15+ Responsive WordPress Tables Plugins

The reason why WordPress is popular and preferred by millions as their CMS is how easy it is to use. You can add any additional features you want without having to code a single line – all you have to do is install the plugin that grants the functionality you want on your website. One such feature is tables. Using tables, you can help your visitors skim through the content you have on that particular page.

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WordPress natively has the feature to add tables using HTML codes, but that may not be feasible for some and the customization options are severely limited. You do not want to ruin the attractiveness of your website by using those. This is where the plugins come in. WordPress marketplace has tons of responsive table plugins with varied features and customizations to suit your needs. Here are the best responsive WordPress tables plugins.

15+ Best Responsive WordPress Tables Plugins

#1. League Table


With League Table, you can create amazing looking tables without having to compromise on the functionality. You can add up to 105 options on each table and 17 options on each cell. You get to play around with advanced features such as multi-column sorting, spreadsheet-like editor, cell highlights, and more. If that doesn’t impress you, then more than 130 customization options surely will. This means you can configure each table on your website as unique as you can. 


  • Advanced filters
  • Excel-like editor
  • Multisite support
  • Intuitive
  • Widgets
  • Multi-language support
  • Supports mathematical functions and HTML as well as JS code on cells. 

League Table is not free and comes with a price tag of $29.

#2. wpData Tables


wpData Tables has had its fair share of popularity among WordPress users. It is a preferred choice for both professionals and beginners. If you do not need many tables on your website, wpData Tables is a perfect choice, however, if you do need tons of tables on your website, wpData Tables is still a great choice.

This responsive WordPress table plugin allows you to imports data files, MySQL queries, or manually enter data using its intuitive editor and put it in attractive tables. The free version might be a bit basic for some but would be more than enough for others. The paid version, however, will have all the features a professional would need. 


  • Easy import from CSV, Excel, and JSON
  • Easy to implement tables
  • Intuitive interface
  • Good support
  • Display data from multiple databases (Pro)
  • Responsive (Pro)
  • Advanced filtering (Pro)
  • Highlight cells (Pro)
  • Supports Mathematic functions (Pro), and much more.

wpData Tables come with both free and paid versions. The paid version starts from $42 per year. The starting price was dropped from $59 per year at the time of writing this article

#3. Ninja Tables


Ninja Tables has more than 60 thousand active installations – this should be enough to tell you how popular it is. This WordPress responsive table plugin makes it extremely easy to create and add responsive tables anywhere on your WordPress website. This beginner-friendly table plugin comes with an extremely intuitive interface to make sure you have no trouble working with it.

Even if you get stuck, you will get up and running with the help of informative tutorials it comes with. The tables created from Ninja Tables are responsive and will look beautiful regardless of the size of the device it is viewed on. If you want to add a product catalog, reviews, and more, Ninja Tables is the way to go.


  • Multiple designs
  • Custom CSS
  • Shortcodes
  • Import/Export tables
  • Advanced filters
  • Easy table duplication
  • Integration with WooCommerce, and Google Sheets
  • SEO friendly and responsive.
  • High customizations, and more.

Ninja Tables is free to download but will cost you if you opt to go for the Pro version.

#4. Table Press


If I have to name one single feature that makes Table Press stand out, it would be its shortcodes that let you add tables anywhere on the website. Table Press is one of the top-rated responsive WordPress table plugins that offers its users a variety of advanced features such as advanced sorting, filtering, and much more. The interface is intuitive so that you will have no problem using and navigating through its interface.

The import and export feature it comes with will come in handy if you want you to have multiple sites to manage and want to use the same tables on them. Although you do not necessarily need to know HTML and CSS, if you do, it will help you create attractive tables with a slight modification to the available tables. 


  • Import and Export
  • Shortcodes for other plugins
  • Highly customizable 
  • Supports table caption, header, and footer
  • Intuitive interface

Table Press is free and there is no premium version with additional functionalities. 

#5. WP Table Manager


This responsive WordPress table plugin focuses extensively on pre-built themes that you can implement on your website. The themes it offers are visually amazing and you don’t have to write a single line of code to add it to your website. These themes are customizable allowing you to make beautiful and unique tables.

It supports Gutenberg editor and integrates with Google Sheets and Excel files. Apart from that, you can use chart.js to create charts, modify cells using a visual editor, add custom CSS code, and more. 


  • Easy import to Google Sheets, Excel, etc.
  • Supports numerical functions
  • Intuitive Excel-like interface, and more. 

WP Table Manager doesn’t come for free. It comes in two packages and starts from #34 per month.

#6. JTRT Responsive Tables


This is another beginner-friendly responsive WordPress table plugin that doesn’t require any coding knowledge. With JTRT, you can take the existing data in a CSV file and let the plugin automatically convert it to HTML. You just have to wait and relax. Additionally, the plugin lets you add custom shortcodes, custom borders, edit fonts, and much more. JTRT also lets you sort, paginate, filter along with changing the background of the cells. All these features can be accessed through its intuitive interface. 


  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Supports mathematical formula
  • Supports links and images
  • Customizable typography
  • Multi-editing and multi-select
  • 5 custom breakpoints
  • Custom hover color
  • Redo and undo functions, and much more.

JTRT Responsive Tables has no price tag.


#7. Posts Table Pro

Responsive WordPress Tables Plugins


Post Table Pro is an awesome responsive table plugin with a slight twist. The plugin automatically creates tables based on your website’s posts and pages – hence the name Posts Table Pro. You do not have to manually enter data on tables. The generated tables can be altered by visitors to show the preferred number of rows and filtered using categories or tags. Adding necessary shortcodes can extend the number of filters.


  • No need to manually enter data
  • A responsive and fresh look
  • Supports multimedia files
  • Custom fields, and more.

Posts Table Pro does have a free version, but if you want additional functionalities, the Paid version starts from $249 per year. 

#8. Visualizer Tables and Charts

Responsive WordPress Tables Plugins


Visualizer is a freemium plugin that comes with features that most of the responsive WordPress table plugins simply don’t offer. Most of the table plugins would require add-ons and supports from other additional plugins to do what Visualizer can do. Using this responsive table plugin, you can implement beautifully animated charts, diagrams along with tables on your website. The free version itself offers tons of charts and tables which can be extended if you opt for a paid plan.


  • Responsive and customizable tables and charts
  • Integration with Google Visualization API, ChartJS and DataTables.net
  • Tons of animations option
  • Lightweight
  • Additional charts (Pro)
  • Private Charts (Pro)
  • Generate charts from pages and posts, and much more.

The plugin comes with the both free and paid version. The paid version starts from $59.

#9. Magic Liquidizer


Magic Liquidizer is absolutely essential for those who’ve already created HTML tables and integrated them into their website. This responsive WordPress tables plugin takes away the pain of manually converting dull HTML tables into something attractive. Moreover, you will have no issues with text alignment, text size, and unresponsiveness. You can also create new tables using this plugin. 


  • Convert HTML tables into attractive and responsive tables.
  • SEO optimized
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Lightweight and fast
  • Custom media queries
  • Responsive table layouts
  • Supports both portrait and landscape screen orientation, and more.

Magic Liquidizer is free to download from the WordPress repo.

#10. Advance Tables


Advance Tables is another responsive WordPress tables plugin that allows you to create simple Excel-like tables with ease. The plugin itself is beginner-friendly and intuitive. It supports shortcodes and allows you to play tables anywhere on your WordPress website. Advance Tables comes with supports for media files and a sticky header that floats alongside any table.

You can also use shortcodes to insert tabs in your tables. The tables generated using this plugin are attractive and fully responsive. If you’re not in the mood to manually create your own table, you can also use one of the many Material designed table templates. 


  • Easy to use shortcode builder 
  • Attractive tables with unlimited rows and columns
  • Sticky headers
  • Responsive Tabs
  • Supports media files, and much more.

Advance Tables will cost you $21. 

#11. Data Tables Generator


Data Tables Generator by Supsystic is one of those free plugins with features that are just too good to be true. This free responsive WordPress tables plugin allows you to create attractive tables, diagrams, graphs, and more without having to write a single line of code.

This plugin will come as a sweet surprise if you have tables with tons of data. Data Tables Generator uses Server-Side Processing to load such huge data. Apart from that, this plugin lets you customize cell colors, export data, and use a mathematical formula. 


  • Filter, sort and paginate
  • HTML support for tables
  • Toggle table header, footer, and caption
  • Customize typography
  • Import and export data
  • Support large tables, and more.

Data Tables Generator is available for free. 

#12. CSS3 Responsive Tables


CSS3 Responsive Tables is a responsive WordPress table plugin that allows you to create a table with no limit on the number of rows and columns. The customization options are decent with 20 colors, 2 styles, hover highlight color, and more. The plugin is beginner-friendly with easy to use admin panel that allows you to create a table in less than 5 minutes. The responsiveness can be toggled on or off too. 


  • Decent customizations 
  • Custom Responsive Steps or Dimensions
  • Customizable typography
  • Adjustable tables
  • Alignment configurations.
  • Tips and hints
  • Import and Export
  • Ribbons, and more

The price of this responsive table plugin is $20.

#13. ARPrice


ARPrice is a responsive pricing table for your WordPress website that offers more than 300 attractive table templates for you to use. With this plugin. You will have every tool you’ll ever need to generate and implement responsive and attractive price comparison tables in no time. It comes with a real-time editor that uses drag and drop functionality to let you create a truly unique table for your website. Unlimited columns, changeable colors, tons of fonts, and attractive icons are what you’re getting if you choose this plugin.


  • 300+ templates
  • Compatible with Gutenberg
  • Fast and optimized
  • Unlimited colors
  • Monthly-Yearly price toggle
  • Attractive animations
  • Realtime editor
  • WPBakery, Divi builder compatible, and much more.

You can have ARPrice for a small price of $27

#14. MCE Table Buttons


This particular entry on the list a free and lightweight responsive table plugin that is beginner-friendly and intuitive. This can be regarded as an extension for WordPress’ existing table editor. Everything can be done using the WordPress editor so that you do not need any shortcodes to implement the tables you’ve created. This plugin doesn’t come with vast features like other plugins on this list, but it is best for those who are just starting with WordPress. The interface is clean and intuitive.


  • Add a button on the WordPress editor to let you create tables.
  • No need for shortcodes
  • Easy to use and implement
  • Insert and delete table buttons
  • Add and merge cells, and more

This small plugin is available for free.

Elementor Plugins for Tables

#15. WP Table Builder


Although WP Table Builder is not specifically an Elementor plugin, it is fully compatible with Elementor. This drag and drop table builder comes with support for shortcodes and has an extremely intuitive user interface that beginners will find easy to use. You get to work with 7 different elements in WP Table Builder – text, image, rating, lists, HTML, and shortcodes. The cell management feature it comes with makes it easy to modify cells i.e. add, remove, merge, split to mane a few. 


  • Drag and drop interface
  • Row and column duplication and separation
  • Padding 
  • Tons of pre-built tables 
  • Easy columns and row sorting, and much more. 

The plugin is free but has a pro version with additional features. The pro version is available for $39.99.

#16. Essential Addons for Elementor


Essential Addons for Elementor is one of the most popular plugins for Elementor with over 60 different elements and more than 100 ready-to-use blocks at your disposal. This addons package also has a table plugin called the Data Table. This plugin allows you to craft any kind of table you want and place it anywhere you want to. It comes with all the essential features including sorting, icons, and pricing tables with different styles.


  • Custom CSS
  • Pricing list
  • Ready-made templates
  • Responsive 
  • Heavy on customizations
  • CSV import and more.

This is a premium plugin and will cost you $39.97 for a single website. There are other plans available including a lifetime unlimited plan.

#17. JetElements


Another table plugin for Elementor that is worth mentioning is the JetElements. It has 2 different table elements – Table and Pricing Table. The table element gives you total freedom to customize the table as per your preference with its intuitive interface. The Pricing Table element lets you show pricing plans on your website. It comes with 8 different styles so that you can always use the one that compliments your website. Furthermore, you do not have to worry if you have different content types that you want to display on the table as it supports all content types from icons to videos. 


  • More than 40 different elements
  • Highly customizable
  • Supports all content types
  • Ready to use templates
  • CSV to table importing, and more.

You can get the plugin starting from $24 per year.

#18. Ultimate Addons for Elementor


This addons pack comes with tons of essential plugins for Elementor. One such plugin is the Table Widget that lets you craft attractive and fully responsive tables with ease. It comes with sorting options, tons of styling options, merge options, and more. It also has an options addon called the Particle Background that lets you create and add high-quality designs in the table with animated particles. Moreover, if you choose this plugin, you will get access to content toggles, buttons, modal popups, and more.


  • Row and columns span
  • Sorting options
  • Particle Background extension
  • Responsive
  • Tons of styling options and much more.

The price for this plugin starts from $48 and goes all the way up to $249.

#19. Premium Addons for Elementor


Premium Addons for Elementor is another highly popular and customizable addons package for Elementor. It comes with more than 50 Elementor widgets and add-ons that are all highly customizable. It also comes with a Pricing Table Widget that allows you to create and deploy attractive and interactive tables for any type of content you want. You will get access to features like advance sorting, adding URLs, live search, and much more.


  • URL links in cells
  • Advanced sorting 
  • Live search
  • Responsive
  • Modular, and much more.

Pricing Table Widget is available in the Pro package and the price starts from $39.

Conclusion – The Best Responsive WordPress Tables

Since there are numerous free and paid responsive WordPress table plugins, it would be rather confusing and borderline impossible to try out each and every one of them to find the one that suits your need. This article aims to minimize that frustration. The plugins listed in this article are handpicked to reflect most of the users’ needs. Some might want an Excel-like table while some might still be beginners who just need a basic, responsive, and SEO optimized table for their website. So my recommendation is you analyze your needs and pick the plugin that matches them.

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