If you have been using the internet, you ought to know what is a login page. The place where you enter your user ID and password and get access to your account. Now WordPress website owners, especially the ones who run a membership-based site will know that the default login page is bland and unimpressive. And this can affect the overall user experience of your website. A login page that stands out and resonates your branding will help push you to your success.

Now as we all know, the popularity of WordPress is in part a consequence of its high level of customizability. You can practically mold WordPress websites into any design style you want. And so, if you are looking to go with a custom login page, then that too can be managed. However, you will have to install specific plugins. Now for this read, we have put together a list of such Custom WordPress Login Plugins for your help.

10 Best WordPress Custom Login Plugins

The list will contain both free and paid plugins to your budget. No matter which one you pick, the plugins are all capable of helping you to create a custom login page for your members. Of course, the paid ones will offer some more advanced features and other options to go with that. Now it seems that you have waited long enough. So without further ado, here is our list of the best WordPress Custom Login Plugins.

#1. Admin Custom Login

Admin Custom Login

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Admin Custom Login plugin is available directly in the WordPress repository and receives regular updates. You can use it to change the background image and color of your site’s login page. The plugin can also be used to tweak around with the login form color, login form font size, form position, and so on.

This custom login plugin for WordPress comes packed with a powerful settings panel through which you can fully take control of this plugin, which in turn, gives you full control over the aesthetics of your site’s login page. Feature-wise, you get the option to add a background slideshow, add animation effects, and many more customization tweaks. There is also social media integration thrown into the mix.

#2. Custom Login

Custom Login

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The name hits the purpose of the plugin, doesn’t it? Custom Login is a WordPress plugin offering a simple and easy way to take control over the aesthetic aspects of your site’s login page and tweak it as per your liking. The plugin provides a bunch of unique templates which you can use to quickly set up a well-designed login page and start tweaking from there.

Feature wise you get the basics – CSS customization, options to add images, background customization, and so on. One notable aspect of this plugin is that its developers designed a Flickr group where users can share their customized version of their login page done using the plugin. You can make use of this as a source of inspiration, or to understand the potential of this tool.

#3. Erident Custom Login and Dashboard

Erident Custom Login and Dashboard

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If you are into heavy customization, then Erident Custom Login and Dashboard WordPress plugin will please you no questions asked. Despite being a free plugin, it comes with a boatload of features with which you can completely customize the look and feel of your login page, as well as your WordPress dashboard.

Feature-wise, you get an option to add a company logo to your login screen, change its background image and tweak around with its colors, styling, and much more. The login form can also be adjusted for its opacity, color, shadows, button color, and much more. You can also use it to hide/show specific links on your login page, e.g., the ‘Back To Website’ link.

#4. Custom Login

Custom Login

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Custom Login WordPress plugi is much like all the plugins mentioned above, this too helps with tweaking the look and feel of your login page and help you with your brand identity. However, it also offers some added features which some users might find extremely beneficial.

For example, the plugin is SSL enabled which means more security. It also offers Google Analytics support, so you can keep track of how users are acting while on your site’s login page. The plugin can also be used to password protect your blog, offer custom redirect after login, and even hide specific links on the login page.

#5. WP Custom Admin Login

WP Custom Admin Login

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WP Custom Admin Login WordPress plugin is a paid plugin on our list. For the premium pricing, you get access to over 25 layout styles, support for background videos as well as images, full compatibility with the powerful WordPress Customizer options, and inbuilt Google reCaptcha V2 among many more features. Your users will also be able to take advantage of the support for Social media logins.

You can set one of the fantastic premade layouts as your login page, or choose one and tweak it till it achieves your desired look and feels. Customization options are plentiful, so you will not feel bound by any means.

#6. Custom Login & Access WordPress Plugin

Custom Login & Access WordPress Plugin

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The Custom Login & Access WordPress Plugin lets you optimize the default login page so that it boasts a stunning look as well as offers plenty of advanced features. If you are looking to have some functionalities to help restrict front-end and dashboard access, then this plugin will help you do just that.

Other features of this WordPress custom login plugin, besides its customization options, includes Modal login and registration forms, the ability to redirect users after login or logout, the opportunity to create custom new user registration emails and much more. Also for spam protection, the plugin implements a Match captcha.

#7. LoginStyle


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LoginStyle WordPress plugin is more geared towards helping you create a stunning login page for your website. Likewise, it offers extensive customization options. Also, since creating a masterpiece from scratch is a challenging ordeal, the plugin does offer 12 pre-made templates to help you get started. Just pick a template you like and customize it till you have your desired login page.

Impressive features of this WP custom login plugin include five different background styles including the option to have a video background, CSS3 sliders, and color gradients, apart from the usual image or solid color background style. You also get hands on some stunning effects, social icon footers, and much more.

#8. Hero Login Styler

Hero Login Styler

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Hero Login Styler is one of the most user-friendly custom login plugins on the market which will have you quickly set up a professional looking login screen in a matter of minutes. Not only will you be able to create a login screen of your own, but there is also the option to use one of the five pre-made layouts that come bundled in.

With the plugin, you will get access to live editing, customization options that give you full control over the background, option to upload your company logo, and many more customization options geared towards the login form and login buttons.

#9. Custom Login Page Customizer

Custom Login Page Customizer

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Finally, for the last entry on our list, we have the Custom Login Page Customizer plugin. It is a freemium plugin which means there is a free version, but to access all its offerings, you will have to go premium.

Besides all the necessary customization options, the plugin delivers added functionalities such as color transparency, links to external images, and much more. Furthermore, with the live preview option, you will be able to monitor all the changes you make as you go along crafting your login page.

Any other WordPress Custom Page Login Plugin?

So this was our picks for the top 10 WordPress Custom Login plugins. Hope you found this to be helpful. If you do decide to use one of the plugins listed here on your website, then don’t forget to leave a comment down below as to what attracted you to make a choice. Also, the comments section is also open for you to share your experience, if any, with the plugins we have listed here. Your fellow readers will love to hear your first-hand experience, to help them make their picks.