Are you looking for the best WordPress Author Bio Plugins? Well, continue reading as we will cover the best ones. For any website, interactivity plays an important role in the success of the website. This leads to the author bio. Any website which uses them is making their audience connect with the author.

An author bio not only contains a brief description of him but also has a photo attached to it. This way, the audience can connect. Not only that, but author bio also lets your audience know who is writing those articles, improving the credibility of the website if the authors are popular. Still, letting your author have an author bio, adds value to their work.

10 Best WordPress Author Bio Plugins

WordPress ecosystem offers a lot of author bio plugins. To make sure that you don’t waste your time trying to find out the best one, we will list ten best WordPress author bio plugins. Also, we will list the five free and five paid plugins. Let’s get started.

Best Free Author Bio Plugins

#1. Simple Author Box

Simple Author Box

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Simple Author Box lets you add a responsive author box to your blog posts. It is easy to use and can be set up in a matter of minutes. With this WordPress author bio plugins, you can add the author name, gravatar, and description. Moreover, authors can also add social media profile links thanks to the support of more than 30+ social profile fields.

The key features of the plugin include complete customization, responsive design, RTL support, manual author box insertion and much more! At the time of writing, the plugin has more than 20,000+ active installations and also support the latest WordPress version

#2. WP Author Bio

WP Author Bio

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WP Author Bio is a yet another simple-to-use WP author bio plugin. It supports both single and multiple authors. The multiple authors feature can also be used with Co-Authors Plus which provides the functionality to add multiple authors on a single page, intuitive and easy.

The plugin provides all the basic features to completely handle the author’s bio. You can even customize the author bio and edit the fields such as description, name or gravatar. Just like the other plugins, you can use social media networks such as Blogger, Delicious, Google, Facebook, and others. You can also use the shortcode to insert the author bio anywhere on your website. Moreover, PHP functions and variable codes are also provided to make it work with any theme.

#3. Co-Authors Plus

Co-Authors Plus

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If you want to list multiple authors in the same post, then Co-authors plus is what you need. It is free to use, and it works great with other author bio plugins. For example, you can use it with WP Author Bio and make it look great from the onset. This author bio plugin for WordPress also lets you use multiple bylines to pages, custom posts and as usual posts.

Functionally, it also works as intended. For example, co-authors will be able to edit and change the posts that their name are associated with — only when the article is still in draft mode and not published. Publishing platforms can use this plugin to maximum advantage. To start using the plugin, you need to add create author bylines. You can also opt to create a guest author profile to make this happen. On the other hand, the frontend will showcase the author’s list.

#4. Author Avatars List

Author Avatars List

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Showcasing your team in a single place can be a great boost to your business and its credibility. That’s why you might want to showcase all the author’s in a list, grouped together either by role or privilege. Author Avatars List let you do just that. Not only that you can always list one single avatar along with the email address in page or post rather than listing all of them.

This WordPress author bio plugin functions in a very basic way. It simply uses the WordPress core functionality to retrieve the author information such as avatars. Once done, it arranges them and attractively shows them. To use the plugin, you need to use the shortcode. You can insert shortcode anywhere including pages, posts or widgets. We like the plugin because it lets you showcase your team without writing a single line of code.

#5. Molongui Authorship

WordPress Author Bio Plugins

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Molongui Authorship is a unique multi-purpose WordPress author bio plugin. It can be used for multiple purposes include author management, author bio box and also add multiple author bylines on a single post. Not only that you can also use the fancy author box, display all the vital information including social media platforms, description, and avatar.

Other key features of the plugin include the ability to add bylines without account creation, related posts list by the author, two author box layouts, customizability, responsive design, support for 70+ social network plugins, and so on.

#6. WP Author Bio

WP Author Bio Plugins

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WP Author Bio is a feature-rich WordPress author bio plugin which comes with 24 included skin. The plugin also lets you live preview before choosing a particular author box skin. It also comes with social networking buttons and shortcodes. It also comes with Google authorship verification which means your author can verify their identity.

Best Paid Author Bio Plugins

#7. Advanced Blog Authors Widget

Advanced Blog Authors Widget

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Our first paid plugin is Advanced Blog Authors Widget. It is a simple widget author plugin that lets you group authors on your sidebar or footer. All you need to do is use the widget and edit it accordingly.

You can choose to display the information related to the author. For example, you can set Display Post Count, Display Author Bio, Display Author Gravatar, and Gravatar Size. Moreover, you can clear author bio if needed. Other customization options are also available such as floating side and so on. It is a simple plugin, and the pricing is also $6. So, it is worth buying if you are looking to advance blog author widget.

#8. Fanciest Author Box

Fanciest Author Box

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Fanciest Author Box is the most sold author bio plugin sold. Until now, more than 3500+ have been sold until now. So, what makes the plugin so successful? Let’s find out. First of all, the plugin comes with all the features that you will ever need. The plugin also has the right mix of information with modern design. It can be used by anyone including budding blogger or a competitive blog.

This WordPress author bio plugin lets you do a lot of things. For a start, it is completely responsive and retina ready. You can use the color picker to customize the author box and also add it to anywhere you want including before and after the post or even in pages or custom post. The plugin is also compatible with Co-Authors Plus plugin that we discussed in the free Author bio plugin above.

As it is a complete package, it also comes with tabs and widgets that can be used to share more information about the author. We love this plugin simply because of the features it carries. Moreover, it is compatible with the famous Co-Authors Plus, and you can get it for just $16. The best deal ever!

#9. Ultimate Author Box

Ultimate Author Box

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Ultimate Author Box is a premium WordPress author bio plugin that lets you create author box with predefined templates. With over 250+ sales, it is slowly growing in popularity. It comes with 9+ pre-designed templates. Not only that, it comes with social media feeds, custom tabs, unlimited color schemes and much more.

The templates give you a good starting point to customize your website. Moreover, you can customize every single detail of these templates. The author box comes with tabs which mean you can easily add more information if needed. The social media feeds also available in this plugin, making it easier for anyone to follow what’s going on the author’s social media. Last, but not the least, it comes widget support for easily listing your authors anywhere on your website.

#10. WP Author Box

WP Author Box
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WP Author Box is a lovely author bio plugin for WordPress that let you take full control over your author or agent box. You can use the plugin for both single and multi-author. Also, more information can also be added thanks to the support for tabs. The author box generated by the plugin is completely responsive and retina ready. You can also link the social icons for the authors to make it easy for the readers to reach authors whenever they want.

It comes with tons of features. One feature that we liked is the Contact Form Tab. This means you can create a tab in author plugin. When clicked, it will open up a contact form which can be used to contact the author. Other key features include unlimited tabs, six predefined skins, user role permission and much more.

Any Other Autho Box Plugins we Missed?

Authors are an important part of your team. They provide content that not only engages your audience but also convert sales for you. So, it is important to give them a proper author bio with amazing box and feature. In this article, we listed ten best WordPress bio plugins for WordPress. All these plugins are good and serve one purpose. However, you may want to try out the paid plugin if you want a complete solution. We recommend Fanciest Author Box. It is great for the price it comes for.

So, which one are you going for? Comment below and let us know.