How to get more traffic to your website

Businesses of all statues, whether big or small, have their own websites now. People can gather information on the company, on the kinds of products and services offered by the company from the website. The website is like a digital storefront for your company. To leverage the benefits from the website, it is important that traffic is increased to the site. The higher the numbers of visitors to the website, the higher are the scopes of conversion rates.

But increasing traffic to the website is not as simple as it seems. Online marketers implement various kinds of online marketing strategies for increasing website traffic, but all of them are not successful. There are innumerable bumpers on the way and the marketer has to choose appropriate strategies so that the marketing plan becomes successful and more visitors come to the website.

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Mentioned below are some highly effective tips for increasing traffic flow to the website:

Start blogging immediately

Having a blog on your website is very necessary. If you don’t have one now, create one today. Add fresh content to the blog at regular intervals. This helps in drawing more visitors to the website and also generates new leads. In your blog, you can add content related to your services and products. Blogs help in improving SEO with the addition of new content to the website. With better SEO, lead generation gets better and traffic also increases.

Target long-tail keywords

Do you have your popular keyword bases and high intent keyword bases covered in the content? If you have done that, it is time that you focus on long-tail keywords for your content. Survey reports have shown that long-tail keywords contribute to a huge volume of web searches. If you are running a paid search campaign or SEO campaign and not using long-tail keywords, you are missing out on some great benefits for sure. Try using such keywords in the content as much as possible.

Leverage the benefits of social media

For taking your content to large numbers of people, it is important that you become proactive. And one of the best ways of doing the same is by using the various social media channels for the promotion of your content. Whenever we hear of social media channels, the names that come to the mind are Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. If you are looking for snappy and short links, there is no better platform than Twitter. If you are targeting B2B niches and looking for personalized search results, use the Google+ platform. If you are a company with B2C dealings, Instagram and Pinterest are the sites that will be useful for you as you can market your business with the help of images. Sharing content on Facebook is also very effective, specifically in various related groups. When social media marketing is done in a proper manner it can bring in great results for your website.

Video marketing

It is a well-known fact that audio-visual modes help in making a better impact on the mind of the customer. This is the reason that video marketing has emerged as such a popular model of online marketing. Start a YouTube channel for your business product or service. You can create interesting and informative videos regarding your business and upload them to your YouTube channel. Along with this, you can also add related videos to the channel for attracting more visitors to the website. Encourage visitors to subscribe to the channel and comment.  Not only will this inevitably lead to more visitors on your website, but you can make extra money on YouTube as well. 

Participate in online forums

With the availability of the internet on our fingertips via smartphones, we tend to look up the web for answers for any question that comes up in the mind. There are many online forums, where discussions on various topics take place. You can choose the niche to which your business product/service belongs and participate in discussions. You can answer questions on platforms like Quora or post something on Reddit. Direct marketing on these platforms is not recommended. However, you can answer or participate on behalf of your business. People might be interested in your business and reach your website from such online forums.

Pay attention to on-page as well as off-page SEO practices

Many web marketers have opined that SEO is obsolete, but it is actually not so. Only the ways of SEO have changed and online marketers have to learn the tricks of the new marketing strategy. Frankly speaking, till the time the internet and web exists, SEO will be there for sure. Without optimizing the content for search engines, no business can make an impact in the web world. This is the reason SEO is a worthwhile and valuable practice. On-page SEO practices should be followed in particular for better website traffic. Concentrate on meta-descriptions and on internal linking to new content. Boost organic traffic with on-page SEO practices. The best thing is that getting results from this online marketing strategy doesn’t take much time.

Getting enrolled in various business directory sites

There are innumerable online business directory sites on the internet. People generally look up these sites when they are searching for some business products or services. Try and get your business listed on any such business directory website and optimize the same as much as possible. Whenever someone will look for a service or product related to your business, your business name will pop up in the search results. The enlistment on such business directory sites has helped many businesses grow.

Work on a variety of contents for the same business

If you are looking for success in content marketing, there is no specific mantra or formula for the same. However, one thing that has worked and has been effective is playing with different formats of content for the same business. For instance, you can develop text content in varying lengths and post the same in different suitable places. Changing the length and the format of the content will be appealing to different sectors of readers and audiences. Apart from general content, you can create news-based blogs, infographics, video content, data-driven content, etc. for your business. Different formats of the content can be posted in different places for drawing eyeballs of more customers. The mixing up of content varieties has proved to be highly effective for content marketing.

A responsive website is a must

Gone are the days when people used the internet only on their desktops. Nowadays, a majority of people use the internet for searching, etc. on their smartphones and other mobile devices. Therefore it is important that your website is responsive so that it works and opens smoothly on all devices including smartphones and tabs. Comfortable viewing and accessibility of your website across all devices is surely a great positive point for your business. It helps in generating more leads for your business without a doubt.

Quickly loading websites are a blessing

It is a common tendency for people to go away from a website that takes time to load. The study says that a person waits for just 10-15 seconds and if the website doesn’t load at that time, they tend to go to another website. Sites that take a long time to load have high bounce rates. Therefore it is important to ensure that your website loads quickly on all the available platforms. And for that, the website and all the pages on the website should be technically optimized. Attention should be paid to the page structure, the size of the image files uploaded, and also to the functionality of various plugins. Better the loading speed of your website, the higher will be the flow of traffic to the same.

If you don’t know how to optimize your website for speed, you can always hire a freelance developer to help you out. If you find the right person, they can help you get this done in just a few days and in a fraction of a cost that a digital agency would charge you.

Host webinars

There are many enthusiastic learners around you. If you want to impart your learned knowledge to them, you can host webinars and have interactive sessions with your audience. Along with a combination of an effective social promotion campaign, you can increase traffic to your website with webinars. Inform the audience about the time of the webinar well in advance so that they are free. Also, send a reminder a day before the webinar so that your audience does not miss the date by any chance. The whole presentation should be carefully recorded and archived so that it can be viewed later too. Also, use social media effectively for sharing a link to your webinar.

Giveaways and contests

Everyone loves gifts and discounts. Keeping this in mind, try arranging contests and giveaways and this will surely drive traffic to your website. Along with rewarding the followers, the website gets an instant boost with this marketing strategy. Giveaways and contests can be hosted via the business’s social media platform or via the email list. Sometimes, both platforms can be used for better results. For the contest, you have to create an interesting ad copy and captivating graphics so that people are drawn to the same. Post in suitable places and promote the same as well.

Researching the competition minutely

In business, whether online or offline, you have to have a clear idea of how your competitors work and fare. Nowadays, there is software available, which helps in ascertaining what your competitors are doing in the market for boosting their business. You will get information regarding the social performance of a specific business. You will also have an idea regarding the choices that customers are making. Gather data about what people are thinking, reading, and talking about and try inculcating those in your content so that people come to your site too and increase traffic.

Examine and concentrate on your Analytics data

When you are looking for proper data and statistics for your website, you have no better alternative than that of Google Analytics. This is an excellent data source for almost all conceivable aspects of the website, right from visitor demographics to the most popular pages on the website. Analyzing and understanding the Analytics data will help in creating and designing your content and promotional strategies. You will get to know which pages and posts are gaining maximum popularity. When you go through the visitor data and analyze the same, you will come to know from when and where the traffic is coming to your website.

Email marketing can do wonders

Content marketing has gained immense popularity with online marketers for drawing more traffic to the business website. But many of them are ignoring the traditional online marketing methods – email marketing being a prominent one among them. Email marketing is a very powerful marketing tool. If this marketing strategy is moderately successful, a huge surge in traffic flow is seen. Just refrain from sending relentless emails as that might tire and irk the customers. You can, however, leave friendly email reminders if your business is launching a new product or service. This plays a crucial role in boosting traffic to the business website. Another thing that cannot be ignored is word-of-mouth marketing. This is more applicable to people who are already using the products and services of the business.

Implementing Schema Microdata

If you think that implementing Schema or any other kind of microdata format will help in increasing traffic to the website on its own, you are mistaken. What the implementation does is that it makes the job of search engines easy. The search engine bots are able to find and index the pages of the website quickly and easily. Another advantage of using Schema microdata for SEO purposes is that it can help in providing better rich site snippets. This helps in improving the click-through rates of the website.

Attending conferences and conventions help

You might belong to any business industry, but there are high probabilities that conferences and conventions are arranged related to the industry at least once every year. It is great if such events are attended. It is even better if you can participate as a speaker at such events. This will help people in gaining confidence in your business. And once that happens the traffic to the website increases and the conversion rates also get much better.

Hiring services of a professional online marketing agency is recommended if you are looking forward to boosting traffic to your website. 

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