fully responsive and mobile friendly.

WPForms Vs Gravity Forms Comparison

Sadly, Gravity Forms doesn’t come with any ready-made templates, but they do offer you more than 30 ready to use form fields. Select any field and configure it for your required needs, and you are all done. However, the introduction of templates would have been a great advantage for the plugin.

You can find all the readymade fields of Gravity Forms in this link.

#3.Ease of Use

The best part of WPFormS plugin is that it is straightforward to use. Create the fields, configure the options, assign a template, and at last, publish by using shortcodes. So handy, isn’t it?

Gravity Forms also does an excellent job in making this form plugin very easy to operate. You can create the fields, select the type of form, configuring, and at last publishing these all tasks are well organized, and a newbie can easily do that.

#4. Drag & Drop Page Builder

The most satisfying part of WP Forms plugin is that it lets you use drag and drop form builder. You do not require any web development knowledge or WordPress customization experience to built a stunning form using this easy builder.

WPForms Vs Gravity Forms Review

All you have to do is drag and drop various elements according to your idea of the form, and you are all done. It’s simple, effective, and super cool.

Well, Gravity from is not going to skip this amazing feature as well. Using their drag and drop form builder, you can design your form pretty quickly. The drag and drop builder of gravity forms has more features than that of WP forms.

WPForms Vs Gravity Forms Review

However, all the given features in both the plugins are enough to build a stunning form to attract site visitors.

#5.File Uploads

“File uploads” is one of the fundamental features in the WP forms. When a user has to submit any file in your form, say a guest post, this feature comes into work. And for this, you can easily enable the file upload module, and people can submit their doc files inside your form.

Similarly, the file uploading option is available in Gravity forms as well. That means you can let a user upload image, doc, pdf files with the help of your form. Since it is an essential feature these days, both the plugins use it.

#6.Dynamic Conditions

Smart conditions are interactive, they make sense what people do, and according to that, they display a condition to the people. It’s well based on the logic behind the software, and the good news is that WPForms have a nice interactive algorithm which will act dynamically depending on people’s activity.

As a result, you will be able to build a high-performance form quickly applying smart conditions.

More than that, with each form, you will get a separate instant notification. Suppose, someone has successfully submitted your form, then you will receive instant notification in your admin email address.

WPForms Vs Gravity Forms Review

Similarly, the Gravity forms also includes dynamic conditions with various interactive options. It’s obvious that the conditions that are available in gravity forms are not similar to WPForm.

The dynamic condition system makes both the forms extremely useful for creating an adaptable environment around the website users.

WPForms Vs Gravity Forms Comparison

#7.Payment Gateway

If you want your visitors to be able to choose or want to donate to your nonprofit or website, they can pay using the form as well. Using the previously mentioned conditional logic, you can show the users a payment/donation option and let them choose the amount dynamically.

WPForms integrates with both PayPal or Stripe for accepting payments from the users. You can also allow users to choose a payment method in the form. To integrate the payment system, you have to install the payment gateway add-on.

WPForms Vs Gravity Forms Review

Same procedure for Gravity from as well. To use the payment gateways add-ons should be installed separately. Gravity Forms supports both PayPal and Stripe. To access the payment gateways you need to purchase at least pro plan of the add-ons.

#8. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a big part of your website. Expert still believes that bigger email marketing radius can bring more sales and is a massive source of website audience. It’s a true statement, indeed.

When it comes to the form of your website, think about having an engaging email grabber or something which do email automation, how cool that would be!

WPForms exactly have this feature to integrate major email automation software like Mailerlite, Aweber, and MailChimp. This is a decisive step by the developers as many people like to collect email and name after filling up a form and before final submission.

For me, it’s a very effective way to collect emails!

To enable email marketing, you need to add additional add-on in WPform.

WPForms Vs Gravity Forms Review

Gravity forms too have the same email features like WPForms in terms of email marketing integration. Gravity forms also supports Mailerlite, Aweber, and MailChimp as well. But you need to pay for getting the service and is available in basic and pro-add-on plan.

WPForms Vs Gravity Forms Comparison

#9. Spamming Protection

If you have experience with spam, then you should have an idea of how frustrating the spams are. Nobody likes spam. As an administrator, you won’t like if you get loads of spam form submission just to make your database junky.

That’s why your form requires spam protection, to keep the spammers away from submitting unwanted data. WPForms helps you to fight against the spam by utilizing smart CAPTCHA and Honeypot.

WPForms Vs Gravity Forms Review

Gravity form offers the integration of Google reCaptcha and Really Simple Captcha along with the Akismet options. You will be able to stop spam and clean your email inbox as well.

Since Akismet has global spam records its a more efficient spam protection system which is not common in other alternatives. So the integration of Akismet into Gravity form is a good advantage for your forms.

WPForms Vs Gravity Forms Review

#10.Surveys and polls

Surveys and polls are useful when it comes to collect user reviews, ideas, interests, or some times comparison as well.

WPForms Vs Gravity Forms Review

Both WPForms and Gravity forms gives the ability to create surveys and polls using the plugin’s add-ons. With WP form, you will be able to create surveys quickly and analyze those data for your marketing strategies, which is pretty much similar feature available in Gravity form.


WPForms has an excellent user interface, attractive and very easy to understand. At the same time, the developers always have an eye on where work is needed. That’s why the module, add-on of WPForms works perfectly with any WordPress theme.

WPForms Vs Gravity Forms Comparison

Gravity form, on the other hand, do well in terms of its performance. It perfectly merges with the theme design and sometimes inherits the design to create a nice look of the form which matches with the theme.

Other key areas like designing the form with blocks, assigning the options are so smooth and reliable.

WPForms Vs Gravity Forms Review


Without proper documentation by the developers, the user may sometimes find it hard to configure a plugin properly. So documentation is always mandatory for WordPress plugins, especially for beginners.

WPForms is well documented. They have gathered all the possible topics someone may require during the setup of the plugin. The good thing is WPForms also have video tutorials from the official team so that big support for the customers.

WPForms Vs Gravity Forms Comparison

You can find a couple of articles related to getting started, functionality, styling, extending, Addons, and account management. All these topics are well described in 6 to 47 articles each. Documentation-wise with WPForms you won’t find any difficulty with the plugin.

Gravity forms has their experience with this form plugin since 2009, so they have well-organized documentation starting from the user guide to knowledge base information. You will find in-depth descriptions about everything about the plugin.

WPForms Vs Gravity Forms Comparison


Support is one of the most crucial factor as we always thrive to get support from the developer team or company in case we find any difficulty and can’t be solved by the provided guides.

WPForms offers excellent support to its users. They are always available to provide you solution. If you can’t find any solution the login and create a new ticket or thread in their official support page and you can expect a quick response from team members.

Also, you can follow them on twitter where they frequently tweet about new updates and reply to the user’s query as well.

WPForms Vs Gravity Forms Review

Gravity forms has created something extraordinary for you to support in any problem related to their plugin. You can visit their support page and ask any question about the plugin. Their developers, along with verified users, will help you fix your problem.

With such kind of wide support, environment users do not have to worry about facing any issue with the plugin. Impressively, they offer language translation features so that you won’t miss any point if someone is using a different language that you don’t understand.

#14. Pricing

Last but not least, pricing is always an essential part of a plugin, and it will always be. Price should be reasonable, depending on what you are benefiting from the plugin.

Free plugins are great, but if there is a price tag for any plugin, of course, we should reward the developers.

WPForms has four pricing plan starting from basic, plus, pro, and elite. According to the price, higher plans are having extended features than the lower plans. They have also mentioned which plans are suitable for which kind of project. So you can figure it out pretty quickly.

WPForms Pricing

Get WP Form

Gravity forms as already a fully premium plugin. You have to purchase their plans to use the awesome features and service. They have in total three plans starting from basic, pro, and elite. All three plans offer great features and the plans worth the price.

Gravity Forms Pricing

Get Gravity Form

If we go for the pricing comparison, you will see that the basic plan of WPForms is available for $39. However, the basic plan in Gravity forms is available at $59.

Over to You

So that is all about a quick WPForms vs. Gravity Forms comparison. What do you think now about WPForms vs. Gravity Forms? Which is the better form builder?

Though it’s a hard task to compare two such amazing plugins, we did the best to point out the key areas, and I hope these points will help you decide over both two plugins.

In our opinion, if you see the whole thing from the pricing point of view, WP Forms is the best option. However, I can’t deny the fact that Gravity Forms is also an affordable one.

Anyway, in the end, you should have a closer look at all the aspects to figure out which suits your website best. For any questions regarding this topic, feel free to comment below.

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