Best WordPress Themes for Hotels [2023]

Running a hotel is already a tough and demanding job to do. The list of to-do tasks goes on for pages. On that list, creating a website will probably be on the bottom if it even is on the list. However, creating a website should be one of your top priorities in this day and age. Not only will a good website reduce your workload significantly, but it also advertises your hotel for your potential clients.

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A good website might even be the factor that determines if your hotel is fully booked or struggling for clients. However, nobody has got the time to look for proper WordPress themes for their hotel website. That is why we have compiled this list of the best WordPress themes for hotel rooms and best hotel themes.

Best WordPress Themes for Hotels

Earning the title of best hotel theme requires a number of features. The first one is definitely the looks. A good hotel theme needs to have a stylish design that compliments your hotel. A clunky and ugly theme that doesn’t follow modern design will not only look bad but also give a bad name to your hotel. A good hotel theme must be easy to customize and come with a decent number of design elements and options. There must be a functional booking management plugin integrated with the theme.

Other extra features like calendar, WooCommerce, etc. might also come in handy depending on your use case. So, without further ado, let’s look at some of the best WordPress themes for hotel rooms.

#1. Sailing

WordPress Themes for Hotels

This top-notch hotel theme is suitable not only for hotels but also for resorts, hostels, or any other business that provides accommodation services. Sailing is a fully responsive hotel theme that comes integrated with the WP Hotel Booking plugin to help you manage your bookings with ease. That is not just it though. Apart from being a hotel theme with a complete booking management system, it also comes with extra supporting features that include room management, coupon management, pricing management, and more.

With 4 different integrated payment gateways, your customers will have no problem booking a room at your hotel. This WordPress theme for the hotel also comes with support for WooCommerce. Customization is also made easy with the includes drag and drop page builder, unlimited colors, parallax, which you can use together for unlimited combinations.

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#2. Holleta

WordPress Themes for Hotels

One of the most essential features to look for in a good hotel theme is a powerful and easy booking system. Holleta got you covered in that area. This powerful and features rich WordPress hotel theme comes with pre-made demos that include all major accommodation services and comes with a powerful booking system in all of them. You can use this hotel theme to create a website for apartments, hotels, resorts, hostels, and more.

Another reason why Holleta is one of the best WordPress themes for hotel rooms is its feature that lets you integrate with a number of 3rd party hotel and tourism services that include Tripadvisor,, Airbnb, and HomeAway. The whole theme is written in clean code and designed to be responsive and retina-ready.

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#3. Sochi

WordPress Themes for Hotels

Even before looking at what services your hotel provides or how do the rooms look, potential customers judge your hotel by its website. So, it is of utmost importance to design your hotel website in such a way that the customers start drooling due to the first impression of your hotel website. Sochi is designed exactly to do that.

This WordPress theme for hotel rooms, resorts, apartments, and any form of accommodation services comes with more than 20 different beautiful ready-made demos that can be imported with a single click. And with the inclusion of Elementor, you can customize the theme to your heart’s content with ease. Sochi also supports WooCommerce, multiple payment gateways, and comes with a powerful room listing and reservations system. You also get to play around with unlimited colors, Lightbox gallery, Google Fonts, and more.

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#4. Nuss

WordPress Themes for Hotels

Your website needs to reflect the elegance of your hotel. A theme without of date and clucky user interface would drive your customers away rather than lure them in. This is why Nuss might be the perfect WordPress hotel theme for you. It is designed with modern UX/UI rules and all its design elements work in harmony with each other. The result is a beautiful and elegant theme that compliments your establishment. Nuss works well with hotels, resorts, chalets, B&B, apartments, and all the other accommodations services.

There are tons of demos and layouts to choose from, and everything is customizable. There are multiple room booking options, payment gateways, pricing options, and other additional features included in this hotel theme. The theme supports Elementor to make it easy for you to work with it.

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#5. Moliere

WordPress Themes for Hotels

Moliere can be regarded as a Swiss Army Knife of WordPress hotel themes. This flexible hotel theme is perfect for any type of hospitality business including hotels and resorts. The beauty of this theme is its straightforwardness. At the first glance, it looks simple with a hint of complexity that surrounds it. Everything that your hotel has to offer will always be within your customers’ reach.

When talking about its customizability, there are several demos to work with. All of them are fully customizable and focus on galleries to showcase your hotel property. A call to action can be added to each of your rooms to make it easier for your customers to book them instantly. Moliere comes integrated with a couple of premium page builders to help you get your website up and running in no time.

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#6. Iver

WordPress Themes for Hotels

Iver is a clean and modern WordPress hotel theme that looks perfect for hotel and apartment websites, particularly in the city area. There are beautiful layouts to work with that are responsive and highly customizable. Iver is designed to help you showcase your hotel and rooms that you are particularly proud of. The support for high-resolution photos does a perfect job in helping potential customers go through your hotel and the rooms within it. And the inclusion of a powerful online booking system makes it easy to book a room in an instant.

What makes Iver one of the best themes for hotel rooms is its powerful admin panel and integration of WPBakery Page Builder along with Slider Revolution to make your customization experience even better. There is plenty of different layouts, headers, gallery, and more to work with.

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#7. Alloggio

WordPress Themes for Hotels

Finding a good website that represents your hotel business is just the beginning. You also need that theme to help you with the plethora of bookings that will drown you if not managed properly. This is why Alloggio is such a great choice and easily one of the best WordPress themes for hotel rooms. The overall modern design and high customizability are not the only things this WordPress hotel theme has to offer.

It also comes with a reservation system, a handy admin interface, and a huge collection of shortcodes to help you design your website as per your requirement. Alloggio also supports Elementor Page Builder to aid you in creating a gorgeous website with minimal effort. This WordPress hotel theme comes integrated with Slider Revolution and also supports WooCommerce.

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#8. Hotel Master

WordPress Themes for Hotels

If your hotel is in a prime location with perfect weather, gorgeous surroundings, and comes out as a great relaxation place; it is not hard to get all sold out. However, a badly designed website can still obstruct the chances. Plus, I don’t even need to explain the hassle of managing all the bookings manually. Fortunately, the Hotel Master Booking WordPress hotel theme got you covered. This theme has it all – a powerful room booking system, coupon system, and multiple demos to make your customization easier.

Hotel Master is also regularly updated and new features get added frequently. With this WordPress hotel theme, you can sync with other hotel and accommodation services like Airbnb, HomeAway, and more. So, when a room becomes available, it gets automatically listed on those services. It supports all popular payment gateways, it has easy to use smart booking system, it supports WooCommerce; the list of features goes on and on.

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#9. Hotel Leisure

WordPress Themes for Hotels

The hospitality industry is undeniably one of the most competitive and cut-throat businesses. You need to not only stand out from the rest but also keep it up day in and day out. Although how you do it is ultimately your decision, we can, however, help you out with your hotel’s website. Hotel Leisure is high quality and extremely well designed. It is also highly customizable. You get to work with unlimited colors, tons of flexible demos, and more.

Hotel Leisure also comes with a couple of premium plugins like WPBakery and Slider Revolutions to help you make your website even better. The included booking and reservation forms along with the weather plugin and all the other features make Hotel Leisure WordPress hotel theme one of the best WordPress themes for hotel rooms.

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#10. Castello

WordPress Themes for Hotels

Castello is a bit different from the themes on this list. Apart from the usual features that a hotel theme includes, Castello relies heavily on high-quality photographs and images to make your hotel presentable and customer-worthy. Sometimes, all a customer needs are a couple of high-quality photos for them to decide if the hotel is what they’re looking for.

Castello offers full-screen slideshows to display your hotel, rooms, and property to lure customers in. Apart from that, Castello also comes with multiple templates, high customizability, and endless possibilities.

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#11. Santorini Resort

WordPress Themes for Hotels

Getting that premium feel on your website might sound like difficult work on a budget, but that is actually not the case. For less than $50, you can create a beautiful website without needing to hire a professional. Santorini Resort is a WordPress theme for hotels that help you create that rich and premium-looking hotel website with ease.

This hotel theme comes with a unique design that can perfectly showcase and compliment your hotel. The included booking form lets your customers easily get in touch with you through the integrated booking and reservation system. The customization is both easy and flexible. You get to work with 7 different content types to describe your hotel in the best possible way. Santorini is optimized for speed and gets regular updates too.

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#12. Hotel Xenia

WordPress Themes for Hotels

Potential customers do not always visit a hotel website to book a room or check the prices; they visit it to get an idea about the atmosphere of the hotel and what does it feel like to stay in a room for a day or two. This is why having a well-designed website that showcases and compliments your hotel is always a good idea. Hotel Xenia is designed for that.

This WordPress hotel theme has endless customization possibilities as it comes integrated with Visual Composer and a huge collection of theming options. This theme also handles reservations and booking with ease. Although it doesn’t have an automated booking system, the booking forms do a good job of making the booking and reservations hassle-free. Hotel Xenia comes with easy to use drag and drop builder, unlimited colors, custom post types, and a couple of free plugins.

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#13. Zermatt

WordPress Themes for Hotels

The first impression is a big deal in almost every business. It is even a bigger deal in the hospitality industry. No one will show any interest in your hotel if the first thing they see is a poorly designed and unappealing website. However, you don’t have to worry about a bad first impression if the theme you use is Zermatt. It does its job and it does it well. Zermatt is not just a pretty theme; it is also very functional. You do not have to worry about your bookings with this WordPress hotel theme.

The included booking system will help you with the booking. And its flexible layouts make the customizations a piece of cake. a couple of drag and drops and you’ve got yourself a gorgeously designed website. Zermatt also comes with a weather module to let your visitors stay informed about the weather on the day they are planning to come. The support for Elementor, Divi, and Beaver is an added benefit.

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#14. Milos

WordPress Themes for Hotels

The developers behind Milos created a true masterpiece that can perfectly represent your hotel online. Its bold yet minimal design helps your hotel or any other accommodation service stand out from the rest. While the theme can help present your hotel online, the included booking management plugin makes it easy for you to handle what goes behind the scenes. There are plenty of ready-to-use layouts to help you customize your website as per your requirements and the inclusion of Beaver Builder, Elementor, and Divi builder makes it easy for you to do so.

Unlimited colors included Google fonts, multiple headers, a sticky menu, and tons of other goodies allow you to create the website of your dreams. Milos also comes with a menu manager that lets you display the food menu right on your website.

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#15. Hotel Zante

This fully responsive WordPress hotel theme is built on bootstrap and designed specifically for hotels, hostels, and any other accommodation services. Apart from being a gorgeous hotel theme, the inclusion of an online booking and reservation system makes it one of the best WordPress themes for hotel rooms. Hotel Zante is highly customizable too. It comes with 4 homepages along with an options panel that makes your customization extensive yet easy.

Hotel Zante WordPress hotel theme also includes an events calendar and an easy-to-use user dashboard to make it easier for your customer to check their bookings and alter them if necessary. Moreover, you also get to play with 4 customizable ready-made demos. And your customers will have no problem finalizing their payment as Hotel Zante comes with 5 different payment gateways. Other goodies include free premium plugins like WPBakery and Revolution Slider.

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#16. FiveStar

WordPress Themes for Hotels

A five-star theme for your five-star hotel. The appropriately named FiveStar WordPress hotel theme turns your website into a piece of art. This highly customizable hotel theme comes with multiple homepages, inner pages, parallax, mega menu, and tons of page transitions.

However, FiveStar is one of those themes that are only pretty on the outside. With the inclusion of features such as WPBakery page builder, extensive admin dashboard, hotel, and resort booking system, and more, FiveStar is a very powerful and functional WordPress hotel room theme. It has everything you will ever need to run a hotel, resort, or any type of travel and accommodation establishment. It is designed to make your rooms look very presentable and let your customers make reservations then and there.

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#17. Hotel WP Theme

WordPress Themes for Hotels

Hotel WP Theme aka Hotello is a fully responsive theme designed for establishments that provide accommodation services such as hotels, motels, chalets, and B&B. Hotello comes with a powerful hotel management system that includes features like booking management, seasonal pricing, taxes, and much more. You do not need to look for additional booking plugins to get started with your hotel website. Everything you’ll ever need when running a hotel website is at your fingertips when you purchase this magnificent WordPress hotel theme.

The reason why Hotello is included in the list comprising of the best WordPress themes for hotel rooms is the abundance of features it comes with. You get access to single room page templates, check room availability features, flexible rate features, online and offline payment options, and much more. It also allows you to add a Weather widget on your website to let your customers know the weather of the day they are planning to come to your hotel.

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#18. Luxe

Whether you’re building a website for hotels, hostels, apartments, B&B, resorts, and any other accommodation service platform you could think of, Hotel Luxe has it all. This elegant and luxurious hotel theme is designed to help you manage your booking, pricing plans, and reservations without any hassle. Luxe lets you work with more than 10 different gorgeous pre-made templates, more than 7 different sliders, and other tons of customizable elements.

Like any other hotel theme, Luxe also has a great booking management system that is simple to use and easy to manage. The included drag and drop builder allows you to build and deploy your website in no time and with ease. Some additional goodies include packages management, support for multiple currencies and payment gateways, coupon system, and more.

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#19. Kallyas

WordPress Themes for Hotels

Kallyas is not, particularly a WordPress hotel theme. It is a multi-purpose eCommerce theme that can be molded into the hotel theme of your dreams. Not being only a hotel theme has its advantages – you can design the website as per your vision that other hotel-specific themes might not let you do.

The reason why this theme is on this list is because of its elegant design and tons of customizations. It comes with more than 65 different ready-made demos, an advance visual builder, multiple free premium plugins, and unlimited colors. Plus, the inclusion of hotel booking and restaurant reservation plugin makes it easy for you to create a hotel website out of this elegant and gorgeous theme. And if you do not want to look through all the demos and customize one to build a hotel website, Kallyas also has a couple of hotel-specific themes that you can work on.

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#20. Bellevue

WordPress Themes for Hotels

Bellevue comes with a lot of useful features that make it one of the best hotel themes for WordPress. It is extremely customizable with a lot of color options and has its own page builder to make things very convenient for you. The setup process goes with ease too.

This WordPress hotel theme comes with a huge collection of modern demos, mockup templates, and a featureful booking system to make your life a lot easier. On top of that, Bellevue also sports over a thousand beautiful icons, shortcodes, and a retina-ready responsive design. Moreover, Bellevue comes with multiple premium addons including WooCommerce, Hotel Booking Engine, PDF invoices, and more. These features are just on the surface, there is a slot of additional goodies that makes this theme one of the best WordPress themes for hotel rooms.

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There you have it. We carefully crafted this list to help you select the perfect theme for your hotel. Choosing a suitable hotel theme is a bit different than choosing a theme for other types of websites. It requires a couple of business-specific tools. a good online booking system is a must when choosing a good hotel theme. The theme must be able to perfectly showcase all your services and facilities while complimenting the overall hotel.

The customers must also be allowed to go through the rooms and be able to make a reservation on the spot. There are a couple of optional features like maps, user testimonials, etc. that some might find useful. All the themes in this list are selected based on the aforementioned features. We hope that one of the themes will help you create a beautiful and unique website that unleashes the true potential of your hotel.

Explore our #1: Sailing Theme

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