How To Find Free Themeforest Themes

WordPress offers one of the best ecosystems out there. And that’s further improved with the help of free themes and plugins.

Just like you, I am also a big fan of good free stuff. If you are already invested in the WordPress ecosystem, you would know that ThemeForest is the go-to place for getting paid themes.

But, do you know that you can get free WordPress themes from there? Yep, that’s true!

In this post, we are going to take a look at how to find free Themeforest themes!

So, why wait? Let’s get started.

How to find Free Themeforest Themes?

To get the free themes offered by Themeforest, you need to start from there.

You can also reach the site through Google or other search engines. But be sure that you double-check the URL as you do not want to go to a fake site and download malicious files(more on it later.)

Now, you can type “free” in the search bar. This will return you a list of free things! In case you do not see anything that is free, do not lose hope, as these free themes come and go all the time.

All you need to do is keep a tab on their site to know when the free stuff arrives.

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If you are like me, who does not want to do the leg work, then you can check the free ThemeForest themes on a specific link. Yes, we have the link, and this means you do not have to go through the steps of searching for ThemeForest free themes.

To check the list of free Themeforest themes, you need to check the following link:

Free ThemeForest Themes

These freebies are offered every month. So, you will get access to more stuff than just themes.

What are the other sources for downloading free ThemeForest themes?

None! Yes, you read it right; there are no other sources that you should trust. If you are going to download themes, you need to do it directly from the ThemeForest site.

But, why’s that?

Nuked or malicious themes are common on the internet. So, malicious actors can exploit the need for people who are interested in Themeforest free template — providing them with hacked or malicious themes for your site.

If you by mistake download a bad ThemeForest theme from a different source, you are loading a bad theme for your site and making it act weird — damaging your reputation and risk data associated with your site.

That’s why you should never click on links or go to unsafe sites in lieu to get free things!

What if there is no free theme?

If Themeforest offers no free theme, you can search for other themes to give you value. Themeforest is huge when it comes to themes. You will find themes that range from $15 to $60. As per your budget, you can look for themes that suit your needs.

Themeforest also houses other digital goods which might interest you. It is a classified market where anyone can sell their products to potential buyers.

But is Themeforest trustworthy?

Yes, Themeforest is trustworthy. It is reputed and offers a good collection of themes that are safe to use. You get a lot of choices, and the prices are also good. The community support is also great, and you can help the community if you feel stuck. Almost all themes come with basic support for six months, with the option to increase the support period for additional charges.

Other benefits that you get by buying themes from Themeforest include:

  • Themes are constantly updated.
  • The themes that you purchased offer lifetime ownership.
  • The quality of themes is high, and you do not need to worry about getting ripped off in any way.
  • You can watch the demo of the themes before you make a purchase decision.

What’s next?

Getting free themes is a great way to have the tools to start your ventures. They can also be used for your current projects if you are thinking of changing stuff.

Free ThemeForest Themes

So, what themes did you get for free through Themeforest? Comment below and let us know.

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