Sumo Review 2022 (Previously SumoMe): The 6 Most Useful Apps

The success of your website is collectively attributed to several factors among them being user interface and content quality. However, one undeniable fact is that marketing is the lifeblood of any website’s success. There are several marketing tools that you can use for your website. In this Sumo review we will look in more detail at the Sumo tool. Formerly known as SumoMe, Sumo has built its reputation as the go to shop for all your website marketing needs.

Sumo introduces unique features that allows website owners to handle all the critical aspects of their marketing campaigns. Sumo cannot only be used on WordPress sites but also on any other website. Now you must be wondering what Sumo really is. Well, it is a platform that hosts an array of apps geared to enhance your site’s productivity. And with future inclusion of useful apps, Sumo is bound to become more powerful and reliable. Sumo has a free and a paid version.

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Sumo is designed to enhance the performance of any type of website. The key features of SumoMe can be categorized into e-commerce, on-site analytics, traffic boosting, communication, social sharing and list building. This Sumo review will provide an in-depth understanding on the features of each category.

1. Social sharing

This application enables sharing of content on social media sites. And to make your work easier, each social media site has its own share button. Additionally, you will enjoy sharing images on social media. To put the icing one cake, you will get a highlighter that allows visitors to capture certain points on your content and share on their social media platforms.

sumo social sharing

2. On-site analytics

On-site analytics help portray a clear picture of how your website is performing. With this data, you can make decisions to optimize your website. One of the most sought-after analytics tools is Google analytics. This tool allows you to keep tabs on your visitors and analyze important on-site metrics. Although Google analytics tool is highly reliable, switching between your site’s dashboard and this analytics tool can prove to be hectic. But with the Sumo Google analytics feature, you can now easily access this tool on your dashboard. With content analytics, you can now get a clear picture of the demand rate of your content. This analytics tool helps you understand how far your visitors scroll before they leave your site. If you are looking to get a deeper understanding of visitors’ behavior on your site, then you should consider using heat maps. This feature helps you to understand the most visited areas of your website. With this information, you can make solid decisions on how to leverage on these strong areas. The analytics tool is an excellent solution for collecting and analysing traffic data for your website.

sumo analytics

3. List Building

One sure way of increasing traffic to your website is through list building. Sumo list builder opt-in forms simply pop-up on the screen and are geared not to interfere with the user experience. The scroll box positioned at the corner is also an important feature that triggers the opt-in form once the users scroll through to a certain point. To strike an appealing nature on your site, the call to action statement will appear on a full page. For notifications, there is a smart tool bar to alert visitors of new developments on your website.

4. Traffic

Apart from being able to share images and content on social media, The Discover feature grants you access to the Sumo user network which helps you drive free traffic to your site. This has been made possible by the sponsored ad section which allows to post content of other Sumo users in your site. In return, you earn points which you can use to have your content displayed by other Sumo users. Content can either be displayed as a scroll box or in grid format. To ensure the content you display suits your audience, you can choose the content category and language. Moreover, you enjoy total control of the amount of posts displayed on your website.

5. E-commerce

Your website will certainly prove to be an integral component to help increase your sales. In fact, ecommerce has turned out to be a serious emerging trend which poses immense potential to increase market share. The buy button will help streamline the sales operations of your website by synchronizing with payment options. Amazingly, setting up this option is easy and quick, but it might not be as powerful as you may wish. Using this feature simply calls for you to create a sales campaign and a new button. The familiar editor will also help you create unique designs for each process. And to help manage your sales, you can track all orders on the buy button.

6. Communication

Improving the experience of your visitors can only be achieved if you understand their requirements. To get this information, communication is important. The contact form is the perfect feature to help collect your visitors contact information in a bid to address their concerns. Most plugins used on WordPress sites adopt short codes to place the contact forms. But with Sumo, your forms are displayed in a similar manner as the social media buttons.  All you need is to pick a spot on the interface and allow Sumo to get the job done. Alternatively, you can develop your contact forms using the same builder used to create opt-in forms. This grants you five templates and a ton of customization tools.


Running a successful website in not a walk in the park. But with all-in-one tools like Sumo, you will enjoy a seamless experience transforming and improving your website’s capabilities. There are several Sumo alternatives, however, you are likely to end up using several different plugins which can slow down your website. 

We hope you like our Sumo Review. If you have any questions or comments, let us know in the comments!