How to Automatically Share Your WordPress Posts to Your Twitter Account Using Feedburner

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use Google Feedburner’s Socialize service to automatically post updates from your WordPress feed to your Twitter account. This way’ it will be easy to distribute your content to your followers as you update your WordPress site.

Below is a screenshot showing one of my posts on Twitter after being shared automatically from my WordPress feed by the Google Feedburner Socialize service .




Login To Google Feedburner

The first step is to go to and login using your gmail email address. After you login, you’ll be able to claim feeds or burn a new feed and configure the Socialize options.

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Add Your WordPress Feed

If you’ve not burned your RSS feed with Feedburner, go on


Add your feed

or Select Your Existing Feed

Once you’ve logged in, click on the title of the feed you want to publicize(you might have several feeds in your feedburner account). If you dont’

Go to The Publicize Section


go to socialize service

The Feedburner Socialize service allows you to publish to the social web, i.e. Twitter. For the Feedburner Socialize service to post your feed on Twitter

To access the Socialize service, click on the publicize tab.


Access The Socialize Service


socialize link


Configure Socialize Options



Add Your Twitter Account

From the socialize service section, you can add your Twitter account and format your feed’s appearance.

Format Your Feed

Formatting options– Post content, Hash tags, Additional text,

Item Selection

Item limit, Item Order, Keyword filter

Item Preview


Google feedburner socialize sample item preview