Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is accessible to all the customers that visit the site. This privacy page specify any individualistic identifiable data that is gathered during browsing through the site. Some of the protected data include uploads and downloads, name, address, and email ID. This document is important as it fulfills the legal requirements for safeguarding and protecting our visitors.

Email policy

This particular policy applies to every email generated or sent through the services provided by our platform. By receiving emails through or via its associated services, you comply and agree to this particular policy. The customers should make sure that they are conversant with the laws applicable in the use of the services and emails made and sent through the service. adheres to the strict rule of NO-Spam. WPNeon or its staff does not engage in any sending of emails to individuals, promotional letters or even offers unless you are subscribed to receive email alerts.

Tracking policy

When you visit and browse on our site, specific information is gathered which generally may include proxy server IP, location, OS of the computer, session time and length, particular pages, and the referral websites. This is made possible by making use of the analytics software available such as Google analytics software. This particular data is used for the analytical process and web development of and its related sites. uses only the session cookies of a single session and expires immediately upon exits from the site.

User comments

We invite contributions in the form of comments on this website. However, the company reserves the rights to repudiate or reject comments that do not adhere to the company’s discretion. We also encourage users to post information that suits the general audience. Comments that comprises of ethnic shame, individual abuse, obscenities, off-topic contributions, or any misconduct against WPNeon’s policies will not be acknowledged.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

WPNeon reserve the rights to make changes to its privacy policy whenever the need arises. The company may adjust the privacy policy from period to period and any changes are posted on the website with an updated and revised date mentioned below.

Last Updated on 05-April-2018