13 Best WordPress PDF Viewer Plugins to Embed PDF Files in Your Website

No matter you are running a brilliant blog or a business website, you may have some PDF files to provide the best value to your audience. In that case, you need to pick the excellent pdf embedder for your visitors to read them online. Using one of the best WordPress PDF viewer plugins is the super solution of presenting your visitors the possibility of reading PDF documents on your WordPress website.

How to embed PDF in WordPress?

Suppose you are involved with an education website, whether it is a school, college or university, even a coaching centre, you will have many educational resources for your students. Most of the resources you need to upload will be in the PDF format. To create the comfortability for your students, you must bring the backend functionality on your website to upload PDF files. The easiest way of avoiding this complexity is to install & setting up a PDF viewer plugin.

But, picking the perfect one is not so easy as you think because of the vast collection of WordPress PDF plugins on the web. That’s why we have collected & compiled almost all the plugins so that you know their features, compare with each other & choose the best one for your website.

List of Best WordPress PDF Plugins

#1. PDF Embedder

PDF Embedder WordPress Plugin

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To embed PDF files in a WordPress website, PDF Embedder is a unique plugin with the ease of its setting. It works like the way you add images on your site without encountering any problem. What you need is only to install this powerful plugin, upload the PDF files you want & straightly embed those files into your website. Presenting your PDF files in front of your visitors will be pleasing for you with this plugin.

PDF Embedder for WordPress comes with the built-in feature to automatically resize the files according to the size & the shape of your website’s layout. Nevertheless, you can set the width & height of every file you upload. If you don’t define the size, it will automatically calculate & resize. The JavaScript that works behind the plugin allows your users to zoom your PDF files. Even, they will be able to navigate & download those files if you set the permission.

#2. WonderPlugin PDF Embed

WonderPlugin PDF Embed

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WonderPlugin PDF Embed is a responsive WordPress PDF plugin that works by using Mozilla’s PDF.js. By using a short cord provided by the plugin, you can easily embed & display your PDF files on your website. It offers light popup box to open the PDF documents, beautiful buttons to download & print. But, those options are only available with the premium version.

This PDF plugin for WordPress allows you to fix the width & height of your PDF files in pixel or percentage. But, you are recommended to use ‘percentage’ for the best result in responsive. There is some guidance you have to follow for using WonderPlugin PDF Embed. As, you must host your files on the same domain, create absolute URLs & make sure your URLs will not have special characters.

3. PDF viewer for WordPress

PDF viewer for WordPress

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PDF viewer for WordPress is one of the essential plugins you will find in the WordPress repository. It lets you add PDF files in a beautiful reader across your WordPress site. The plugin is fully responsive and compatible with all browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. Using the plugin, you can easily print, download, and share the PDF file. You will also be able to bookmark and add an attachment using the plugin.

The PDF viewer can be added easily to the WordPress page/post using the admin panel and shortcodes. The plugin does not have any restrictions on the number of files or the size of the pdf. The admin panel of the plugin lets you change different settings related to the PDF viewer. You can show/hide different options in the viewer, including the Social share button, zoom button, hide the logo, hide the ‘find button’, hide print button, etc. PDF viewer for WordPress comes with rich documentation and reliable customer support.

4. PDF Embed

PDF Embed

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PDF Embed is a WordPress PDF plugin by Elfsight. It lets you easily embed PDF docs to your site for seamless viewing. You can embed the PDF by uploading it from your computer or through a URL or using the file you recently uploaded. The plugin comes with three well-designed layout options for your site to organize the PDF files. It can display with File viewer layout, scroll pagination, and zoom layout.

PDF embed gives you different interface options to create a unique widget for PDF files. The plugin is fully compatible with every WordPress theme and even supports WordPress shortcode. You can use it with the Gutenberg editor as an element block. The plugin is regularly updated with the latest features and comes with premium support.

#5. Flowpaper


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Using some technologies, Flowpaper develops your PDF documents & presents on your website in a way that is very favourable for your users. Keeping in mind the most possibilities, this one of the best PDF viewer plugins is built for viewing PDF files on a WordPress website so that the users can undergo the easy way of reading them. You can effortlessly embed any PDF brochure, magazine, flipbook, even a catalogue into your website with this plugin.

With a single shortcode, Flowpaper lets you embed a PDF file on your WordPress website. By using your media file, you can upload PDFs & replace the URL to present it excellently. But, the problem you will face is that the limitation of uploading large files. It currently supports only 15 MB files. If you have bigger files to upload, you can use its cloud service that is available with its premium version.

#6. Interactive 3D FlipBook

Interactive 3D FlipBook

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PDF documents are usually uploaded on a website to expand the interactivity of it. If you want to create interactive books, booklets, brochures, cards or magazine for your readers, you can think of this one of the beautiful WordPress PDF viewer plugins. As a flipping book, Interactive 3D FlipBook lets you create the wide range of possibilities for you. It supports PDF links & highlighters, allows realistic view, performs page flipping animation, etc.

7. PDF To FlipBook Extension

PDF To FlipBook Extension

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PDF to Flipbook extension is a WordPress plugin that converts a PDF file into a Flipbook with a few clicks. Flipbook lets you view the pdf and gives you the feel of reading a physical book or magazine. It comes with interactive elements and media to enhance your reading experience. The extension works perfectly well with any server and high-resolution PDF files.

The Flipbook admin panel lets you upload the PDF online and convert it into a flipbook, change the title of Flipbook, change the maximum width and height of the flipbook container, quality, and other attributes. You can embed the Flipbook using the WordPress shortcode. The plugin allows you to change the order of the pages inside the Flipbook, delete any unnecessary pages, and publish it. The Flipbook gives you the option to print, zoom, expand, and autoplay the Flipbook. PDF to Flipbook extension is fully responsive and works with the latest version of WordPress.

#8. Unreal FlipBook

Unreal FlipBook

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With shortcode generator & 3D FlipBook categories, Unreal FlipBook is one of the best PDF plugins for WordPress. As a flipping book, it will enable you to browse PDFs, images, even HTML, which will lighten your workload & make you comfortable. By using this responsive & easy to use the plugin, you can demonstrate all types of books & journal like the magazine, booklets, etc.

#9. Gravity PDF

Gravity PDF Plugin

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To manage your digital document on your WordPress website, you can also pull this WordPress PDF plugin. Gravity PDF is a great plugin that enables you to personalize your PDF files for your readers. It will solve your PDF presentation problem with its four highly-customizable PDF templates which you can use to give your users a great experience. To generate your PDFs, this plugin does not utilize any third-party APIs.

Gravity PDF lets you control your documents, generate PDFs & e-mail to your subscribers. If you want your users to pay you before downloading any PDF books, magazine or any file, you can use payment add-ons like Stripe, PayPal, etc.

#10. ARI Fancy Lightbox

ARI Fancy Lightbox

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ARI Fancy Lightbox is mobile-friendly, highly customizable & multiple plugins supported. You will be not only able to display your PDFs with this plugin but also show several types of contents like Google maps links, Metacafe services, photos & videos on your website.

As the name suggests, it lets you use lightbox for any contents you want to display on your WordPress website. Furthermore, you can attach PDF files in full-screen mode and has the option to display PDFs in slideshow mode. Moreover, you can present your PDF content in full-screen mode and has the option to view PDFs in slideshow mode, and this is not the end. Perhaps, this plugin has more valuable features available with the premium version.

#11. iPages Flipbook PDF Viewer

iPages Flipbook PDF Viewer

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Having a rich-feature plugin like iPages Flipbook PDF Viewer will help you to represent your documents on your website digitally. Creating HTML5 flipbooks, as well as media books, are as easy as you want with this lightweight PDF viewer WordPress plugin. Converting any static PDF files into an interactive catalogue or online magazine is flawlessly done with a simple shortcode that will appear on your dashboard after installing & activating this powerful plugin.

#12. E2Pdf – Export To Pdf Tool

E2Pdf Export To Pdf Tool

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E2Pdf is supremely well-known for viewing & printing dynamic PDF documents and is one of the best PDF plugins for WordPress. It is specially coded & developed for a small insurance company so that it can increase its business and produce more profit. But, the entire WordPress community can use this responsive & useful plugin for any website as the plugin comes with several extensions.

A website owner does not need to know any coding or programming to handle this plugin as it originates a simple shortcode that works fine. Along with PDF documents, one can create & edit PDF forms without using any third-party PDF editor. Though it can automatically generate PDFs, you can manually generate & add text, image, forms, etc. It is the great opportunity of using actions & conditions, merge web forms & form fields to create dynamic PDFs.

#13. WP Advanced PDF

WP Advanced PDF

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With a lot of advanced features you need, this PDF WordPress plugin is an excellent PDF generator for both posts & pages of your website. You can also allow your users to create PDF of posts but can limit their accessibility by using the advanced options of the plugin. It supports custom fonts, extracts link, bullet style, stretching & spacing, watermark text, header logo & much more.

This WordPress PDF viewer helps you to reduce the server load by generating PDF from the cache. Moreover, it will automatically schedule the cache backup if your site doesn’t update periodically. Also, it lets you feel free for your PDF content and title, as it automatically adds post style and title for your PDF.

Any Other PDF Viewer Plugin for WordPress?

Now, you have the list of best WordPress PDF viewer plugins to choose from. If you find these listed plugins helpful in any way, please, feel free to share your experience. Also, you can bookmark this list for your future references. Indeed, if you find more updated plugins, please give me a shout on the comment section.

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