Best Church WordPress Theme [2023]

When you hear the word “Church”, besides its literal meaning as a house of worship, you think of a place that is usually void of technologies. Most churches even ask you to keep your phone in silent mode for obvious reasons. Churches are there to give us faith. And faith comes through hearing. It doesn’t matter if the sermon is conveying his message through traditional mediums or through technology.

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This pandemic tested our faith and churches began to take their communal services online. So, instead of just taking your weekly communal worship online, why not take the whole church online. This is what this article is here for. It lists some of the best church WordPress themes for 2021 to help you easily take your services online.

Best Church WordPress Themes

Although churches are one of the remaining institutions that still functions on traditional norms, they can benefit greatly if it adapts to the modern technological world. When you take your church online, you not only attract wider audiences but also convey your message with clarity. The power of the internet will allow you to do that. You can also show what you’re doing to the community and increase the flow of donations.

When your reach is worldwide, you can expect a lot of donations which you can use to do good. And if your church sees a lot of events, having a place to neatly organize it will make your work a whole lot easier. These are only some of the things that will be made easier with a decent and functional website with a good church theme. So, without further ado, let’s look at some of the best church WordPress themes for 2021.

#1. Saved

Church WordPress Theme
Running a church is in no way an easy job. The thing you have to manage can sometimes make you feel overwhelmed. Communal services and events are only some of the things you need to handle. So, why not let Saved lighten the load you have on your shoulder?

This magnificently designed church theme for 2021 will take your church to the next level. This church theme is designed to display all the essential information on the homepage so your visitors will stay updated. And the tons of customization options ensure you can construct a beautiful church website that makes use of both beauty and functionality.

The inclusion of the Church Content plugin means you’re in good hands. You don’t have to worry about sermons or events. The theme takes care of it all. With Saved, you can easily create dedicated pages with ministries information, testimonials, and more. The galleries it comes with will have you beautifully showcase who you are, what work you’ve done for the community, and the events you’ve helped perfectly.

All these can be done easily with the help of included drag and drop builder that eliminates the use of even a single line of code. You can add a video background, or stick with an image or solid colors. The whole theme is completely responsive with custom fonts, animations, archives, and stick notes. If you’re not the one to waste time by manually customizing the whole theme, you can use the started content to help you get off the ground in no time.

You can get this one for $129 per month for a single website. You will also get access to all the themes that Church Themes offers.

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#2. Chapel

Church WordPress Theme

Having a dedicated website for your church allows people to stay connected 24/7. They don’t have to wait for Sunday to attend the communal services. And Chapel might just be the perfect church theme for 2021 that meets all your church needs.

This modern-looking elegant WordPress church theme is designed without cutting any corners. The elegancy of this church theme matches the functionalities and features a good church theme requires. There are plenty of layouts and pages that you can combine and customize to match the aesthetics of your website with your church.

You don’t even have to worry about tweaking this theme as it requires no prior coding knowledge and everything can be done with easy-to-use WPBakery Builder. This church WordPress theme lets you beautifully present sermons in video formats to let users attend them in their free time.

Huge collection of typography, the inclusion of several paid WordPress plugins, compatibility with multiple WordPress plugins like Event Calendar and GiveWP, social media integrations, supports for audio and videos, beautiful animations – these are only some of the features that make Chapel one of the best church WordPress themes for 2021. This theme may look complicated, but the developers have made it really easy to work with and customize.

Chapel can be yours for $69 with future updates and extendable 6 months of support.

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#3. Maranatha

Church WordPress Theme

Your search for exceptional church WordPress themes for 2021 brought you here. Good thing you didn’t have to scour the internet to find one. Maranatha is one exceptional church theme designed to bring our congregation together more often.

With tons of innovative features and a soothing overall design, Maranatha can help you get your church website up and running in no time at all. The long homepage lets you add all the essential elements and features for easy access and the included parallax scrolling makes it more elegant.

Moreover, this WordPress church theme comes with a sticky menu for easy access, responsive and mobile-friendly designed so that your flock can get connected wherever they are, easy and real-time customization to make it easy for you to mold the theme as per your preference, and a collection of layouts, page type, and demos to help you get your website up and running with minimal effort.

If you’re still not impressed, then this 2021 theme for churches also has an events calendar, ministries section, blogs posts, and a way to showcase all the work your church has done for the community. Like all the themes from Church Themes, Maranatha also supports sermon podcasting, photos and videos, and live stream.

Maranatha has 3 different packages priced at $129, $199, and $299 per your respectively. This price is not for this theme alone, but for access to all the themes that the Church Themes offer.

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#4. My Religion

Church WordPress Theme

When everything is basically in the palm of your hand, wouldn’t it be unwise not to help your congregation whenever and wherever they are? My Religion is a theme for the changing times, and it’s time to put your services online.

This church theme for 2021 is truly a modern theme that doesn’t lack elegance or functionalities. Neither you nor your congregation will have any hard time navigating the website. Everything essential is right there on the home page. For those who couldn’t attend a sermon, you can still reach theme as this theme allows you to post them online.

You can showcase your best sermons for the whole world to see, or even feature them on the homepage. My Religion WordPress church theme acknowledges that churches run on donations, so the developers have included the feature that allows people to easily give donations and you to easily receive them. This is all possible due to the include CMSDontaions WordPress plugin.

With this magnificent church theme for 2021, you will no longer frustrate yourself handling events at your church. The compatibility with Events Calendar WordPress plugins ensures that. And if you want to collect money other than donations, then the support for WooCommerce will allow you to do so with ease. The customizations are nothing to be worried about as it is not only easy but theme options this theme comes with will allow you to make the website of your dreams.

There are plenty of layouts, widgets, shortcodes, and a couple of premium WordPress plugins.

You will get this church theme with guaranteed future updates and 6 months of extendable support for just $59.

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#5. Holy Church

This multipurpose church theme is designed for churches but it can handle anything from charity, prayer community to any non-profit you could think of. It looks simple but the features it comes loaded with will make you take a second look.

Out of the box, Holy Church comes with the Events Calendar that enables you to organize all your church events and also makes it easier for your congregation to keep up to date with the church’s schedules. The overall design is very soothing. The whole framed pages style does not only make the website look beautiful, but it also serves a purpose.

You can put clickable elements on the border to make the most out of a single page. You can import a demo with a click and start working with it and there are tons of customization options and layouts if you do not want to start from scratch. Holy Church also comes compatible with WPBakery Page Builder and if you do not own that, then the included drag and drop page builder will do just fine.

Moreover, there are tons of shortcodes ready to be placed, a powerful admin dashboard, mega and sticky menus, a parallax background, and much more. And if these are not enough for you, Holy Church makes it easier for you to add more features as it supports multiple popular WordPress plugins such as Revolutions Slider, Book Appointments, Essential Grid, MailChimp, Contact Form 7, and more.

The regular license for the Holy Church WordPress church theme will cost you $59. It comes with future updates and 6 months of support.

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#6. Jubilee
Church WordPress Theme

When you have made the decision to give your church an online presence, Jubilee is one of the best ways to start. It is one of the most popular church themes available on the market that includes every church-related feature you’ll ever need.

Jubilee is not only a responsive and elegantly designed church theme for 2021, but it is also extremely fast. No one wants a pretty website that struggles to keep up with constant traffic, do they? Even if the theme is built with a church in mind, you still need to make some alterations to describe your church accurately. That can be handled easily with Jubilee.

It comes with a powerful customization tool that lets you play around with colors, fonts, and other design elements with ease. Powered by the Church Content plugin, this WordPress church theme can help you take care of events, sermon archives, blogs, testimonies, and more without any hassle. It is easy enough for beginners and flexible enough to mold it however your preferences allow you.

Jubilee also supports social media integrations for you to easily promote your church and attract more visitors. There are call-to-action buttons, sticky notices, sermon podcasting, team profiles, ministry pages, church-specific widgets, and more.

The Starter pack will cost you $129 per year. All the packages have all the features with the only difference being the number of sites you can use the theme on. The price will also give you access to all the themes from Church Themes.

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#7. Vestry

Church WordPress Theme

For those who want to keep it minimal yet elegant, Vestry will make you drool. The features this 2021 theme for the church comes loaded with will not only make your website look great, but also help it make a thriving community of religious people and a place to help them connect.

Vestry, at the first glance, looks grand. Everything about it looks elegant. The full-screen image on the home page, the beautifully designed minimal header and social integration buttons, and the call-to-action button compliments the whole aesthetic – there’s nothing that looks out of place. This layout is not what you’re stuck with though.

There are around 30 different pages that are all fully customizable and can be forged into something that suits your preferences.

Vestry also comes with dedicated pages to describe your missions, organize sermons, ask for donations, and keep your visitors up to date with all the upcoming events. To make your work easier, Vestry comes fully compatible with Contact Form 7, Give donation plugin, Events Calendar. You can use Elementor to customize the theme or if you prefer Gutenberg, you can use that too. Vestry is truly one of the best church themes for the year 2021.

This church theme for 2021 will cost you $59 with up to 12 months of support and future updates.

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#8. Alone

Church WordPress Theme

Alone is a multi-purpose WordPress theme designed for anything non-profit. That includes any NGOs, Campaigns, and of course Churches. What you can do with this WordPress theme is entirely in your hands. It has all the essential features; all it lacks is your touch and it will easily convert into a beautiful Church theme for your website.

With over 30 different and magnificent demos, you will see that there are more than enough options for a church website. Each of the demos is responsive and customizable to the tiniest element. If you want to start from scratch, there are more than 40 different elegant homepages, over 10 different headers, unlimited color options, and much more.

You can combine every single element with ease and without coding skills. With this theme, you can create something truly magnificent that compliments your church and allow your people to attend sermons, donate for good cause, and much more. This church theme for 2021 is developed with a focus on optimization and high performance.

It is very lightweight with super-fast speeds. This fully responsive WordPress church theme is also SEO optimized to ensure high ranking. Alone is super easy to install and comes with several elements that allow you to showcase your works, stories, and process donations with no hassle. It is one ideal church theme – no doubt about that.

For $59, Alone offers all its features, future updates, and extendable support.

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#9. Hallelujah

Church WordPress Theme

Like how your congregation rejoices when worshiping and praising the Lord, you will do the same when you see this theme in action and shout hallelujah. You will find out that this is one of the best church WordPress themes for 2021 once you see how elegant and feature-packed it is.

This modern church theme is designed for anything non-profit. From a church to charity and volunteering, Hallelujah is fit for all. This magnificent WordPress church theme not only allows you to display sermons but also lets you add ministry pages, showcase events, display staff and include locations to help people find their way to you easily. You can also live-stream your services with ease.

The pre-built pages and tons of layouts it comes with allow you to customize every single detail with no additional hassle. Furthermore, the compatibility with Elementor lets you use your favorite page builder to do all the work.

Hallelujah is designed to be intuitive, responsive, and 100% user-friendly. If all the customization options and features that come pre-loaded with the theme aren’t quite complete for you, then Hallelujah supports tons of popular WordPress plugins including Slider Revolution, Essential Grid, Contact Form 7, MailChimp, and more.

There are multiple blog layout variations that support stickies, media, links and come with beautiful galleries. The fully responsive nature of the theme guarantees that all the images, depending on where they are used, get scaled appropriately. This 2021 church theme is both flexible and absolutely beautiful.

Hallelujah will cost you $59 which also includes 6 months of extendable support and future updates.

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#10. Church

Church WordPress Theme

To get on the list of the best church WordPress themes for 2021, a theme needs to not only be loaded with all the essential features that would ease the process of running a church online but also look really good doing so. Well, Church and Events has it all.

Let me start by stating the obvious – using this theme and customizing it requires zero coding skills. It comes with a beautiful parallax effect that you can use to showcase your church or the work you have done. There are plenty of customization options to play around with.

Plenty of headers and footers, multiple layouts options, a one-page style menu, sticky headers, and much more. All you have to do is take your time to combine all the elements to come up with the style that suits your preferences. There are over 30 different readymade pages that are waiting to be used. This will also drastically reduce the customization time.

The whole theme is designed to be fast, SEO friendly, and fully responsive across all devices and platforms. Moreover, if you want to expand the functionalities in the future, the compatibility with popular WordPress plugins such as WooCommerce, LayerSlider 5, bbPress, Events Calendar, Contact Form 7, and more ensure you can do so easily.

The theme is available at Theme Forest for a heap price of $79. This includes future updates and extendable support.

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#11. Grace

Church WordPress Theme

Running a church is much more than just organizing a communal service once a week and a couple of events in a month. It is much more like running a full-fledged business. There is a lot of work to be done to attract more people to your congregation and make them stay. So, a church website with themes like Grace will undoubtedly help ease some things.

The whole theme is based on minimal modern design, without cutting corners on the amount of information and clickable design elements available on the homepage. There is probably nothing you can’t do with this theme. This is in regard to the thing there is to be done on a church website, of course.

The features it comes with proves that. Grace WordPress church theme comes packed with a powerful donation plugin, events plugin, gorgeous galleries, tons of blog layouts, and a plethora of usable shortcodes. You can even add podcasts and sermons on your website if you want to. The included Visual Composer makes the customization experience fun and easy. And the powerful themes panel enables you to customize the theme to your heart’s content.

There is a media content manager, custom theme options, and shortcode builder for more flexibility. It also supports powerful plugins like WooCommerce, WPBakery, Essential Grid, PO Composer, and Events Calendar.

For $59 you will own this theme and get future updates with 6 months of dedicated support.

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Honorable Mentions

These are some of the 2021 themes for churches that didn’t make the main list but are still worthy and equally featureful.

  • Bethlehem: Intuitive and powerful theme for non-profits.
  • Deeds: Church and non-profit theme with tons of home layouts.
  • Prayer: Simple, easy to use, and get the job done.
  • Adore Church: With multiple paid plugins and great design.
  • Salvation: Clean, powerful, and easy on the eyes.
  • Indigo: Minimal design with parallax effect.

Conclusion – Best Church WordPress Theme

This is it. These are what we think are the best church WordPress theme for 2021. Every single one of the themes is almost identical when it comes to features. You could just close your eyes and pick one. Unless you’re very specific on the design, any of the aforementioned themes will make your church website looks great and perform well.

The customization options on these themes are pretty broad so I doubt you will find a theme that cannot be molded into the website of your dreams. Well, in the end, it is the features like sermons, events, and donations that make a good WordPress church theme, and all of these have them. If you have chosen a church theme, then you better start building. Good luck.