JobRoller Review – A Job Board WordPress Theme From AppThemes

So many people rely on the internet for finding their dream job. Thus, creating a job board website could be a great choice. You could help people to get a career and also earn for yourself by monetizing the site.

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But when you choose a job board WordPress theme for your new job site, make sure that the theme is:

  • Speed Optimized.
  • SEO Optimized.
  • Easy To Use.
  • Lightweight.
  • Offers Regular Updates.
  • Secured.
  • Well Documented.
  • Supported.
  • Offers All Features.

JobRoller WordPress Theme Review

Job Roller WordPress Theme

For every single niche, there are 100s of various themes available in the market today. The same goes for the job board WordPress themes. So many Job Board WordPress themes are available in the market that it is hard to select the best.

But we will always recommend – one of the best among our list – JobRoller by AppThemes.

Why Job Roller Makes a Great Theme?

Here are some of the awesome features offered by the JobRoller WordPress theme.

#1. Installation and Activation

You can install the theme using an FTP client or from the WordPress back-end. Here, I am going to use the WordPress back-end for the process.

Simply go to the Appearance -> Themes section. Click on the add new theme button.

I hope you have already purchased the JobRoller theme and downloaded it to your local computer.

Go to your downloaded folder, choose the JobRoller theme, and click on the install button.

Install Jobroller

Once you have installed the theme, simply activate it.

Activate Jobroller

You will be redirected to the theme panel after that.


#2. Comes With Ajax Enabled!

The theme comes with AJAX and jQuery. This helps you to speed up your website and submit users queries without loading the entire page again and again.

#3. Easy To Use

The theme also comes with an easy to use theme panel.


You can easily manage your entire job board website from there. As you can see, you get customization options for:

  • General.
  • Jobs.
  • Resume.
  • Security.
  • Advertising.
  • Advanced.

With just a few mouse clicks, you would be able to manage your website.

#3. Optimized For Speed

All of us love faster loading websites. Google loves faster websites as website speed is a big ranking factor.

It is indeed true that using a WordPress caching plugin like WP Super Cache and some speed optimization tricks could make our website faster enough.

But, why choose a slow theme and then depend on caching plugins?

JobRoller from Appthemes is fully optimized for website speed. We have recently run a speed test using the famous tool – GTmetrix and the result is here.

The page size is 1 MB, and it got loaded in 1.7 seconds. Also, you can see the GZIP optimization and some other optimizations are not present on the website. By configuring a caching plugin and an image optimization plugin like ShortPixel, you can always get better scores!

#4. SEO Ready Design

Looking for higher keyword rankings? The JobRoller theme comes with inbuilt schema markups and lightweight code. So, there’s a good chance to get higher rankings on search engines.

Also, for adding various schema markups, you can use the All In One Schema Rich Snippets WordPress plugin. It’s a free plugin and can be downloaded from the WordPress plugins repository.

#5. Auto Image Resizing

Normally, we may want to use custom codes for adding image resizing to a WordPress blog. Well, if a complete beginner needs to do this, he’ll probably run into website errors.

In this case, the JobRoller theme will automatically resize all the uploaded images to three different sizes.

Plus, you can always manage them from your WordPress media library. Also, they will be visible on the single job listing pages so you could easily make changes.

#6. Email Notifications

Thankfully, the system will notify admin of every action on the website. The email directly goes to the admin email address.

Jobroller Email

This is a great practice – to keep updated with the website. Some website hosting companies will limit the emails in each Cpanel account. In that case, you might want to consider using an SMTP plugin and an email delivery service such as Mailgun.

#7. Integrations

If you are in this field for a while, you probably know It is a popular job board website which got tens of thousands of jobs to apply.

If you are interested, you can easily show the Indeed jobs list on your website! Under the theme panel, you will find menu named- “Integrations”. And there you could see the settings.

Jobroller Indeed

A publisher ID would be required. In case if you need to style the section differently, you can always add a custom CSS class to the section, add additional CSS through the WordPress customizer.

#8. JobPosting Schema Integrated

For a Job Board website, this is a must thing.

By adding JobPosting Schema to your content, you can let the search engine know about it. So, the search engine will treat you accordingly.

Jobroller Jobs

This will help you to get a ton of visitors to your website. All you need to do is, add the JobPosting schema. And guess what? JobRoller will automatically add the markup to your contents.

#9. Transaction Logging

I’ve said that you can easily sell the listing to third-party. And as always, you can get paid for selling those listings. Thankfully, you could see every transaction in the theme settings.

Jobroller All Logs

Under the payments tab, you could see an option called settings.

Jobroller Payment Settings

You can configure your currency, tax, etc. from there. You can get paid on the bank account or PayPal account. In our case, we will always prefer PayPal for payments.

You need to enter your PayPal payment email address, PDT token, IPN token, etc. and can start receiving funds from your clients.

#10. CV Database

Once the job seekers/ employers got registered on our website, they can easily create, manage, and edit their resumes.

Jobroller resumes

Impressive, isn’t it?

#11. Custom Job Types

By default, the JobRoller comes with 5 job types.

Job Types

  • Freelance.
  • Full-time.
  • Internship.
  • Part-time.
  • Temporary.

But you can always create new unlimited job types.

#12. One-Click Updates

Once you have activated the theme using the AppThemes Updater plugin, you can easily update the theme right from your WordPress dashboard in a single click.

That’s a cool feature.

No need to download the latest version of theme files, upload it to the theme’s directory, override the files, etc.

JobRoller Theme Pricing

Just like every AppThemes products, this theme also comes with two pricing options.

Job Roller Pricing

  • Standard – $69 a year – Single theme with Unlimited Usage.
  • Club – $199 a year – All themes with Unlimited Usage.

JobRoller is a unique and must-have WordPress theme for every job board websites. So, choosing it might be a great decision! You can purchase the premium version of JobRoller theme from below.

Download JobRoller Theme

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