25+ Best WordPress Gaming Themes [2023]

The gaming industry is arguably the biggest and most profitable industry in the world. It is said to be bigger than both the music and movie industry combined. With an estimated profit of $159 billion in 2020, there are whole generations out there who’ve been practically raised by video games. As of 2021, it is estimated that there are over 3 billion active gamers worldwide.

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With numbers this high, it is safe to say that with some dedication and interest, you will be able to get a good profit out of this industry. All you need is a little push. Building a gaming theme website is a great start. That is why we’re here to help you. Even if you’re a total beginner with no programming knowledge, do not worry. We got you.

Here are the best WordPress gaming themes to help you to get started. The themes we’ve listed below are built specifically to accommodate features that are essential for a full-fledged gaming website. Since you’re about to venture into a world that is simply different from just about everything out there, your website should be molded accordingly, and themes will do just that.

Best WordPress Gaming Themes

#1. Respawn

Demo & Download

Respawn can be regarded as an allrounder gaming theme that has the feature set essential for any type of gaming website. You can get it up and running with just a click and create pages easily with drag ad drop builder as it comes integrated with Elementor. It comes with tons of demos skillfully crafted to include all the essential and additional gaming features such as the ability to create team matches with live scores and maps. Moreover, you can even make your site a profitable eCommerce website to sell virtual and physical merchandise as this WordPress gaming theme comes integrated with WooCommerce. It is fully responsive, beautifully designed, and gives you full control over everything. 

#2. PlayerX

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Player X WordPress gaming theme is suitable for every game company, esports organization, and every other type of gaming website imaginable. This high-powered and feature intensive gaming theme comes with eye-catching color schemes and styles specially crafted for gamers. You can announce streams, display matches, promote your clan, and more with PlayerX. Apart from that, the integration of WooCommerce means you can easily sell products and items directly on your website. It also comes with WPBakery Page Builder to help you modify every element of the theme easily. Powerful admin dashboard, Slider Revolution, aninations, full-screen menu, integrated search, the features just go on and on.  

#3. Play

Demo & Download

This fully responsive WooCommerce integrated WordPress gaming theme is built to help gamers – there’s no other way to put it. The features are specifically included with gamers in mind. Play is suitable for websites to share gameplay guides, a blog for discussion, and for selling gaming products. The support for YouTube and Vimeo videos makes it even easier to share your gameplay guides. It is translation ready, responsive, comes with tons of templates and customizations options, supports Google Maps, and is compatible with all the major browsers. The features are endless. It also supports WooCommerce.

#4. Middle Earth 

Demo & Download

This WordPress gaming theme is inspired by the Lord of the Rings. People who are into mythical fantasy games might find this gaming theme quite appealing. But it isn’t just the looks it is packing; the feature set is quite good too. As it is built over SMT Framework 2.0, it is safe to say that Middle Earth is highly customizable and support for Ecwid and WooCommerce assures that you can establish a profitable eCommerce website out of this gaming theme. It comes with tons of customizable elements such as a custom sidebar, social share bar, sliders, custom menus and so much more. On top of that, it is SEO optimized.

#5. GameLab

Demo & Download

At the first glance, GameLab doesn’t scream “gaming”. It looks minimal, professional, and elegant. The dark interface will make you fall in love with it if you were looking for a WordPress gaming theme that does the work without all the bling that a typical gaming theme usually has. GameLab is built on top of SMT Framework to ensure high customizability and comes with features such as parallax effects and multicolor posts. Furthermore, it supports WooCommerce and Ecwid to help you build a full-fledged shop right on your website. Social share bar, sliders, custom menus, and dynamic content loader are some of the features this SEO optimized and responsive WordPress gaming theme has to offer. 

#6. Eldritch

Demo & Download

Eldritch is, in one word, enthralling. You’ll stop everything you’re doing and stare at it for a while and appreciate how beautiful this WordPress gaming theme is. Every template it offers is a piece of art. After you’re done appreciating its design, you’ll start noticing how feature-packed Eldritch is.

With highly customizable layouts and the ability to add and view matches, showcase games, and concept arts, this gaming theme is truly a complete solution for any gaming website. It has easy to use interface and comes with tons of pages, headers, and menus. In addition to that, it comes integrated with WPBakery and Slider Revolution and is compatible with bbPress and WooCommerce.

#7. YouPlay

Demo & Download

YouPlay WordPress gaming theme is suitable for any gaming niche including communities, clans, news, blogs, and store. The integrated WPBakery Page Builder ensures you do not have to touch a single line of code to customize this gaming theme. The supports for WooCommerce and bbPress allows you to easily add a gaming store and build a gaming forum for discussions. YouPlay comes with 4 different demos that you can use as it is or customize as per your preference. You get over 250 theme options, 0ver 20 shortcodes, skewed carousels, mega menu, Slider Revolution, and Contact Form 7. 

#8. Godlike

Demo & Download

You can build a community, promote games, sell your games, and more using the Godlike WordPress gaming theme. It supports BuddyPress, WooCommerce, bbPRess, and comes integrated with Visual Composer and Revolution Slider to help you create and customize as your heart desires. If you’re a developer who is looking to sell your Android, iOS, and PC games, Godlike is the theme you should opt for. Apart from that, it is also excellent for creating blogs, gaming news site, and a helpful community to let games share their ideas and gameplay guides. Since it also integrates with Instagram and Twitter, you can easily share your content.  

#9. Arcane

Demo & Download

Arcane focuses on being a theme that lets you easily create and manage tournaments. The users can create a team and go war with other teams in custom matches and tournaments. Apart from that, Arcane is also an excellent WordPress gaming theme for creating a community with features such as video sharing and profile creation as it is compatible with BuddyPress and bbPress. It comes with Visual Composer, WooCommerce, Layer slider, Ubermenu, and supports video blocks, parallax blocks, custom backgrounds, CSS3 animations, and so much more. it is fully responsive and SEO optimized.

#10. CrystalSkull

Demo & Download

CrystalSkull is marketed as a gaming magazine WordPress theme, but it is much more than that. Creating a blog, forum, and game review website is a piece of cake with CrystalSkull as it comes integrated with bbPress and has an awesome review system. If you want a little more than that, the compatibility with WooCommerce means you can sell gaming products and merchandise straight from your website.

The theme by default is already gorgeous, but the inclusion of Visual Composer and tons of customizable elements ensures you get a unique responsive website. Different types of blocks, animations, colors are just some of the features you can expect from CrystalSkull.

#11. GameScript

Demo & Download

GameScript is as straight forward as any gaming website template gets. It can be used on a variety of game-related websites including blogs, news, magazines, reviews, and more. This also means that GameScript is highly customizable and can be molded as per your will. It is responsive, SEO optimized and comes with several templates with customizable elements.

YouTube and Vimeo integration mean you can share gameplay videos, guides, and walkthroughs on your website and compatibility with WooCommerce means you can monetize your website by selling products. GameScript isn’t too flashy or too duck, everything is balanced as it should be.

#12. GoodGame

Demo & Download

There are so many good things I can say about this theme – beautiful, functional, featureful, and some more. That’ll still not be enough to describe this glorious WordPress gaming theme. It has everything you’ll need for any type of gaming website. Twitch integration, flexible rating system, platform categorization, full-fledged community, eCommerce compatibility is some of the major features that GoodGame has to offer.

The integration of Visual Composer and Mega Menu further proves how glorious this WordPress gaming template is. It also lets you post videos from YouTube and Vimeo. In the risk of sounding biased, this is probably the only theme you’ll need for your WordPress gaming website. 

#13. Gaming Mag

Demo & Download

Gaming Mag, as the name suggests, is a magazine theme designed especially for those involved in the gaming industry. It is marketed as the variant for the News Vibrant WordPress theme and comes with creative design and features made specifically to let you post articles and reviews about anything gaming related. You get to play around with widgets, sticky menu, custom pages, dynamic content loader and so much more. It is SEO optimized and comes integrated with EcWid and WooCommerce if you want to sell products straight from your website. 

#14. NewsGamer

Demo & Download

NewsGamer is SEO optimize and responsive WordPress gaming theme suitable for a gaming magazine, news, and reviews website. It is extremely beginner-friendly to ensure anyone thinking to monetize their website with gaming content can easily start competing in the market. You get 19 visual composer blocks, 16, top grid layouts, 12 category layouts, post layouts, header layouts, and tons of other customizable elements that’ll help decorate your website. It is eCommerce ready, easy to customize, and comes with features essential for any gaming websites. You won’t regret choosing NewsGamer.

#15. Orizon

Demo & Download

This distinctive WordPress gaming theme is for creating online gaming magazines, blogs, review websites, and other gaming-oriented websites. You have 2 different color schemes to choose from – red and blue and comes with unlimited backgrounds. bbPress compatibility means you can build a successful gaming community and forum using Orizon. It is responsive, widget-ready, cross-browser compatible, and has an excellent review system, galleries, sidebars, parallax slider and so much more. integration with Isotope gallery and LayerSlider is a nifty addition to this gaming theme. 

#16. SanFrancisco 

Demo & Download

SanFrancisco isn’t built specifically for gaming websites but it is actually a multi-purpose blog and magazine WordPress theme that can be customized to be used on a gaming website. It is modern, elegant and can be used to publish news, reviews, articles, and everything game-related.

You get to choose from the collection of more than 330 homepages, 10 full demos and customize them the way you like. Everything is easily customizable through the advanced theme options and the included page builder makes things even easier. Even monetizing your website is easy with SanFrancisco as it comes with FlexAds and you have the power to choose from over 100 different ad types. 

#17. MineFun

Demo & Download

MineFun is a WordPress gaming theme inspired by Microsoft’s popular sandbox game, Minecraft. At the first glance, you will be transported inside the game with the theme’s low bit, block-like interface. Even the font will remind you of Minecraft. MineFun will be perfect for those wanting to create a website for posting Minecraft articles, guides, walkthrough, and custom server lists, however, it can be used for any other types of games too. the compatibility with WooCommerce and EcWid means you can sell gaming products directly from the site and SMT framework 2.0 ensures high customizability.

#18. Kappa

Demo & Download

Kappa will reflect your love for gaming and your desire to give something back to the industry. It can be used for everything gaming related including blogs, review articles, and more. The included review system is highly flexible and you can add custom criteria too.  Kappa is fully responsive, has beautiful sliders, and is WooCommerce ready. You have the option to add 3 different post types, choose between 3 different post layouts, add 5 different widgets, and play around with 4 customizable templates. the full-width slide show builder is a nifty feature that is included in this theme. 

#19.  Plaxer

Demo & Download

Plaxer will have no difficulty distinguishing itself as a high-powered WordPress gaming theme. Its high-quality demo pages will make it stand out. These one-click-install demos can be combined in any way imaginable to create something unique and functional. Plaxer can be used as an eSports website, streaming platform, the game developer’s portfolio, and everything in between. It supports WooCommerce, Custom Form 7, and Custom 404 Page. The 7 homepage variants, advanced slide menu, Masonry photo gallery, high load speed, retina-ready responsive pages are some of the features Plaxer comes with.

#20. OverWorld

Demo & Download

By default, OverWorld is a high contrast theme with tons of animations and custom cursors that screams “gaming”. There are small yet noticeable effects all other the theme that makes this theme highly engaging and entertaining for visitors. OverWorld is suitable for eSports as it comes with a customizable video player, player list, match list, tournament list, and other eSports related goodies.

Apart from that, it can also be used for gaming news, reviews, and all sorts of gaming articles. The inclusion of the WPBakery Page Builder and Slider Revolution means a high level of customization. Also, it is WooComemrce compatible. 

#21. PixieFreak

Demo & Download

PixieFreak is specially crafted for eSports and gamers and makes it easy for you to present your eSports team, organize tournaments, and create a helpful community. This WordPress gaming theme comes with 3 ready-to-use demos and a galore of templates that’ll have everything you’ll need to get a gaming website up on the Internet.

PixieFreak has templates for everything and there is a good chance you’ll find what you’re looking for. The developer specifies a list of games that works best with this theme including popular titles like CS:GO, Dota, FIFA, and more. It is WooCommerce ready and you can use any popular page builder plugin to customize this gaming theme.

#22. Oblivion

Demo & Download

Oblivion is perfect for creating review sites and gaming portfolios and is created with the latest HTML5 and CSS3.  It includes everything from the review system to forums and you get to choose from unlimited colors and background combos to make your gaming website truly unique. The included drag and drop page build further improves the already awesome customizability. Isotope gallery, and parallax slider along with compatibility with WooCommerce and BuddyPress make this the ultimate WordPress gaming website template. 

#23. Game Addict

Demo & Download

Game Addict specially crafted for gaming clans and managing matches between them. You have enough flexibility to customize every aspect of matches and include elements like maps, team lists, games, and such. The Visual Composer page builder means you can easily change any page and its elements without writing a single line of code. It supports for BBPress makes this gaming theme suitable to build a gaming community. You can change the color schemes, add a rating system, sliders, and gallery. Also, it is WooCommerce ready. 

#24. Looper

Demo & Download

If you want a simple, and modern looking WordPress gaming theme without all the extravagant visuals that a gaming theme typically has, then Looper is a good choice. However, it doesn’t compromise on the features.  You’ll get to customize everything essential features that need to be in a gaming theme. you can switch between different color schemes, customize tasks, configure menus, add widgets and so much more in the Looper WordPress gaming theme. Everything can be easily customized using the WordPress Customizer interface. 

#25. Geco

WordPress Gaming Themes

Demo & Download

Geco is a magnificent gaming and eSports WordPress theme that comes compatible with BuddyPress and Elementor Page Builder. This high contrast yet modern looking gaming theme is fully responsive with tons of premade pages for you to utilize. It comes with everything necessary for a good gaming website such as games portfolios, galleries, gaming news, and such.

It is built on the Bootstrap 4 framework to ensues highly responsive design and it comes with detailed documentation to make sure you don’t get stuck halfway. It has a clean design, one-click demo feature, ajax contact form, clean code and so much more. 

#26. Entropia

Demo & Download

Entropia is crafted with game developers and studios in mind by can be used for other gaming-related stuff like eSports and a gaming community. It comes with numerous layouts and customizable elements to choose from, and WPBakery Page Builder means every page can be customized without writing any codes. You get a powerful admin interface, tons of essential shortcodes, Slider Revolution premium plugin, multiple header types, integrated search and so much more.

#27. PixieHuge

Demo & Download

 PixieHuge is a WordPress gaming theme built for eSports organizations, pro teams, and gaming clans. It claims itself as the ultimate theme with everything needed for those involved in eSports and hardcore gaming. This gaming website template lets you easily add unlimited teams, players, sponsors, live streams, and helps you keep track of matches of your favorite teams and players.

The level of customizability this gaming theme offers is unfathomable. With just a few clicks, you can customize every element of the gaming theme without any coding knowledge. It is fully responsive with easy to manage sections and an integrated Twitter feed. 

Wrapping it up – Best WordPress Gaming Themes

All these WordPress gaming themes are highly flexible, functional, and come with tons of customizations. Most of these will have similar features with some unique stuff here and there. It all goes down to your personal preference. So, choose one and jump start your gaming business with these gorgeous and functional WordPress gaming themes, and start writing useful reviews, build a helpful community and help your fellow gamers with video and text guides. 

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