10 Best WordPress Web Push Notification Plugins For Web & Mobile in 2022

Web push notification plugins may help you to gain much more traffic you are getting now. I am not throwing my lines in the air. There is a experts experiment report that shows the proof. The statistic shows that email marketing average CTR is 3% while the web push notification average is more than 20%. Doesn’t it make a quiet difference?

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Now we have to go with the definition of the web push notification first. It’s a form of web notification which uses with the web browsers and subscribed mobile devices. The visitors or the readers of your websites could get the pop-up notification while a new post publishes on your site. Even, they could get the notification without being in online.

What we should keep in mind before using Web push notification plugins?

  •  A different user uses different web browsers. So, you have to target all kind of major web browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer) to send the notifications.
  •  If you use a paid subscription, you must think of the user’s volume you have on your website.
  • Also, with paid service, what extra features like scheduling, A/B testing, and segmentation you want to opt-in, have to pick smartly.

As I told before on the first line of my post, push notification could increase traffic of your site. But, it depends on you, how you could utilize the plugins on your site. In this case, you must go with the best plugins out there.

For this reasons, I have listed the very best WordPress web push notification plugins for you. Let’s get in there.

Best WordPress Push Notification Plugins

#1. Gravitec.net


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Gravitec.net is an easy-to-use push notification service. To enable push notifications on your WordPress website, install the plugin, and connect it to your Gravitec.net account. If you do not have a Gravitec.net account, you can create it right from your WordPress admin panel in one click. After your website is connected with Gravitec.net, your visitors will see a subscription prompt (which can be customized), and can subscribe to notifications. While all push notification services allow you to send notifications manually, Gravitec.net also has automation features. With the RSS Automation, you can send push notifications using your RSS News Feed, which sends the most popular news articles to all subscribers, or specific segments.

The Gravitec.net automation features include:

  • RSS to Push
  • Tweet to Push
  • Push Digests
  • Welcome Messages
  • Drip Campaigns

If you use “RSS to Push” and/or “Tweet to Push”, your subscribers receive the latest news from your website, or your Twitter feed, respectively. Push Digests send the most popular news items for a day or a week to your subscribers in one push notification. “Welcome Messages” and “Drip Campaigns” are designed for introducing your company to new subscribers. If you need more, Gravitec.net also allows you to create/send targeted campaigns using three levels of segmentation, and set up triggered notifications via their REST API. Gravitec.net is popular among news websites and blogs. They help keep readers engaged and can even help you reduce costs.

#2. OneSignal – Free Web Push Notifications

OneSignal - Free Web Push Notifications

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OneSignal covers the entire concept of push notification to bring your latest offer, services or products in front of your audience. It is incredibly like with a large number of marketers and brands. You will feel crazy because the system is processing over 2.7 billion notifications every single day. Therefore we can easily understand how popular this plugin is. Moreover, OneSignal uses a very clever way to serve the notification. You can easily set intervals and audience target to send the notification. Even they can get information after leaving your website.

Now let’s take a look at some of its highly effective features. First I must talk about browser compatibility. OneSignal supports all major browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge and works smoothly on both HTTP and HTTPs. Bloggers can set the automatic notification feature for every new post they publish. Also, the real-time analysis feature will create a complete monitoring environment for the plugin user. Therefore, this one is a highly recommended and one of the best web push notification plugins. Read Full Tutorial Here –>

#3. PushEngage Web Push Notifications

PushEngage Web Push Notifications

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PushEngage generates notification every time after publishing a new post on your WordPress blog. It is quite impressive push notification service for WordPress. This simple and lightweight plugin uses an API key to notify your audience about your new blog post. This one is much easier than using a popup subscription system.

The popup system has disliked both user and Google. Therefore, push notification is getting popularity day by day. In that case, using this plugin to notify your readers will be the best option for you to increase user engagement. PushEngage is highly compatible with all latest browsers. For this reason, you don’t have to drain your targeted audience. Not only that but also it can generate the notification in five minutes and works properly in both HTTP and HTTPs websites. Moreover, it supports multiple languages, completes the analysis report, and specific audience support. In short, it is a smart and complete WordPress web push notification plugin.

#4. Push Notifications for WordPress (Lite)

Push Notifications for WordPress

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The lite version of push notifications for WordPress can notify Android and IOS users. We get a large amount of targeted audience from mobile devices. Therefore, we should never avoid them to establish a successful business. Not only for mobile devices, but also this is one of the best web push notification plugins. If you spend a little money, you will get the premium version which will also send web push notifications.

That means you will be able to cover all of your targeted audience by sending both mobile and desktop notifications. According to me, the most important thing about this plugin is, it will not use any third party server like many another plugin to send push notifications. It has a built-in feature to send the real-time notification directly from WordPress. For this reason, using this plugin will be the best option to increase user engagement, sell product or service and loyal readers.

#5. Free Web Push Notification Tool

Free Web Push Notification Tool

Download Link

This simple WordPress push notification plugin is a highly effective solution to trigger web push notifications for your valuable visitors. Not only for the desktop but also it works great for mobile devices (Android). This service work smoother for all major browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Developers behind iZooto are working hard and soul to give you the best web push notification experience. Therefore, this third-party service loves by many established brands and services. People are using iZooto web push notification service for their e-commerce websites to increase sells and user engagement.

iZooto is offering their service to the WordPress users via this one of the best web push notification plugins. For this reason, I will suggest you take the advantage. Moreover, it contains all needed features like desktop, tab, and mobile support, multi-language supported, and cross-platform tested. Also, there is another impressive social sharing feature for each notification.

#6. PushAlert -Web Push Notifications for WordPress and WooCommerce

PushAlert Web Push Notifications for WordPress

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PushAlert is new but one of the best web push notification plugins for WordPress. It can automatically send the push notification and boost the total number of your subscriber. You can forget boring forms or asking your readers to submit their email to subscribe. Most importantly the easy admin panel of this plugin will let you control all of your notifications and subscribers from one place. Now let’s talk about some of its attractive features.

Marketers love this PushAlert plugin because it can generate ten times better CTR (Click Through Rate) than usual marketing methods. Moreover, It can increase the total number of traffic and engage them on your site in an optimum manner. Also, we have seen the report of many woo-commerce users. They state that they are getting 30% more sell by using PushAlert. For this reason, if you are thinking to use a push notification plugin, this one is highly recommended.

#7. Subscribers – Free Web Push Notifications

Subscribers - Free Web Push Notifications

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Subscribers are not like the as usual email subscription or popup subscription system for WordPress. It is one of the best and lightweight web push notification plugins. Most importantly, this plugin is completely free of cost. No hidden fees or subscription plans, this is pretty straightforward and simple WordPress plugin to deliver push notifications on both mobile, tab and web browsers.

You will find every needed feature for sending and arranging push notifications from your website. Marketers love this plugin to promote their products or reach their target audience with their offer. Moreover, you don’t have to be a web developer to use this plugin. Also, it has a real-time notification and analysis system to monitor the activity of your visitors. This push notification plugin works on any version (HTTP or https) of a website to grow traffic dramatically.

#8. Push Monkey Pro – Web Push Notifications and WooCommerce Abandoned Cart

Push Monkey Pro

Download Link

Push Monkey Pro automatically notify your readers after publishing every single post. It is a WordPress web push notification system works for both desktop and mobile devices. This smart subscription system is created to bring back your readers or customers and engage them on your site. This fantastic promotional tool is the best option to increase e-commerce sells too.

No more baring forms, it is a one-click subscription system used by thousands of web developers worldwide. Push Monkey provides one of the best WordPress web push notification plugins for free. You can simply download and install the plugin from the WordPress plugin directory and start using today. You can check the user ratings about this WordPress notification plugin and get a clear idea how suitable this plugin is for your site.

#9. Push Notifications for WordPress by PushAssist

Push Notifications for WordPress

Download Link

This is another third-party web push notification service for WordPress. We have already listed some self-served and third-party push notification services above. I need to clarify that, self-served plugins have a little fewer features than the third party, but both of them are highly effective towards their goal. Therefore, my suggestion is, you can use your desired one.

PushAssist is pretty popular around the world. 10,000+ websites are using their service. Like other third-party services, they have different pricing. Most importantly, they have a free plan that you can use until 3000 subscribers. I must say that’s enough for new blogs or website. Moreover, you can send unlimited notifications on both mobile and desktops, tested for the latest browsers and both version supported. Almost all basic needed features are available in the free plan.

#10. Web Push Notifications by Aimtell

Web Push Notifications by Aimtell

Download Link

Aimtell is completely trusted and highly recommended web push notification service. The company offers different pricing to provide push notification based on the total amount of subscribers. However, the good news is it has a free plan for WordPress users. You can start the free plan by installing WordPress plugin, and I can assure you it worth the premium plans too. This is one of the best WordPress web push notification plugins as you will have the overall monitoring system of your subscribers.

It is very important to take a look at the overall report of the activity of your visitors for your business success. On the other hand, you can directly create an Aimtell account, and get the javascript tracking code which will work with any website but if you are a WordPress user, I will recommend the plugin to make things easier. Also, you will be able to control the notifications based on Geolocation, custom events, and attributes.

Which Web Push Notification Plugins you are using?

So, now we know that web push notification plugins for WordPress are a reminder for the audiences of your site. Though it sends new post or any news notification to your users, yet you have to use them with the smart way. Overuse of anything is terrible, all we know well.

Moreover, must use the best plugin which works for you. I have listed best WordPress web push notification plugins here. You could choose one of them or go with yours one. Please, share your experience if you have used any of the listed plugins. If, you find this post helpful, please, don’t forget to share with your beloved one.

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