About Us

Hi and welcome to wpneon.com! We created this site to share our experience with WordPress and everything to do with the platform. Whether you’re interested in a brand new WordPress website, want to upgrade your theme or are simply looking for a few tips and pointers – we’re here to help! You’ll find plenty of WordPress tutorials and guides, WordPress theme & plugin reviews, collections and more listed here; so feel free to browse around the site.

Regardless of whether you want to build an eCommerce site, a forum, a membership site, a corporate site or a simple blog, the current WordPress products on the market deliver lots of advantages for you as well as your website. In today’s current time, there’re many different WordPress themes and plugins that are suitable for personal or commercial use. Depending on what type of website you want, what functions you want from it and how you want it to look like will determine what theme and plugins you’ll need.

While there’re many themes and plugins to choose from, not all will get the job done. We at wpneon.com spend many hours testing and reviewing WordPress products and services of all types to better give you our honest opinion on each.

Why We Love WordPress

WordPress is one of the best publishing and content management systems. It offers a platform that is flexible, customizable and  easy to update and maintain.

As the most widely used CMS in the world, many people use WordPress to run different types of websites. Regardless of whether you’re a newbie or experienced webmaster, you’ll find that WordPress offers tons of amazing tools and resources to help you build a great site within minutes.

Whether you’re looking to have a business, professional or personal website, you’ll find a complete solution in WordPress thanks to the plethora of plugins and themes available. Additionally, there are plenty of WordPress tutorials online; so with a simple Google search, you can find help whenever you get stuck.

Why WPNeon?

At wpneon.com, our goal is to help you find the best WordPress products for your online project. We spend countless hours researching, testing and using WordPress products in order to bring you the best collection of WordPress resources. Whether you are looking for a theme, a plugin or a WordPress related service, you’ll find all of them reviewed here.

If you are interested in WordPress themes with characteristics like mobile responsiveness, SEO-friendly, translation ready or advanced customization options, we offer reviews on all of them. Simply scour through our many WordPress theme reviews and find the one which best suits your individual needs. It is important to determine what budget you have and what features you want from your theme.