12 Ultimate & Best WordPress Quiz Plugins of 2022 to Increase User Engagement

If you are looking to make your site more engaging and interactive, then using online quizzes is an excellent tactic. Just look at sites like BuzzFeed, which started creating viral content just by making some fun, interactive quizzes. Now, if you are a WordPress user, then you are in luck. In this article, we have put together a list of some of the best Online WordPress Quiz Plugins.

But before that let’s explore some of the advantages of keeping a quiz on your WordPress site.

Benefits of using Quiz on your website

  • Keeping the users on your site for a longer time will eventually lead to less bounce rate and boost your ranking through targeted SEO.
  • Share exciting and funny or even knowledgeable quizzes to generate more leads for your social media marketing strategy.
  • Quizzes hook your audience on your page for a longer time and eventually when they spend more time, you’ll have more time to show your products through ads and they can end-up buying any product from your site, or they can sign up to your email list if they click on any ads.
  • Quizzes are a great way to enhance social media share, which creates more voice for your blog or company.
  • By increasing interactivity through comments on Quizzes, you can peek into your visitor’s ideas and what they want to see in your products, leading to new projects or ideas.

Simply installing a WordPress quiz plugin can get you countless opportunities for your online store or blog. All of these quiz plugins for WordPress are super simple to use and filled with a lot of features to help you create highly functional and interactive quizzes.

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Furthermore, we have made sure to keep the list as diverse as possible with a decent collection of free as well as paid plugins. That way, you will also have a great option despite your budget.

So with all the introductory stuff out of the way, let’s start with our list of the best Quiz Plugins for WordPress:

List of the Best WordPress Quiz Plugins

#1. Modal Survey


Download Modal Survey

Modal Survey is currently the most trending quiz and survey plugin for WordPress. This all in one plugin offers user polls, unlimited surveys, and quiz. You can even add these surveys and quiz as popups to increase user interactions. The plugin features beautiful charts and tables to feature and display data.

Benefits of using Modal Survey
  • It comes with many different poll styles, including modal, popup, embed, etc.
  • Interactive and animated charts, graphs, bars, and dynamic text to display the questionnaire results.
  • Surveys can be exported to various formats, including PDF, CSV, XML, XLS, and JSON.
  • Tons of customization options available.

#2. WP Quiz Pro


Download WP Quiz Pro

WP Quiz Pro is one of the best and most feature-rich WordPress quiz maker. The plugin is packed with an impressive collection of features which can help you to help you create wonderful quizzes, and also utilize them to improve your site’s engagement levels, and generate more leads.

Benefits of using WP Quiz Pro
    • Options to create six different quiz types starting from Facebook quizzes, Swiper Quizzes, Personality Quizzes, Flip Card Quizzes, Trivia Quizzes, and so on.
    • You get customization options to make your quizzes more appealing, along with integration with Social Media networks and email marketing services.

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#3. Thrive Quiz Builder


Download Thrive Quiz Builder

Quiz Builder by Thrive Themes lets you create stunning quizzes in seconds. It gives you the power to build complex quizzes without touching the code. It also comes with a branching logic that lets you visualize how your WordPress questionnaire will look in the end. A built-in badge creator is available with the theme which lets you create badges easily for social sharing. These badges can be edited easily without using external apps like Photoshop.

Benefits of using Thrive Quiz Builder
  • Four different quiz types with a number, percentage, personality and Right/wrong.
  • Powerful analytics tool that lets you see results across any interval, stats about the number of people using the quiz and the shares on social media.
  • It also comes with an option of A/B testing to test the result pages and the splash pages.

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#4. WordPress Viral Quiz

WordPress Viral Quiz

Download Viral Quiz

WordPress Viral Quiz, as the name implies, is a WordPress plugin which helps you make a buzzfeed quiz. It will help you create quizzes similar to BuzzFeed, and are filled with an extensive list of customization options to help you make the quizzes even more engaging. The plugin integrates social media sharing along with email marketing services so that you get more traffic and also generate plugins, as you engage your users with fun quizzes.

Out of the box, this quiz plugin for WordPress will give you the option to create Personality quizzes, and Trivia Quizzes. You can create multi-page quizzes, enable “share to view results” or “subscribe to view results” option, and much more. For customization options, you get custom CSS support along with two different skins – BuzzFeed Theme and Modern Flat Theme.

Benefits of using WordPress Viral Quiz Plugin
  • It comes with two types of quizzes; Trivia and personality. The personality quiz maker works best for Facebook, and trivia quizzes are an excellent choice for Twitter.
  • Comes with an in-built quiz shareable options on social media platforms.
  • Advanced analytics support allows the users to check the Quiz’s performance instantly.
  • In-built email capture module to automatically sign up more people for the newsletter.

#5. Quiz and Survey Master Plugin

Quiz And Survey Master

Download Quiz and Survey Master

Quiz and Survey Master WordPress plugin formerly went by the name “Quiz Master Next.” It is a very popular quiz plugin amongst WordPress users, which you can get for absolutely free off the WordPress repository. It covers pretty much all the basic features you will need, and if you require advanced functionalities, then you have the option to install premium add-ons.

Speaking of features, you will get the option to customize the text of the quizzes, use different types of questions including multiple choice, open-answer questions, drop down, checkboxes, number, captcha, and so on. This free quiz maker can be configured to have numerous answer pages. You can also ask your users to provide their email addresses so you can mail them the results of the quiz or survey.

#6. Best Quiz Plugin for WordPress

Best Quiz Plugin for WordPress

Download Quiz Plugin

Best Quiz Plugin for WordPress stays true to its name by being one of the most popular free-to-use plugin in the market. With this WP quiz plugin installed, you will be able to create professional and dynamics quizzes with ease. Its intuitive interface allows you to create engaging personality quizzes, trivia quizzes, and flip card quizzes with ease.

Now coming to some of the features offered by the WordPress questionnaire plugin, you get options to add images and videos to your quizzes, create the quizzes in a single-page or multi-page layout, insert social media buttons, customize font and background color, and so much more. You will even get access to 6 animation effects to make the quizzes even more engaging. Shortcode support is also provided for easily integrating the quizzes on any page of your website.

#7. Quiz Cat

Quiz Cat WordPress Quiz Plugin

Download Quiz Cat

Quiz Cat is a free online quiz maker plugin for WordPress websites. But despite the free price tag, the plugin offers plenty of features which makes an excellent option even for serious marketers. The plugin can help you create the type of revealing quizzes, and pop culture quizzes, which we see on social media sites like Facebook.

Once installed, this WordPress quiz plugin will give you a beautiful and intuitive interface for creating your viral quizzes. You will get the option to integrate images with your questions and answers to make them more enriching and immersive. There is also the option to create a starting page and finishing page for the quizzes.

#8. Advisor Quiz

Advisor Quiz

Download Advisor Quiz

Advisor quiz plugin for WordPress allows you to create quizzes not only for fun but utilitarian purposes as well. You can create a quiz which will ask the user specific questions to act as filters and provide them relevant content. You can also implement count quizzes which you can use to take feedback from your users. Also for engagement and fun, you get the option to create trivia quizzes and personality quizzes.

This WordPress quiz plugin also throws in a lot of customization option for the quizzes. First of all, you will get three different layout styles for your quizzes – a presentation format, image grid, and minimal. On top of that you get options to tweak around with the colors and fonts, the icons, add/change images, and much more. The online quiz maker plugin also supports custom JS and CSS, so that you can customize the quizzes to your liking.

#9. HD Quiz

HD Quiz Plugin for WordPress

Download HD Quiz

HD Quiz is one of the easiest to use WordPress Quiz plugins. It comes with an intuitive interface with which you have the option to create easy quiz questions. Now, this is also a free plugin, but it offers an abundance of options that can help you BuzzFeed style quizzes with ease.

Some of the notable features of this WordPress quiz maker include the option to create an unlimited amount of quizzes, support for featured images for each quiz, support for tooltips with each quiz, option to integrate a quiz timer, ability to incorporate social sharing options, and much more.

#10. ARI Stream Quiz

ARI Stream Quiz

Download ARI Stream Quiz

Now, if your sole purpose of integrating quizzes to your WordPress website is for gathering leads, then ARI Stream Quiz is an excellent plugin for the job. You can find the plugin in both a free and paid option. The free quiz maker covers all the basic functionalities, whereas the paid option brings more advanced functionalities to the table.

Apart from all the quiz building functionalities, you will get integration with MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, and much more popular email marketing services. You can also give your users the option to share their results on different Social Media channels, which will help you generate more traffic, which equates to more leads.

#11. LearnDash

LearnDash WordPress Quiz Plugin

Download LearnDash

LearnDash is one of the best premium Learning Mangement System for WordPress. Besides helping you create courses and manage your students, the plugin also features a whole host of options to help you create stunning questionnaires and engaging quizzes. You get a dedicated quiz functionality that allows you to create any type of quiz you like. Please note that this is not a quiz plugin but only offers quiz as an addon functionality on top of its LMS.

This WordPress quiz plugin supports different question types to make your quizzes even more interactive and engaging. Starting from multiple choice and single choice Q&A to free text, matching, essays, fill-in-the-blank, and surveys, the plugin has it all. You can even time the quizzes, randomize the questions, limit the number of attempts on per quiz, and much more.

#12. LearnPress

LearnPress WordPress Quiz Plugin

Download LearnPress

LearnPress is much more than a Quiz plugin for WordPress, in the sense that it is a full blown LMS (Learning Management System) plugin. However, it features a lot of options and functionalities that can help you set up quizzes on your site. Once installed, the plugin will provide you with an intuitive interface from where you can create quizzes as well as lessons for users coming to your website.

Now, most of the features of this WordPress quiz plugin are geared toward helping you build courses for your users/students. But there is a decent collection of features to help you build functional quizzes as well. You will also get added functionalities to help you better manage the quizzes. There is even a paid add-on which will allow you to create random quizzes, such that each student gets a different quiz in the same course.

Any Other Quiz Plugin for WordPress?

So these were our picks for the best Online Quiz Plugins for WordPress. We hope you found this list helpful.

To summarize, our top picks would be:-

  • Free to use:- Quiz & Survey Master, or Quiz cat
  • Pro plugin, easy to use:- Modal Quiz, or WP Quiz Pro (also comes in free version with limited features)
  • Pro plugin with more advanced features:- Thrive Quiz Builder, or Modal Quiz
  • Quiz Builder for Online courses:- Learndash

Most of the plugins mentioned in the list also comes with survey option to collect user feedback via online polls. Though, if you want to add only surveys in your site, you can also go with dedicated WordPress survey plugins as well.

Do remember to share it along with your friends or colleagues who are also searching for a quiz solution for their WordPress website. Again, if you have used any of the plugins mentioned here on the list, then don’t forget to write about your experience in the comments below. Your contribution will be much appreciated and help fellow readers.

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