12 Best WordPress Comment Plugins of 2022 to Optimize User Engagement

Why Comments are Great?

We all love great content. But, one of the main aspects of an excellent blog is its “Community“. To build a community, you need to make visitors comment on your blog posts. Without any comments, it sometimes feels that all the hard work is wasted.

How WordPress Native Comments Work?

You should already know that the native comment system lack features. They can work pretty well, but you want the best. Apart from that, the visitors might be finding it hard to comment on your articles in the first place. Or they might be bored with using the same WordPress comment form. For example, it might take too many steps for the visitor to post a simple comment. This can lead them to shy away from commenting at all. In this article, we will focus on the best WordPress Comment plugins.

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How to Edit WordPress Comment Form?

The easiest way to edit the WordPress comment form would be through the use of any best WordPress Comments plugin. This is by far most not only an easy but a quick way of handling the comments. The way to see this is to provide visitors with the best possible experience when they try to comment. If they find it too difficult or lacking appeal, they will move forward without bothering to comment.

Best WordPress Comment Plugins

#1. JetPack

JetPack WordPress plugin

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JetPack is an amazing package that also handles WordPress comment system. If you are using JetPack for some other reason, then you might also want to try its comments plugin module. However, don’t expect too much from the plugin as it gives you just a better version of the “core” WordPress commenting experience.

Then, why we are recommending it?

Because it gives you the ability to overhaul your basic WordPress commenting system. Moreover, readers don’t have to log in to comment. They can simply put their name and email address to comment, giving them the ability to leave a comment easily. They can also opt to receive an email notification if someone replies to their comment. However, the only con of using Jetpack is its bulky package which can slow down your website.

#2. Thrive Comments

Thrive WordPress Comment Plugins

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Thrive Comments is a user engagement building plugin for WordPress. The plugin lets your audience comment on different posts and section of your site. It comes with different features, including User badges, Up & down vote, social sharing, etc. You will be able to assign user badges based on their points and achievements. The plugin is integrated with popular social media channels.

Your visitors will be able to comment instantly from their linked social media accounts. The comments can also be shared on Facebook, Twitter, or using URL. The best comment from the site can be displayed as a featured comment. It can be determined using the Up or Downvote feature. Thrive WordPress comments plugin uses lazyload featured for speed optimization. The comments will start loading when the visitor scrolls to the end of the post. The plugin comes with a reporting suite that gives you valuable insight from your audience.

#3. Disable Comments

Disable Comments WordPress Plugin

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Now instead of enhancing the comments section what if you want to disable it altogether. Disable Comments WordPress plugin allows the admin to globally disable comments for the posts, pages, and attachments. The plugin can also disable all comment related fields from your website.

It is worth noting that the plugin won’t work for selectively disabling comments on certain pages or posts while leaving others available for comment. Either you complete disable comments from your website or leave it as it as in the default state.

#4. Disqus

Disqus comments plugin for WordPress

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We love Disqus. It is an excellent WordPress comment plugin that offers amazing out-of-the-box setup and great aesthetics. It is also easy to setup, and you can configure almost every aspect of the plugin the way you like. Some of the key features include easy setup, great reading experience, asynchronous loading and much more.

This comment plugin for WordPress is also feature-rich, and it fits right into your website design. Setting up the plugin is easy, and it won’t take much of your time. The design is modern, and visitors will find it good enough for comments. To ensure that the comment section looks good, nested comments are supported out of the box. However, making a Disqus account is much better as it gives you the option to follow others. The only downside is that it is mandatory to login into your one of your supported accounts before you can comment. This can be deterred to some of the readers, but it is a good thing as it wards off spam.

#5. WPDevArt Facebook Comment

WPDevArt WordPress Facebook Comment

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“Facebook Comment” is another great option for your website. It is known to everyone how popular Facebook is. You will give all the Facebook users a simple option to comment without any difficulty. It is also easy for the readers to tag their friends. However, there is one big con to using Facebook comment plugin. There is no way you can audit or monitor the comments, and that can spell evil on your webpage.

Setting up Facebook comments WordPress plugin is easy for tech-savvy people. All you need to do is created an FB App ID, and you are good to go. It is also customizable which means that you enable/disable it any page you like. Other customizable features include changing font-size, text color, position and font family.

#6. Comments – wpDiscuz

Comments - wpDiscuz

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If you are looking for something similar to Disqus, then wpDiscuz is your best bet. It is a comment system powered by AJAX real-time system. This WordPress comment plugin is compatible with all the major plugins out there, and you won’t have any issue whatsoever. It is also feature-rich and you will have full control of the comments and will be able to moderate it accordingly. For example, you can disable/enable comments on pages or posts.

Other key features of the plugin include complete responsive design support, modern design, social network login plugin integration, and much more.

#7. Subscribe to Comments Reloaded

Subscribe to Comments Reloaded

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Subscribe to Comments Reloaded WordPress plugin allows users on your website to sign-up to get email notifications about subsequent entries. If you wish to expand your email list by leveraging the commenting functionality of your site, then the plugin will come in handy.

With the WordPress comment system installed on your websites, a full-featured subscription manager will be integrated into your site which users can use to subscribe or unsubscribe to individual posts. Furthermore, the admin has the option to implement a double opt-in mechanism which will require the user to confirm their subscription.

#8. Postmatic

Postmatic WP Commenting Plugin

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Postmatic is one of the unique commenting plugins for WordPress sites out there. It is a plugin that lets you simply comment on a post/page by using email communication. So, why would you use it in the first place? Because it also acts as an opt-in plugin which means that readers share their email while commenting.

However, this doesn’t mean that readers cannot comment on the site. They still can leave comments below blog posts. Email commenting is an additional feature. The ability to comment without visiting the website is a great feature because it gives focus on thoughts and sharing a valuable opinion. Other users can also reply by using email. Also, the plugin is smart enough to stop the subscriptions if it notices that a lot of replies are coming in.

#9. Simple Comment Editing

Simple Comment Editing Plugin

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One of the issues with comments on WordPress blogs or posts is that by default there are no means for the user to delete or edit their comments once they have hit enter. However, with “Simple Comment Editing” your users will get the option to edit or even delete their comments.

This WordPress comment plugin is super simple to use. All you have to do is simply install it, and from that moment onwards users will be able to edit or delete their comments without any hassle. You too will not have to meddle around with any settings as well. However, some advanced customization options have been thrown in in case you want to use them.

#10. Lazy Load For Comments

Lazy Load For Comments WP Plugin

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If your website is filled with a lot of comments, and other users also engaging in reading those comments, then having “Lazy Load For Comments” will help your readers significantly. The plugins help to load up comments faster, and everybody likes “fast“.

The best bet of this WordPress commenting plugin is that it is super easy to use and implement. All you have to do is just install the plugin, and it will handle all the rest. It will load comments when necessary, help reduce HTTP requests, and also enable lazy loading for Gravatars.

#11. WordPress Comment Rating Plugin

WordPress Comment Rating Plugin

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If you are already using an awesome WordPress comment plugin, but lack rating, you can use a Comment Rating. It is a simple plugin that lets you add a rating, color, size, and much more. It is also compatible with the latest WordPress. We recommend this plugin for the sole purpose of how easy it becomes to add rating without completely replacing your current comment system solution.

#12. DeComment


Download Link

DeComment is a paid WP comment plugin. It is a fully customizable plugin which can be installed in just simple two steps. The overall design of the plugin is modern and sleek. This means you can integrate the plugin into your modern theme without any issue. Also, the theme is completely compatible with other plugins. By using this plugin, your WordPress comment system will be modernized by a lot of factor including voting system, badge system, media attachment, and much more. This WordPress comments plugin is also multilingual which means that you can use it whenever you want.

The settings panel is also easy to use and will let you control every aspect of your website’s comment section. Furthermore, you can set notification site-owner. The plugin is affordable, and you only need to spend $50 one-time purchase fee. It comes with one years of support and updates.

How to Stop WordPress Comment Spam?

With more comments, comes more spam. So how do you plan to stop comment spam? Well, for that check our other article on WordPress anti spam plugins.

Any Other WordPress Plugin for Comments?

So today we covered the best WordPress Comment Plugin systems. We covered both free and paid plugins. There is not so much difference between free and paid plugins listed above, and that’s why we recommend you to try free plugins first. Also, most of the free plugins that are listed above comes with a PRO version too. So, you can just start with a free plugin and then choose a paid plugin accordingly. So, which plugins you are aiming for? Comment below and let us know.

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