GeneratePress Vs Astra Comparison – Which Is Best For You in 2024?

Is it a hard job to make a comparison between Astra vs. GeneratePress?

Definitely Yes!

Both GeneratePress theme and Astra theme are the best themes with excellent features, fast loading times, and a wide variety of customization options. They are light-weighted, compatible with various renowned page builders. Most importantly, they both can help you build an extravagant and highly competitive website with ease. So what else do you need in a theme?

Both Astra and GeneratePress are popular and hold best reviews. But you can’t get hooked with both of them at the same time. So, if you want to choose one, then this article is for you.

In this article, lets elaborate on all the differences between the two most popular and renowned WordPress themes so you can make the right decision that would not be hard on your pocket or your mind!

Let’s dive in and see the comparison between GeneratePress vs. Astra!

GeneratePress vs Astra Comparison


Astra is a fast, light-weighted, and customizable free WordPress theme that can help you build an excellent website with ease. It offers a wide range of pre-built templates, super performance, and a wide range of customization options without any coding knowledge. So, if you want to build an attractive, appealing website, you can do it with ease.


You can manage the layout of your website, header, change the colors and typography, manage the blogs and archives, everything you want with complete freedom.

It also allows full and seamless integration with tools, such as Elementor builder, BeaverBuilder, WooCommerce, LearnDash, Toolset, and Yoast. And that’s not all!

It claims itself for fast performing websites since it uses Vanilla JavaScript, loads in less than half a second, and is feather-light. It uses only 50 KB of resources. It not only offers endless customization options but also offers a wide range of hooks and filters, follows WCAG 2.0 standards that are essential for usability. Moreover, it is translation and RTL ready, developed on Github, and follows the best SEO practices.

Lets head on to the other theme: GeneratePress.


GeneratePress is another lightweight, responsive theme option for your website. It claims to use the latest and most secure and stable coding standards with high-speed performance records. Likewise, Astra also claims to use less than 30 kb resources, vanilla javascript, SEO friendly, follow WCAG 2.0 standards, translation, and RTL ready.

GeneratePress WordPress theme

It also offers a wide range of filters, hooks, customization options, colors, layout, and others.

Most importantly, its free version is famous for its performance, speed, and usability. However, its pro version is highly incredible and preferable among its users because it’s the most consistent theme in the WordPress repository.

A good example of the pro version being used for a blog, look at this nice Portuguese blog.

So, now without any further delay, let’s compare the features of Astra vs. GeneratePress.

Remember, both these themes are incredible, so it’s difficult to decide ONE. It depends on the specialty, niche or the purpose/feature you are seeking.

GeneratePress vs Astra Features Compared

Page Builder Support

Astra and GeneratePress both offer full compatibility with page builders. However, Astra comes up with better support and integration as compared to GeneratePress.

Want to know how?

Astra is just rocking in page builder support; it offers Elementor and Beaver Builder support and various other custom plugins. Moreover, its page-level customization option is incredible.

You can customize layouts and sidebars to enable and disable various elements of our choice; title, sidebar, footer, and many others. Astra also offers a large site library via its ultimate add-ons and a helpful discussion thread for its customers.


GeneratePress does offer an incredible page builder feature; however, it is not as efficient, effective, and as compatible as compared to Astra.

Verdict: Astra is the winner!

But hold On! There is a lot more to go yet!

Speed and Performance

Speed and performance are essential ingredients in building websites. Luckily, both Astra and GeneratePress win the lucky dip here! They both are incredibly fast, lightweight, and quick. Both of the themes take less than half a second. They claim it on their websites, and they prove it through their offering and services.

If you are looking for a fast, speedy, and reliable and lightweight plugin, both are winners. Choose any; I vote for both.

Verdict: Astra and GeneratePress are both winners!

Pre-built Templates

Pre-built templates imported from the theme library are not only handy but life-saving at certain times. Let’s see which theme wins the template feature!

GeneratePress and Astra; both the themes offer its clients to use pre-built templates. However, the GeneratePress feature attached to a price. To use pre-made templates, you need to buy/switch to their premium add-ons package; only then you can access their templates.

On the other hand, Astra offers 40 templates in its free version, which further separates it into different niche categories, making things easier for users. Moreover, if you want to get hooked with further templates, their agency bundle plan offers an additional 50 models.


Most importantly, their pre-built templates are impressive, attractive, appealing, and easily used with popular page builder plugins. GeneratePress offers only 30 templates; even these need to be purchased from the add-ons.

So, if you are looking for pre-built template designs, Astra is rocking here. You have free templates available in their free version and additional incredible designs in their premium version.

Verdict: Astra wins

However, if you are a newbie and have no knowledge, expertise, or experience, all your efforts will go vain if you can’t easily build a website with the right theme. The user interface or ease of use is the crucial yet most important aspect;

Let’s see which theme wins in the user interface feature?

User Interface

Are you looking for simplicity and ease of use from the two themes? If you ask us, I will vote for both. Since, both the themes Astra and GeneratePress use WordPress customizer and modules to organize the webpage easily.

They both are the simple, flexible, yet intuitive interface that offers a wide range of functions that help them stand firmly against their competitors in the market. Their free versions are incredible and handy. However, if you want to attain more customization options, look into their premium version. Its premium edition will help you customize your website easily, quickly, and make changes without coding.

Verdict: GeneratePress and Astra are both winners in User-Interface

Since I am discussing customization and modules option, let’s get deep into this feature.

Modules and Layout Customization

Well, I have already discussed that Astra and GeneratePress both offer tons of customization options. However, their customization options differ from each other.

GeneratePress offers more background image customization options, better sidebar typography, better footer layout, and width customization option, better header layouts, and global off-canvas panel.

On the other hand, Astra offers better WooCommerce and blog customization options, footer typography options, mega menu, off-canvas sidebar, breadcrumbs, customizer search feature. Most importantly, Astra offers better container control and more header options.

Both offer a wide range of customization options and therefore win in their perspective. Similarly, modules hold the same importance as of layout customization features. GeneratePress premium offers 15 different modules, whereas Astra Pro offers 16 modules. Astra offers an additional scroll to top button module for its customers that GeneratePress fails to deliver. However, the number of modules provided by each theme would not determine the credibility of the theme. Instead, it is scalable according to the needs of the business and clients.

Verdict: Both Astra and GeneratePress ranks similar

WooCommerce Integration

Since we are discussing modules, I also need to tell you about WooCommerce integration.

Remember! Modules designed to integrate with WooCommerce. Therefore integration with WooCommerce is highly essential.

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Both themes allow users to choose the alignment, layout, and number of products they want to show on their page. Yet, they are not alike!

Astra Pro offers customization options in the central location; it also allows customers to alter the metadata structure of every product that they wish to sell. Moreover, Astra has a WooCommerce off-canvas sidebar is another outstanding feature.

Likewise, Astra, GeneratePress has a global sidebar along with the Quick View feature. With the help of this option, you can view all the necessary product details. Generatepress WooCommerce integration is different from Astra’s. Toggles such as sorting, product inventory, flash sales, secondary images on product hovers and others are the win points for

I believe Generatepress WooCommerce integration is more refined as compared to Astra.

Verdict: Generatepress wins


Now let’s look at the essential part; pricing. You don’t want to be hard on your pocket, even if you are a newbie or an industry developer.

Let me give you good news. Astra and GeneratePress both the themes are free. However, if you avail their premium package, there are certain strings attached. Their pro version packages offer an unlimited number of websites and money-back guarantee.

Astra offers a 14 days money-back guarantee, whereas GeneratePress offers a refund within 30 days. Moreover, their pricing strategy also varies with each other.

Astra’s pro version offers three pricing tiers. Astra Pro costs $ 59/year, mini agency bundle for $169/year, and agency bundle for $249/year.

Astra Theme Pricing

Whereas, if you are looking for a lifetime pricing option, then all these three pricing tiers offer a lifetime pricing option. Astra lifetime pricing is as follows; $249 for Astra pro, $499 for Mini Agency Bundle, and $ 699 for Agency Bundle.

On the other hand, the GeneratePress premium version comes up with a single pricing strategy; costs $49.95/year. So with just $49.95, you can attain full access to site library, unlimited website usage, and one year of updates and support. Moreover, they are also offering a 40% renewal discount. Looking at all the figures, GeneratePress is cheaper.

GeneratePress Pricing

Verdict: GeneratePress wins

Final Verdict – GeneratePress Vs Astra?

Astra and GeneratePress are the two best WordPress themes. They have everything you need to build a good personal website. They are free and a perfect option for newbies, developers, and freelancers.

Both Astra and Generatepress are quick, light-weighted with fast loading times and a wide range of customization options. They are compatible with page builders, offer excellent customer support, and are mobile responsive.

They not only offer similar services but are ranked as the best WordPress themes on WordPress. So choosing any one of them is not a wrong decision. Most importantly, when they are free!

However, you need to be vigilant when you are choosing their premium package. Astra and GenratePress premium packages even do not hold much difference, except that one theme has a more significant impact over the other in different features. So, choose the one that suits your needs and your project.

  • If you value speed and performance, both are equally significant.
  • If you worry about their compatibility with page builder plugins, Astra gets an upper hand
  • Both are similarly reliable along with the money-back guarantee.
  • Astra enjoys more than 1 million active installations, far more than GeneratePress.
  • Astra also offers additional features and customization options that make it more popular among its users. However, Astra is a relatively expensive theme, so if you are looking for some reasonable priced WordPress theme, GeneratePress is undoubtedly your right choice here.

I hope this article gave you much information to choose the right theme that suits your project needs. You can now make the correct decision and build a website of your dreams with ease.

So, which one have you decided for your website?

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