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All affiliate links are ugly and non user-friendly. Gocodes 2 WordPress Plugin can turn those ugly links into pretty links. It does not change or edit your valuable affiliate links, but it put a mask to make the URL user-friendly and beautiful. GoCodes 2 provides the smartest way to represent affiliate links to your visitors. Thousands of blogger and internet marketers who depend on affiliate marketing to make money are using our Gocodes 2 WordPress Plugin.

Why Use GoCodes 2?

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online. Professional bloggers and internet marketers don’t depend only on Adsense or other CPC advertising networks to earn their living. If you are also thinking to move on and start making money with affiliate marketing with your blog, Gocodes 2 is a must use-able plugin for you to hide your ugly affiliate links.

Gocodes 2 is a completely free WordPress plugin which is highly recommended for affiliate WordPress blogs. This single plugin can make every ugly affiliate links user-friendly to increase affiliate sale and commission. Another important thing is, you will not find any problematic configuration process like many other plugins. The entire process to make your links pretty can be divided into two basic steps. I am going to show how to configure Gocodes WordPress plugin properly.

How to Configure GoCodes WordPress plugin?

If you have a blog with existing affiliate links, you can quickly move on and beautify those links with this plugin.

After a successful installing the plugin, Go to GoCodes Option and Click “Links”. Let’s see how to mask the affiliate link to make that user-friendly and pretty.

    Here you have the option to set the Redirection key, Target URL and Count hits.

  • The Redirection Key should be the word or name to mask the affiliate link. My suggestion is to set the affiliate link provider or program name here to make the link recognizable.
  • Secondly, you have to fill up the “Target URL” field with the original affiliate link.
  • Finally, check the “Count hits” box and finally click on the “Add Redirect” button to save the link.
    Count hits are a fantastic feature of Gocodes 2. It will let you monitor how your promotion is effective to your audience, and, you will get a clear idea to take necessary action on your promotion if needed.

URL Trigger:

In URL Trigger, You can replace the default “GO” word with your desired one. For example: “out”, “moving”, “aff”, “linkto”, “visit”, “recommended”, “source”. etc.


To make afiliate links “nofollow”, check this option.
Finally, click on the “Save Settings” button to save your settings.

If the plugin is helpful for you, don’t forget to share this to inspire our work. You are welcome to share your opinion or suggestion by leaving a comment.

Credits to original developer/ author: Based on the original GoCodes plugin, "WPNeon GoCodes 2" is a revamnped URL redirection/shortener plugin.

We are proud that original base of this plugin is a fork of GoCodes by redwall_hp. We worked on the plugin before releasing it as "WPNeon GoCodes2", stripped down some code to make it a simple & lightweight.

Licensed under: GPLv2