13+ Types of Powerful Niche Sites You Can Create With WordPress

Wondering what kind of websites you can create using WordPress? If you’re new to WordPress, you might be wondering what you can accomplish with the platform.

Well, with WordPress, you can create amazing websites capable of doing different things. And best of all, you don’t need to be a programming guru to work with this content management system.

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In this post, I’ll show you some powerful types of websites you can build using WordPress.

Let’s get started.

eCommerce Sites


NicheToday, WordPress is one of the most popular solutions for creating eCommerce websites.

With plugins like WooCommerce, Ecwid and Easy Digital Downloads, you have everything you need to create an online store. You can use such plugins to convert your WordPress site into a fully functional eCommerce platform. You can accept payments and manage your inventory, customers, taxes, shipping and much more.

Lots of great eCommerce WordPress themes are also available, and they’ll give your site a professional and sales-centric design.


Online Magazines


With WordPress, you can easily create online magazine and news sites that will keep visitors on your site and bringNiche back past visitors for more.

There are many great WordPress magazine themes with image-focused designs and grid-based layouts, which allow you to create eye-catching magazine sites that compel readers to click and read your stories.

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Podcasting Websites


podcasting wordpress websiteMany podcasters choose to publish their podcasts with WordPress because it comes with great tools such as the in-built RSS feed system that allows users to subscribe and download new episodes when they come out.

With plugins like PowerPress Podcasting and many great podcasting WordPress themes out there, you’ll have the perfect podcasting website set-up in no time.


Membership Website


Membership sites are a great way to deliver premium content to your audience or customers. And thanks to its membership wordpress siteflexibility, WordPress has become the go-to solution for creating membership sites.

Once you know which plugins to choose and how to configure them, you’ll be able to create a functional membership site on WordPress without much effort.


Directory Sites


directory wordpress websiteNiche directory sites are quite popular nowadays because they’re always profitable if done right.

You can use WordPress to create directories of any kind. There are some great WordPress directory themes and plugins that allow you to create a powerful directory on any topic.


Coupon Website


Coupon sites are a popular way of generating income online. You can earn affiliate commissions from vendors by coupons wordpress siteoffering special discounts on their products and services, or you can offer coupons on your eCommerce store to boost sales.

WordPress is a great option for creating coupon sites. You can easily add a coupons section on your current website or you can create a whole site dedicated to deals and coupons.

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Reviews Website


Niche review sites help people make informed purchasing decisions, and they are a great way for the website owner to earn referral fees, known as affiliate commissions.

You can use a plugin to add a reviews section to your existing WordPress site or you can create an independent online reviews site using a specialty WordPress reviews theme.


Job Board website


Job boards are platforms where employers can post job listings and professionals can respond to them. WordPress job board wordpress websiteallows you to create large job portals or small niche job boards that cater to the needs of a specific industry or specialization.

You can use a plugin to add a job board to your existing website like how sites like Problogger and WPMUDev do, or you can create a dedicated job portal using a job board WordPress theme.


Question and Answer Portal


question and answer wordpress siteYou can use WordPress to build question and answer communities like Quora, Yahoo Answers and StackOverflow.

You can use Q&A WordPress themes to create a whole site dedicated to question and answers or you can use a plugin to add a Q&A section to your existing site.



Niche Forums


WordPress can be used to create online forums using tools like bbPress. Unlike most forum software which are bbpressbloated and slow, bbPress is lightweight and easy to use.

Additionally, there are many great forum WordPress themes that have clean, functional forum layouts and are compatible with the bbPress plugin.


Knowledge Base / Wiki Websites


wordpress knowledge baseIf you’re a business or organisation, you can use WordPress to set up a knowledge base, Wiki or FAQ site to keep your target audience informed about your products, company or industry.

There are some useful plugins you can use to add a Wiki or Knowledge base section on your existing site.


Auction Sites


Want to create an auction site like Ebay? There are several auction plugins available that you can use to build out the foundation and bidding function of your auction site.

You will be able to easily add auctions on your site and manage users. You can also allow users to post auctions and charge them listing fees.


Content Aggregation Sites


There’s a ton of information and news on the internet on a wide range of topics. Content aggregation or curation sites collect and sort information from different sources into a one easy-to-find platform and help people sift through the mess of information being published everyday.

You can collect general information from different sources but the best way is to aggregate information on a specific topic or industry.

There are a number of good WordPress content aggregation themes out there that you can use to present your site. You’ll also find various WordPress RSS aggregator plugins that automatically import RSS feeds into your WordPress site

Here is an example of a nice content aggregation site built on WordPress.


Classified Ad Sites


classifieds wordpress siteOnline classifieds sites are another awesome type of website you can create with WordPress. WordPress makes it easy to create, manage and maintain a classifieds site on your own, even if you don’t have programming skills.

Here is a great WordPress classifieds theme you can use.



Wrapping Up


I hope this article gave you some ideas on the kind of websites you can create with WordPress.

WordPress is a powerful tool and there’s much more you can accomplish with it. These are just some ideas to inspire you.

Do you use WordPress? What kind of site have you created with it? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments below along with any suggestions you might have. If you liked the article, please share and subscribe via email to receive updates in your inbox.