Uncode Theme Review [2022]

Choosing a WordPress theme is probably one of the first steps to creating a website. It is also one of the most important ones. A theme will largely control the design, look, and feel of your website. It will convey your brand story. In this article, we will review the Uncode theme. It is a multi-purpose theme that helps you create stunning. 

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Haven’t heard of the Uncode theme yet? You are probably new to WordPress then. The theme comes with over 60 demos and ready-made websites. All the templates are excellently designed and are pixel perfect. Great attention to detail can be seen in each. By going through some of the demos you can easily tell the amount of work the theme’s authors have put into this. Without further ado, let’s get started with the detailed review of the Uncode theme.  


Mobile Responsiveness

Mobile responsiveness is a must-have feature for any theme. Most WordPress themes are somewhat responsive and many more claim to be 100% responsive. However, several themes have issues with mobile responsiveness that might not be visible when you first start using the theme. For example, often themes end up with clickable elements too close together in the mobile view. These issues need a keen eye to diagnose initially. Such issues are usually penalized even by search engines and lead to lower rankings in search results. 

With Unicode we tested the mobile responsiveness of several demos, using both mobile phones and by resizing our browser and using the inspect tools. We found all the demos to be responsive and beautifully laid out. The navigation was simple and easy to access. The texts were all well-aligned, and images resized automatically to fit the screen size. Sometimes we found justified text did not align properly, however, WordPress does not support text justification natively. This might be the reason for this. 

Here is a desktop and mobile preview of one of the demos.

uncode theme


The number one thing that affects your website’s speed is your web hosting. After that, your theme is the most impactful on your website’s speed. A slow website can be a bottleneck to your SEO efforts and your user experience. 

To test the performance of the theme we decided to do a speed test using one of their demo websites. Here are the test results

Frankly, we have seen faster themes. This is by no means saying that the Uncode theme is slow. The page speed score and the YSlow Score are excellent. The load time however is 3.5 seconds which is slightly on the higher side. We would have ideally liked to see this under 3 seconds. 

There seem to be 2 major problems with the results above. The page size is slightly bigger than recommended and the number of requests are also high. The page size can easily be reduced by using GZip compression. The number of requests can also be reduced by combining some scripts. Both of these should make the theme faster. 

There are several factors that affect a website’s speed, but your theme is a major one. With the results above we can safely conclude the theme is well coded and fast.

Design and Customization

Often multi-purpose themes are lacking in creativity. You will almost always find a slider on the home page, hero images with overlays, animated stats counters, full-width horizontal sections, a blog or latest news section, etc. With Uncode you can easily create unique layouts that go well beyond these standard layouts. This is largely attributable to the hundreds of theme options and the awesome grid layout system built in the theme. 

Most page builders allow you to simply add rows and columns. The grid system with Uncode goes a step further and allows you to create equal height columns and also rearrange them on different devices. 

Looking at the demo websites, you will realize that all kinds of modern layouts and trends are used all over the pages. You can easily import these designs and layouts to your websites. 

The theme also comes with a front-end drag and drop editor. This allows you to build any kind of layout without any coding layout. The creativity options with this are limitless. Using the front-end editor, you can see the changes you make in real-time. This is a huge time saver. 

The theme also comes with a wireframe plugin. This allows you to choose basic layouts from over 400 pre-made layouts. 

The theme comes with the visual composer page builder plugin that is one of the best page builders available on the market today.

Customer Support

The theme is available on Envato. So, we decided to have a look at the sales page for support requests. There are about 6000 comments on the page at the time of writing this. We found an overwhelmingly large number of comments that were replied to on the same day. Here is an example. 

This clearly shows their customer support department is on their toes all the time.

Checking the number of sales and the rating of 4.88 also gives the impression of satisfied customers.


From our investigations in this article, we can safely conclude that Uncode is an excellent theme. The design, SEO, Customer support, and many other aspects are well taken care of. There is a minor problem with the text justification and there is some room for improvement with the speed. These are minor issues though and can easily be fixed. 

Are you using the Uncode theme or planning to purchase it? Let us know your experience with the theme in the comments section below.