Top 7 WordPress Button Plugins [2023]

Buttons are a great way to capture a user’s attention and provide them with a clear call to action. They come in all colors and sizes, however the one thing they have in common is, they get your website’s visitors to do something. This could be anything including, add to cart, signing up for a mailing list, requesting for more information, contacting you, downloading a file, etc.

While buttons are useful, it is not only about having them on your website. They need to be attractive, stand out and be placed strategically. If you are running a WordPress website, you are in luck. In this article we will look at 7 awesome WordPress button plugins that can add great value to your website.

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1. Button X

Button X is probably the most customizable button plugin for WordPress. If there is a button design you can think of, Button X can surely help you create. It’s great for adding buttons to both pages and posts.

It comes with several demo buttons to help you get a head start with your designs. You can easily choose one demo that has the closest design to the one you want to create. You can then customize it further to create a stunning design in line with the design you have in mind. You can easily customize the text, size, shape, shadows, etc of the button. As updates are live, you will be able to see all the changes as you make them.

One of the standout features of this plugin is the hover animations. There are over 50 hover animations and more than 30 reveal animations. These help you attract massive attention to your call to actions.

Furthermore, the buttons are digital downloads and WooCommerce compatible. The plugin also comes with built-in analytics that allow you to easily track your clicks to a certain button.

This is a paid plugin and costs $22 for a single site license.


2. Elementor


Elementor may not specifically be a WordPress button plugin. It’s actually a page builder, but it’s one of the most popular page builders for WordPress. So why is it on our list then? Well that is because you can use it to insert various elements to your website. For example, images, texts, widgets, and buttons.

With the Elementor buttons, you are free to customize any aspect of the buttons. You can change the text, spacing inside the button, the target link, the colors, the background, the borders, etc are all easily customizable. You will have full control over these.

While Elementor is an advanced solution and does much more than just adding buttons, but the buttons function in it is also very comprehensive.


3. Standout CSS3 buttons

From the name of the plugin it might seem like you need CSS3 coding knowledge to be able to use it. However, this is not true. You don’t need coding knowledge to create buttons using this plugin, it handles that bit for you. However, if you do have some CSS3 coding knowledge then you will have a massive advantage with this plugin.

The possibilities of creating buttons are endless in that case. Your only limiting factor is then your creativity. The plugin comes with some presets, but you can customize them to easily to suit your needs.


4. Shortcodes Ultimate


Before the WordPress Gutenberg editor there was no match for this plugin. It simply allowed you to use shortcodes to insert all kinds of elements into your pages and posts. But even after Gutenberg the plugin continues to be relevant. You can use it to add audio, video, sliders, table, buttons and Google Maps to your pages and post.

Although it does much more than buttons, when it comes to adding buttons, it lives up to a reputation. It has several styling options for buttons, and you can get a live preview of the buttons as you customize them. One of the stand out features of this plugin is that you can also add icons to the left or to the right of the button’s text.


5. Max Buttons


With max buttons other than just the traditional call to action buttons, you also get social share and social profile buttons. The plugin has been around for several years and has grown in popularity. It currently has over 100,000 active installations.

The best feature about this plugin is that you will not need to write a single line of code. The interface is very user-friendly and perfect for beginners. There is a live preview that automatically updates as you customize the button. The plugin will generate a shortcode for the button, that you can use to add the button almost anywhere on your website.

There is also a pro version of the plugin available. It has some extra features such as Google Analytics integration and icons next to the text. All in all, it’s an excellent plugin for creating buttons for your WordPress website.


6. Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress


This plugin helps you easily add social share buttons to your WordPress website. It does not support any other kind of buttons. It has several options for social sharing buttons. You can easily create eye-catching social sharing buttons. This can help you increase your social media reach.

You can connect to 45 social networks and there are templates available for each social network for you to customize. The plugin usually costs $22 but is on sale as at the time of writing this for $15.


7. Stackable

This is another multi-purpose plugin that works excellently with the WordPress Gutenberg editor. It also has a button block which allows you to easily create and customize buttons.

The main feature of this plugin is the easy Gutenberg integration. This allows you to add buttons on almost any page or post of your website.


wordpress button plugins – Conclusion

So that is our collection of 7 of the best WordPress button plugins. Although all plugins we reviewed are excellent, our favorite of the reviewed WordPress button plugins is Button X. Which one are you going to be using? Let us know your experience in the comments section below!